Friday, December 24, 2010

that's me in 2007 and 3 years later this is me in 2010..hmmm how much I've changed??
Physical changes and definitely cognitive maturity increased...I hoped :p
As the end of 2010 draws nearly, it's again time for reflection of the past year.
Achievements and mistakes, good things and bad things..they come and go as they wished and it's not under anyone's control.
So fear not of the new mistakes that you may make in 2011 and focus on the goals to achieve in 2011!!

Resolution of 2011. Coming after Christmas..since it's time to do some serious thinking plus have fun!
P/s: I'm going camping and sleeping in a real tent for the 2nd time! too excited :) can't wait to take lots of photos!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm sorry for my leave of absence for see...urm 6 months? I kinda thought I would abandon this blog but my love for writing(I talk a lot,ask my room mate) overwhelmed my laziness.Okay.Updates I know,

1. I passed my year 2 and i'm officially in year 3( In another 2 months plus, I'm leaving Manipal for good and I'll continue my education as a medical student in Melaka,Malaysia)

2. I was elected as the class representative for my batch and student president for the fiscal year. Technically, I play the role of bridging the lecturers and students together

3. Inter-batch 2010 is almost over and I hope the rest of the games will proceed as soon as possible so that we can finally close the chapter of Inter-batch (It's a month long-actually more than that-event that consist of two parts :sports and cultural, we have 20-30 events to organise and thank god I'm almost done with it)

4. Annual Day 2010 was successful and I manage to grin stupidly the whole time I was on stage because I didn't want the photographer to capture my frowning face.(just in case it goes into college magazine like that). Congratulations to my dear friend,Elora the Gold Medalist 2010 and all the prize winners :)) I'm so proud of you all:))

5.My birthday was celebrated with much joy and surprise element because I was bluffed into it.But I absolutely love it this year.Probably because the tension of examination is no longer there.

6.The parade for the inauguration of Manipal University Convocation 2010 went smoothly with me wearing saree (weee second time:)) ) Lucky me because it's inaugurated by the President of India, Smt.Pratibha Patil so I get to see her but really she looks so sombre..I think because she feels so hot in her professor-Harry-Potterish-gown :)

7. Lagenda!!! It's a Malaysian food festival and cultural event whereby we invite all Malaysian students from all over India and showcase our talents and culture to all the local Indians and international students here.Too bad I didn take any photos because I was too busy preparing for my stall. HO CHIAK=TASTY
We sold fried wanton, fried chicken meat ball, coleslaw , mash potato and pandan green bean soup :)) It was a lovely evening of all food and people :))


8. Lastly, I'm currently in Psychiatric posting so I'll update more about my studies instead soon :)

Till next, Carol