Friday, May 22, 2009

22nd *Sniffles*May 2009*Sniffles*

I woke up this morning at 5am. It was so cozy and so warm in my bed under the sheets that I didn’t want to get up and read my books.Suddenly, I jerked up and turn to the other bed. Oh shit! Did I wake up to open the door for Eunice? I squinted at the fuzzy blue human-shaped blanket opposite  and sigh. Yes. A blur memory of me pulling the door open slowly formed in my brain.What is wrong with me? Why is my memory getting from bad to worse? I can hardly fall asleep last night. Words keep appearing through my brain…lateral relation,medial relation,transverse sinus,….urgh… I find myself recalling the day’s lectures before falling asleep.And i find myself waking up to stupid dreams about me failing exams or being late to class. And I find myself waking up to alarm buzzing off,telling me to wake up to study,study and study.*Sniffles*

“Is this all to my life in university? Is this all to my life in 5 years time? Worrying about passing exams,worrying about not getting enough sleep? worrying about getting to class without being late ?” I thought to myself.

“Ah,screw it.” I pulled the sheets over me and rolled over in my bed.Pulling  my favourite pillow under my chin, I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.*Sniffles*

BRRUUUUUMMMMMM!!! Roar of thunder jolted me from my slumber.

Oh no! It’s raining! How am I going to walk to class? *Sniffles*

I showered and pulled on a skirt and a long sleeve black tee.I expected it to be chilly in class.As I poured hot water into my orange cup half-filled with Milo powder,my mood lighten up at the prospect of walking to class in the rain. And since the thunderstorm had reduced to mere shower of rain, I brighten up quickly. I pulled on my stockings while letting my Milo cool. I sat at my lone chair and poured cornflakes into my Milo. Wincing a little at the pain of my tongue brushing against the metal ring around my molars,I thought of how much I miss morning drive to Seafield every morning.And then I thought of how much I miss walking to USJ4 back in the schooldays. A glance at the digital numerical flashing in orange glow told me that I’m in good timing. I threw my files in my Fila Italia sling bag and grabbed my Zen. Pulling on the earphones, I slipped my feet into my blue Crocs and skipped out of my room.It’s the first day in Manipal that I get to walk to class in the rain.

I walked down the corridor and down the steps,passing an Indian girl busy studying at the stairs.It’s inspiring to see her studying so hard in the morning.Pulling out my combo card, I scanned the card and exited my hostel building. I looked up into the heavy clouds obscuring the blue of the skies and I can’t help but smiled a little.It is definitely my favourite weather in the India. No sweaty sticky back and no sweaty sticky strands of fringe that I have to pull back and pin. *Sniffles*

It wasn’t so bad after all.Seniors said we would arrive in class with muddy shoes and drenched wet feet.I avoided few puddles of water. Though the  rain did cleverly escape the shelter of my umbrella and manage to wet my bag, I silently thanked my mum for choosing this waterproof bag for me.I hopped up the steps leading into the lobby in time to catch the lift. I was surprised at my luck this morning.Usually I have to either squeeze in the packed lift or I either had to take the stairs as I miss the lift or I’ll risk being late to class.

The view that greeted me was a pleasant one. A few dozen of open umbrellas are placed randomly on the floor outside the lecture hall 3B. It was a very colourful backdrop against the pale colour of the wall. I wanted to snap a picture of it but I remembered that I left my camera in my drawer. Hence no pictures of ella. *Sniffles*

I think I shall bring my camera tomorrow if it rains again. And since I swear to study everyday,I shall return to my skull and brain now. Block 4 started last Monday. This block I’ll be learning all about brain and central nervous system. The toughest block of all.And in 3 months time it will be my final examination.


Wish me luck peeps! Enjoy the rest of the beautiful day!

Cold cold go away *Sniffles* come again another *Sniffles* argh wtheck.


  1. feel damn nostalgic lo when i read the part bout high school. haihz.. i miss Seafield & u suddenly. Shit!

  2. yes i know..i planning to write more emo stuff soon hahaha