Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I-am-so-lazy-to-blog Day

Omg I'm so blardy lazy that all i wanna do is sit and stare at the screen
So I'm not moving anymore to save strength today
I'm so darn excited at the new sports complex yet I'm so lazy to describe it and I happen to come across my buddy Izza's post..soooooo....
Lazy people like me tend to link you to somewhere else so HAHAHHAHAHA enjoy MY FRIEND's POST Lol..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Being alone or lonely is just how you define yourself

Being alone or lonely is just how you define yourself

Sometimes I surprised myself by being able to do things alone when I thought I needed company to be able to do it.Sometimes I am pleased with myself for being able to cross the finish line alone.

Close friends think I’m sometimes a loner.Acquaintances think I’m a loner at heart.Strangers think I’m lonely girl.

Maybe I was just raised to be independent.

I don’t have the need to be chauffeured here and there by my parents when I cycled or walked to school.

I don’t have the need to be chauffeured to tuitions far away in KL or Puchong when I can pretty well take a bus,LRT or even drive there at times.

I don’t have the need to be accompanied by my parents when I fly alone to India to start a brand new chapter of my life.

I don’t have the need to be accompanied by my friends when I am determined to take a 15hours bus ride by myself all the way from Bangalore to Manipal.

Everything that matters is how determined you are to reach your goal.

I don’t mind walking alone when I have classes to attend

I don’t mind walking alone when I have things to buy

I don’t mind travelling alone when all I want to do is be home

I don’t mind being alone

I love being alone at times. Sometimes I wish the whole world would disappear and let me have some ‘me-time’. It’s my time.It’s my day.

I just don’t want to answer the door when it’s my time

I just don’t want to answer calls when it’s my time

I just don’t want to care when it’s my time

It’s my right not to answer you.It’s my right not to care.It’s my right and I should be prioritizing my rights and my time.

I’ve learnt to say no to things that eats up my time

I’ve learnt to avoid people that eats up my time

Fight for your time. I’ve learnt well. What about you?

Happy Sunday readers ^^

Friday, April 16, 2010

15th April 2010

Today was my problem-based learning(PBL) presentation day.

Topic: Food poisoning


Clostridium botulinum

Staphylococcus aureus

Bacillus cereus

Clostridium perfringens

I got the subtopic of lab diagnosis,prevention and treatment of Clostridium botulinum. Did well I guess, I practically studied 5 hours before presentation. I was getting so lethargic after first draft that I went to sleep and woke up at 6.30am.Then I took my own sweet time to dress up and I was so fickle at my choice that I changed 3 outfits before deciding on this..IMG_0006

Some say I look like Korean, lol with my eyeliner and black tie and straight bangs.rofl. I miss wearing a tie!

I *heart* my belt-turned-tie :p

So anyway,today was the shortest day of my lecture days in year 2. Wooh! 30 mins of carcinoma of pancreas and ta-da free till 10.30am for presentation.And it’s the shortest of all.1 hour of presentation.That’s it.

Came back and watched My Sister’s Keeper.OMG Recommended movie wei.*I know I’m outdated but I only have access to this now ok*So touching!I love the fact that this movie potrays the book well.Unlike many other book-turned-movie, I feel the directors left out much essence of the book that the authors want each reader to feel. It’s so disappointing when you read the book which is so good and when it’s turned into a movie, you looked forward to it and at the end of the movie, you thought, “That’s it???” It’s definitely worth your time watching it.I cried so much during the show.Oh and the medical terms were ear-catching. I don’t know.Maybe it’s because I’m exposed to the medical world and I learnt about them that I got what they were talking about. Oncology is fun!

There’s one part where the guy goes: Hi, I’m AML

The girl goes : Hi I’m APL

Guy:  ooh a rarity huh

Girl: Yup

OMG I understand that!! I’m so happy!!

AML:  Acute Myelocyte Lymphoma

APL:  Acute Promyelocyte Lymphoma

Then… I woke up after nap…

Cooked condensed milk chicken! and my roomie V cooked sambal sardine! Damn nice wei!! post recipe now

canned sardine in tomato

onion cut in small pieces

potato cut in small pieces

throw everything inside, smash the sardine into small pieces, and add curry powder and chilli powder.Wonderful recipe.Try it damn sedap ok!

Ok laa..i used 2 hours to type this post because I was distracted by calls by Shijia and Yipin zzz. anyway I gotta go sleep now.Though it’s been a short working day, I wanna rest well for tomorrow’s class :) Look forward to next post!!


Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh how much i miss my sushi!! Thanks to Vi Vian that brought back wasabi in tube for me, I could enjoy my favourite food of all!
Don't they look so delicious?!! Oh I made some extra so I gave it to Kuhan and Cheng Lin as their birthday present :) And we threw a not-so surprising birthday party for my roomie Vanessa ( for convenience sake, I'll called her V in my blog ^^ ) She already expected it..blergh!! Failed planner haihz.. still remember how i spoiled the surprise party for Dot just because I laughed too loudly in front of her house and she overheard my voice from her room ( that sounded as if I laughed like thunder roars but seriously it wasn't THAT loud right?? It's just so happened that she has sharp ears! !! * alah alasan banyak-banyak carol ni*

Anyway I better go back to my drugs and their adverse effects ..Fuiyo!! Banyak giler ni!! Nak giler dah!!!

