Friday, July 28, 2006

I had so much fun in KTM today...with as usual Tracey,Shin Yeen,Ley Yeem and JLoi..hahaha and on the way back got extra noisy..i think the whole KTM passenger were sleeping except five of us laughing n joking bout animal parts..hhahahah....chicken leg la...chicken wing...drumstick la...roasted pork la...char siu la...siu yuk la...aiyo..damn mangkukness wei we all...( yes i admit i'm mangkuk but so are my frens =p) sadly today during class photo shoot in school something bad happened...vikram and james fell from the chair and james's spinal cord was hurt i think...he couldnt feel his lower body part...all his legs numb..according to my st john now he's in SJMC...luckily vikram didnt injure much except for few scratches and sincerely hope he get well soon..signing of...monkey on the tree...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

monday's post---> today went play futsal with my 38 gang n other frens..shall list down how many n show u all ya...
1.carol(that's me)
3.jessica loi
5.karine min
7.siu ni
9.carrere chew(she came to play too)
11.wern sern
14.sissy bastard ( u noe who u are)
15. ryui bynn
(umm..who else ya..sorry if i miss anyone out) practically that's all that came that day..and i sprained my cham...
so pain everytime i walked upstairs...and my class is on the top floor

Tuesday----> when doin library duty(which is practically doin nothing) i played CONGKAK ..with michael...can u believe that he beat me in congkak??? oh my ..i very malu d..but then again i suspected that he cheated...hahhaha...shhh....hahahha....well then...that's all lo...

Today----> what did i do today? oh today we had trial chemistry other words..lab experiment..titration..individually goodness...the lab is so class had 47 ppl + leyyeem+ shiao loong+ shang shi= 50
my goodness.. so so packed...even the H2SO4 also not enough...and the NaOH got problem cuz no reaction when dripped with phenolphtalein...then the teacher had to prepare all over again...didnt even finish in time all the experiment..btw non-science student who dont have any idea know what i talking about can just ignore me...hahhaha...

today got spotcheck too..sob frens hp kena rampas...and according to our discipline teacher can only take back when parents come to school to claim..and also only available on such thing wan meh...nvr heard LCLY...then if lets say ur hp kena rampas today...then next day is wednesday, u still have to wait till next week to claim back...what the.....its so fong mao...nonsense..where got such thing wan...u think all parents available on wednesday izzit...all free to come see u just to claim the phone back...not like we form sixers use it to watch xxx stuff or call each other in school alsoo or copy in exam...mangkukness wei the school authorities...we bring all also for important reasons ma...what if car break down...what if accident occurs...what if those that attend tuitionn straight from school need the phone incase sumthing happens on the way?? so many what fed up with school rules d...signing off...carol

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm so PROUD of myself..i took a KTM all by myself to mid valley yesterday..hahhaa..chill la...really i 1st time doin it..i so scared i sesat but luckily didn...hehehe...went to watch pirates of carribean with billy....very nice(quarter the time drooling over orlando bloom) & cold in the cinema..learnt my lesson..must bring sweater...n reached home at 10 pm...cun leh...hahaha...
today ate cun food..korean noodle..miso soup n tempura..hhahaha...home-cooked...very full now....back to what i did today...woke up drove my family to eat curry mee in taipan & then went MPH...saw so many books that i hunger tempted to grab one n flee(since my dad didn wanna pay for it) but came to my senses...and neway i SO SO wanna go aboard Doulus..its a big ship with half a million books and it has travelled over 500 ports in the world n two yrs older than titanic..ppl its just great..but my fren went n lined up for 4 hrs just to enter the ship itself..haihz..if i go i think i would not be able to line up under hot sun for 4 hrs..hopefully weekday can go...but i think no time on weekday la...sob*sob* dorothy's blog just now...she mentioned her grandmama n how she used to stuff bolster at her mouth to keep her snoring my...reminds me of my own grand mama...i so so miss her...must call her tomorrow after school...cannot stand knowing that she's alone at home with my aunt out working everyday..sob*sob*..kinda sentimental now...must braced myself..cannot be so emo..think i'll stop here..nothing must to blog d...signing off..carol

Saturday, July 22, 2006


~ " FUN " biology with Teacher X ~biology is not my subject and its getting worst this year!! not just the content that u have to cover for examination, my biology teacher is not helping at all!!! trust me... she's not.She is the most "funny" teacher i've ever met!!! she's the "cutiest" teacher i've ever laid my eyes on!! She's just speacial!!!

What she do & say in class :
1. you guys are REALLY smart!!! and u all can use both sides of ur brains so well huh? talk and write at the same time~ i wonder how u all do it....
2. ohh, there's a ques, some camels have one hums some have 2, what do u call those who have none???? ................................ HORSE!
3. most of u ppl here, ur english is very poor, i'm good enough to write down all the notes for u all to copy, u all better appreciate it.
4. MY name is not JAMES bond, i am HYDROGEN bond! "swt"
5. HAHAHA... this is so exciting!!6. after teaching on the board with a long ruler, she just turn around with it and shouted, SUPERMAN!
7. told us there's once she went to a restaurant to eat cholesterol FREE prawns. [ students wondering where the hell u got cholesterol free prawns ] and... she just simply said... "its FREE because i dont have to pay for it".
8. JUST cant type anymore....i cant stand her anymore.... SAVE ME from her class.... need more information bout this TEACHER X, plz call me at my hp. thanks!

