Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I'm Back

It's strange how I had a sudden urge to blog. It's been 2 years and 3 months since I've last blog. It's weird that I feel this sudden urge but nevertheless here I am. I cannot believe it's gonna be 5 months till I finally graduate with a new prefix- Dr. Lee Pei Shin. It's crazy that 5 years of medical school is coming to an end now. It seems like only yesterday when I first step into Manipal. Now it's going to be the end of me school life soon and working life starts hopefully in December 2013. I am amazed at how time flies. And yes, I am still very much in love with my handsome PhD grad student-aka boyfriend. Let's see, I've met him in May/June 2011 and started dating in Aug 2011.. so in another 5 months time it would be two years anniversary. Not like we make a big celebration but this year would be different as we would be celebrating... belated anniversary in  New Jersey!! Yes, I'm going to USA to visit him, and yes, it's gonna be the first time that I'm going to visit him, he was back for a month during December 2012. Many things have changed since the last I blogged. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism just recently, it's devastating news but I was calm and cool about it, probably because I have been dealing with illness for so long that it really doesn't really matter anymore. Self pity is not a solution to this and neither would being sad helps. So clearly I need to be able to strengthen my willpower and get well soon. I would be signing off now. Tomorrow would be my psychiatry posting examination so wish me luck!