Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Got some cute stuff for ya all..... found it when clearing my files & folders...check it out ya...enjoyzzz :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

see this pic above? its my fav ornament on my table...its actually a watch box but inside i place two blinking smileys..from the concert wan..cool rite??

we are officially KTM noisiest crowd..just that haven get the acknowledgement of authorities of KTM..wow..today gues what we did in KTM...gossipping about two of the ppl in my school whom are not really popular amongst studentsn prefects n teachers too some...haihz..i tell u..this is getting out of hand..every week they will complain n gossip about one particular person..u know who la...today worst...two person...i bet they are sneezing at home...hehhee...and for sure i'm not gonna piss jess loke n shin yeen off..they can be bad..real bad...evil genius, mastermind watever u call it...tut tut tut....very very dangerous..( sorry jess i noe its not ur fault) ..oh i'm suppose to talk bout IPS isnt it? aiya..lazy d...so long story...i post pic for u all to see la okay?
( P/S: Jess Loke , I dun wan to receive ur rough paper-handmade - melissa-drawn-signed by pn ang bday card ever ever okay?)...............signing off............tsunami
see this pic above? its my fav ornament on my table...its actually a watch box but inside i place two blinking smileys..from the concert wan..cool rite??

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i'm not suppose to be blogging now..no i'm so not..i'm suppose to be plotting n coloring my beautiful graph....n what i'm i doin here? hahaha..just felt like blogging...came back from heaven of food last week ( p/s: Penang) n missed Florence bday celebration in that famous bdr sunway steamboat restaurant...dunno what name..n missed sending Ivie off to Iowa US...haihz....i seem to miss everything this year..first Karine's bday in mid val now florence...i dunnola..so coincidentally wan ...sad sad...next up..Xin Min's bday..booked appointment d...this time cannot miss...n today my 'fav' bio teacher cracked another lame joke..she said since fructose is twice as sweet as glucose so boys shud compliment their gfs that they are as sweet as fructose...swt swt...haihz...n i'm so not asking vikram to ask daisy any question at all..since she dun like him...n purposely not answer his question a.k.a. mine...i have to go ask around for da answer because i sat beside him in lab..damn nonsense...just because she dun like him doesnt mean that we hv to get the same treatment rite?? aiya..dun wan talk bout her d..pissed me off only..better chao go do hw...till next post..tata...signing off carol ( oh i forgot to mention my IPS trip) next post la ha :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

today i just found out that one of my friend's mum was admitted to hospital for cancer therapy i think..what cancer i dunno but for sure i feel sad n sympathy for him..i really cannot imagine if i'm in his shoes...i wouldn't be able to focus on school..not even picking up the courage to tell myself that she will be okay..it proves how fragile life is..never ever say anything hurtful or bad to poeple n even ur arch-enemies because who knows they might be gone the nextday..do really cherish people around you..no point crying over spilt u know..sob*sob* ..now i sound so emo....nothing much to say..oh yeah i passed my audition and i'm goin back hometown tomorrow evening so i won't be able to celebrate florence's birthday and also see Ivie off from airport..she's leaving for USA.....sob*sob*...wern sern also goin to SEGi...he already stop coming to school already..kinda miss him joking and bullying that sissy bastard..hahaha...i guess i better stop here..its kinda late..tomorrow i have PA in KL ..bonsoir people...signing off kazir...
p/s: tell u what it is next post

Sunday, August 06, 2006

P/S : Oh yeah..i forgot to mention that Shin Yeen is in hospital for suspected dengue fever.When i sms-ed her, her blood test not out yet.I might be going to SJMC to visit her later on.If i can get someone to drive me there that is. :)
boring boring boring!! I'm kinda fed up with form 6 life already.First of all, schoolwork piled up high like mountain, then is mostly routine work everyday.Wake up, go school ( n try not to be late which I already have few records in the buku lewat) , study , eat , nap or tuition or home work or library duty ( which is actually quite fun despite all the heavy reference books that I willingly arranged them weekly according to subjects and publishers but sad to say seafieldians never did appreciate them..casually just placing the books everywhere they like on whichever shelf nearest to them after reading. Actually i would much prefer if they would kindly leave it in a stack on the table which means less job for us librarians because then we can easily put the books back on shelves according to the Dewey system)
Even though form 6 schooling life looks easy compared to college life as we can go home at 1.30 pm while the college class normally ends around 3 pm but some might forget that minority of the form sixers do travel as far as kl to take tuitions..( some said why bother to go all the way so far?) but i'm telling u STPM is officially declared as the second (or was it 3rd?) hardest university entrance examination in the WORLD after Japan's university entrance test which ranked 1st in the list of world hardest examinations..after STPM then only comes the Britain's A-Level. So now everybody in Lower n Upper SIx are stressed out everytime the teacher mentions T.E.S.T.& that really sucks because frankly speaking i'm not a student that is paranoid over small test n monthly test unless its accounted for the mid year &final year examination annually.Now everytime a teacher mentions assignment it's like a heartburn for me as i'm not exactly the world best time manager..my time management sucks and i rarely ..i repeat rarely( which translates to once-in-a-blue-moon) hand in my homework on time..or should i say i despise doing homework..which is why i suck in Pure Math..and Physical Chem..which actually involves a lot of calculation on atoms n equations on chemical reactions and without any practice you might find yourself abandoning most of paper 1 questions..which is what i find myself doing it for monthly test ( i tembak any answer that is closest to my own garbage calculations..not the smartest thing to do in STPM )
And on Sat i had my audition for a dance performance during MPT5&6 (majlis perpisahan ting.5 & 6 ).I think we did quite okay but Audrey kept on saying we are not synchronised enough..which is actually quite true for the 1st part of the fast & furious song. Nevertheless its over and i'm excited to know the results of the audition tomorrow.Hopefully we get can get through this and then go on to choreograph our next part of the whole remix songs..(crossing fingers & toes & everything on me that i can cross it for good luck) Wow!! didn't realise that i already wrote so long (".) compensation for a whole blog-free week :)....signing off..ke-ro-ru..