9. Oh name is ester bond..not esther ..swt swt swt...
10. Oh class ,in case anyone is testing the microphone,pls do not say testis testis...(now u understand leh the swt swt swt we students face in class)
11. Since u all have such flair of language(saying our class noisy) i hope that you al can express well in exam as i'm not goin to be lenient on you all..( when she angry at us lah for being noisy,she threatens us with test marks)

p/s: thx shin yeen..i doubt she reads this..hahahha...signing off...~ carol~

Friday, July 21, 2006 now after abandoning my blog for two weeks..coz of exam n so hectic..well i attended the Global Village on 9th July..we nearly sesat there .. went in the wrong entrance ..n UPM is so so huge that u can't possibly just cut through the roads to exit the other back on GV .. it was quite nice..very formal at 1st but i enjoyed the performances...very good performance the schools did..some cultural thingi..oh oh oh and one most important thing..SEAFIELD WON!! the waste collection category...hahahah..we collected around 15 tonnes of waste...ain't that cun?? n i won a pendrive but i sacrified by shaking my booty up stage...luckily got my 38 gang to cheer for me..or not i'll look so silly...hahaha..and they got some cultural booths ..every intern represented their own country and displayed a lot of traditional clothing ..some of the countries that i remember were Japan,Canada,Iran,Turkey,Russia,Germany,Netherland,etc..took picture wearing yukata(simplify version of kimono) ..i know...those that saw my now..

---fast forwarding--->

today.21th of July..a very memorable day..i got my math paper back..n the result sucks...but i'm happy at least i didn't fail..and i will promise myself to sober up...must be consistent in studies..not leaving my homework till deadline again...dreaming that i will achieve 4.0 ..and to make my dream come true i will be SOBER...yes ppl..i will...i will cut down on my naps and distraction but only full concentration!!!

<--reversing a little---
my sis is now in UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) she got offer for some horticulture she decided to join them and then try and change to environmental mar fan...that's one of my motivation too..learn from our experiences..and others too...

signing off....キヤロル..(",)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

watashi in kimono!!

Just back from SEGi College's la...not much stuff to see or play..but i did spent almost 4 hours there walking around visiting all their booths...some are good some just okay-okay...the food there is expensive...they purposely naikkan harga for today only...cis..summore dare to tell us us means Lai Yen & DOt...carrere chew FFK..she is gonna kena d...not goin to invite her for next outing...jk carrere...belanja me SUSHI KING next time!!sure i won't ffk u wan (",) took some photos there in kimono with DOt in Cleopatra suit without her "crown" cuz it can't fit her BIG head..hahahha...shhh...ppl plz dun tell her i say that :-) can't wait for tomorrow's GLOBAL VILLAGE!! now cracking my brain for a small parting gift for Carol J.Hanselman..i think today not writing so much..not yet...shall update again tomorrow after the global village thingi :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

HAH!!...finally...after so long banned from computer just because my mum caught me online and watching football in the middle of the night.Ain't that terrible?Can you imagine what's life without computer? Nowadays i don't even watch tv because i'm just too busy catching up on my beauty sleep and homeworks..and busy preparing for carnival day for my that it's over i had just landed myself a new task..decorating the hall & backdrop for Farewell Dinner for Form 5 & 6...i guess i shall be busy racking my brains for new ideas(feel free to email me if u have any idea..anything at all .. thx :) Talking bout brains i just gotten myself a bump on the forehead thanks to my stupid friend..he whacked me from behind with a water balloon and it burst,drenching me (duh!) and the unfortunate part was he pushed me when i bent over and voila! my head hit the edge of a smart of me to not avoid that edge but i couldn't as it came in surprise....sob*sob*..and now i have a scarred face..(not exactly, just exaggerating)..jow liie told me that she freaked out when she saw blood trickling down my head but afterwards the cut healed..miraculously i didn't faint or had a dizzling spell or worst a proved that my skull is too thick..hahahah...did i mention that my sister just left for UNIMAS? yeah she left on 2nd July..same day as my carnival my life felt so empty without her..hmm..perhaps is my bedroom because i slept with her for the past 17 yrs n 6 months...3 months to be exact if not including the 3 months National Service stint she i have to cover everything that she usually cleaning up after her areas in the room..paying for her handphone bills..washing up after meals...boohoo...more work for me that means..n not forgetting sending my brother to-and-fro for tuitions and goodness wonder people say absence makes the heart grow i really appreciates her presence in the house..always being the silly and sam pat one...and the noisy talkative one..and the one that i can share my laughter and jokes and nice songs and deep dark secrets with...hhhhmmmmmm...NOW HOW TO SHARE??? Now i'm at war verbally with my parents to send her back here to pursue her dream course of food science and technology incase her appeals for this course in other public universities fail. (p/s:UNIMAS do not offer this course so there's no way she can appeal internally within her faculty for this course) My dad asked her to take up biotechnology as UNIMAS has this course and it will be much easier for her to appeal internally rather than appeal to other universities but she didn't want to do so..i don't know what but maybe she isn't interested in this course..hopefully she can be lucky in her appeal and meanwhile i will fight for her rights!!Gambade!!