Ciaoz/.. Oh and i forgot to mention I donated my blood too!! Wanna see?? haiya never take photo of it. Too excited since it's been so long since i donated blood.. on the plus side, I'm so happy i lost 3 kg over the holidays!! muahahha keep up the good work carol lee!!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Mission To Complete

I woke up this morning at 9.30am only to find my roommie still happily sleeping so I dozed back with intention of waking up at 10am.Blergh!! *annoyed* It's already 11.34am when I opened my eyes next.

I think only medical students think that sleeping is a waste of time. Or maybe I should start practicing like the Japanese boss my dad used to tell me about.He only sleeps 4 hours a day(or so) so that he doesn't miss any deals happening in the world.*wtf* so money-minded.

No offence to Japanese.I don't think it's being money minded.I think it's being practical. An hour less of sleep means an extra hour of life-saving *in my case i think it's an extra episode of IRIS* LOL

I wake up with the intention of finishing my to-do list.Here goes

1. Pharm- Finish IL topics + SDL test topics
2. Micro - Update class notes
3. Patho - Update class notes

No procrastination Carol Lee!!! Obstacles is when you lose sight of your goal!

P/S: On the bright side, I can't wait till tomorrow comes because I'll be donating blood! Weee...ok fine..shut up..I know it's not a big deal but for me it is because I've not been constantly donating my blood even though every 3 months you can donate once because I've been wearing dentures and apparently Eunice said that it's not allowed for donors to have dental procedures done within a year. But I called the social worker impulsively and he/she said it's okay!! But there's a series of criteria too and I might not be able to donate blood after all so we'll see tomorrow how it goes :p It's the one time I'm happy about my weight *wtf* because I'm not so underweight that I can't pass as a donor! Weeeeee....

Friday, April 09, 2010

Outfit of the Day

As If You Couldn't Get Enough Of Me!

Note: Do ignore the white patches on the mirror..I've yet to scrub them down with soap! Dettol is still with beloved Izza

Outfit of the Day
casual long army green buttoned-down shirt from Forever 21
with absolut fav black legging from errr dunno where because mine was holey and Sarah gave me hers instead:p
and red belt from Sunway Pyramid
Oh heels is just for the purpose of making my pins look longer..
bah i have short legs so heels are my best friends..though not to class..
OMG!!! Envy girls that can wear 5" heels for 24/7..
*mummy says heels are bad for back!Oh yeah..Dr.Ortho says that too*

Mood: just-too-free-Carol-ignoring-the-calls-of-Mims&Roitt-procrastinating-with-the-reason-it's-Friday!!-equivalent-to-No-Work-Day-Wooh!!
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For A Special Belated Birthday! Happy Birthday Mum!!

For A Special Belated Birthday!
Happy Birthday Mum!!

I've already posted this last Tuesday if I'm not mistaken, by registered post this time so hopefully it will reach quickly!! Can't wait to let you open the package and see this! :) You will definitely call and would sound so happy on the thing though..I'm afraid you'll be disappointed by all the elaborate packaging and open to find just this..Hmmm let's just see what you think then :)
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Day!

Happy Day!

You know there's just this one day when everything goes well for you.When you don't worry about your studies,or you don't worry about whether you look hot in your clothes *I wasn't saying that I looked hot today* it's just a metaphor..anyway you get what I meant don't you.

Sooo story of the day is I'm so happy for once today. And what made me happy? Let's see..

1. Clinical Skills :) Suturing!! I always loved practicals because that's when you get to walk around and talk with your friends and yet learn something new.It's so fun now that I know how to suture wounds even though it's just basic suturing. Nothing great like herring bone suture or continuous suture because according to Prof Anna the time is yet to come to trouble us with all these complicated sutures.We'll learn it when we go for Surgery next year..YO!!! DAMN FUN!!!

2. One hour of lecture for the day!!!

3. Get to hangout and talk with Shi Jia and Eunice today!!! It's been so long since we sat down and chat like before when we once all stayed in the same hostel

4. Got to know that my blog is source of entertainment for my batchmates.HAHAHA!! This is so hilarious!! I thought that my blog is only read by my friends back in Subang..Hmmm maybe i should start a live traffic feed.. yeah..I should..

5. Oh yeah and I'm done with my MSP project!! So fast!! We did it in 3 weeks:) Many thanks to my group members, T.E.L.L.M.E acronym for (you know how medical students love their acronyms :p) Tan Lip Sheng.Elora Ong.Lee Pei Shin(me lar).Lim Shi Jia.Menaga.All is left is editing and making posters for the presentation on April 24th!! Can't wait!! Woooohhh!!

Downside, I've been having this irritating flu since yesterday!! Gosh..i took Clarinase but I guess I have to up my dose because I've been eating them ever since then..Maybe I should take the Indian med instead but I've been afraid to take Indian med since my allergic attack! Who knows what I might be allergic to.. I have been having this doubt of whether telling everyone that I'm allergic to penicillin med or should I keep this to my doctor and myself since it would be easy for them to kill me with it..but I guess I think too much at timess...bahhh the effect of watching too much Mentalist..

Ouch, stomach gastric juice flowing out..gotta go grab a bite..Ciao..! Merci beau coup for stopping by and reading my rantings :)