Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back in Penang with my 3 8 cousins and since there's nothing to do after our little de-tour to Old Town Kopitiam ( shhh...suppose to go eat laksa and ta pau for adults wan but we change our mind..hehehe) so we decided to camwhore a little! Yay..wat FUN!! Nonsense...zzzz now that i just came back from penang on wed nite, i'm off again TO penang tomorrow morning ( 7 hrs time) for my cousin's new year countdown party .Btw i'm suppose to be asleep now..zzz..nites ppl..shall update more when i come back.Shit! just remembered that i still haven touch a single math hw & chem more the time i come back it would have been already too late..Oh god..forget it i'll never finish it in time..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

38 cindy! pui bi

oui..acting cute pui si

scary cindy a.k.a. siao po sze min & mua.5 yrs old poser.

my goodness..look at the saliva drooling

My Xmas Celebration with Cute Wilson!! :)

Shocked Face thx to the flash la..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

We were strangers
Starting out on a journey
Never dreaming
What we'd have to go through
Now here we are
And I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
What you did to my heart
When I lost hope
You were there to remind me
This is the start

Life is a road
And I want keep to going
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road
Now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
at the beginning with you

We were strangers
On a crazy adventure
Never dreaming
How our dreams would come true
Now here we stand
Unafraid of the future
At the begining with you

I knew there was somebody somewhere
Like me alone in the dark
Now I now my dream will live on
I've been waiting so long
Nothing's ganna tear us apart

Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep going on
Starting out on a journey
Life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river I wanna keep flowing
In the end I wanna be standing
at the begining with you

Monday, December 18, 2006

  1. 4As in STPM '07 ( help me ppl)
  2. Charity in the name of CAROL LEE!!haha..i'm such nice person
  3. Brand new shoe
  4. Kipling handbag i saw today in MidVal ( PRICE: RM 330 if anyone is kind enough to spare their pocketmoney in exchange for my eternity appreciation & happiness :)
  5. Levi's Jeans
  6. ANdy Lau (let's compromise ok..poster also acceptable or his cd album :)
  7. Eternity happiness for my families n friends ( what a saint )
  8. Smartfor four in PURPLE ( kidding, any color will do)
  9. Andy Lau again
  10. all my wishes above to come true!



I know i know i'm supposed to be asleep but i can't ignore the callings of my com..
yes i'm not addicted to it like loke is but i'm subconciously hoping to see that person on9..
I'm happy that i could be there when i'm needed..
I didnt realised it but as i wake up every single day after that conversation i realised where i stood in that heart.
I'm not nobody..
i'm still not perfect but quite good in that beautiful pair of eyes.
I wished i could be there but distance is not a problem as i keep telling myself....
faraway loved one,i wished u ntg but the best :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

see the train?? everything is mickeyfied..even the windows in an old village( wai chuen)

i went tvb ppl!!

SO then at night i waited for my cousin who has been in HK for 4 yrs to pick me up and go jalan-jalan.Then bf drives benz wei...then went back Stanley area to his home to walk n feed his mum's dog n my cousin's dog before we go back to Fo Tan to eat famous roast pigeon & chicken porridge.For ur info,Fo Tan is actually in Kowloon n Stanley in HongKong Island.It took us around 45 mins to reach that place then got conned by the fella there.He told us that parking in the plaza is free for those that eat in the stall ( tai pai tong) mana tau when we exit the lady told us that no free parking wan.So we paid $30 for parking less than one hour.Then we went Sai Kung to makan their famous dessert shop.A lot of artiste go there for dessert n we saw an actor ( but supporting actor only..not really famous wan) with a lady fully wrapped up in skarf n hat.Can't see the face though...the whole shop seems to be booked by one inside there with them.The shop has four branches side-by-side. The mango sago pudding is very nice.And their durian pancake very famous wan.(i was rolling my eyes when my cousin ordered durian pudding..i was thinking msia so much durian so what for eat them in HK but it was totally diff.its a bit like marshmellow with durian flesh filling.) that 4 bowl of dessert cost us $80++ so gila the food in HK..their one popcorn can cost u $19.Their one bowl of mee $20++ and worst is drinks..same price as mee...also around$18 for one cup.

Next day tour by my uncle's friend.So nice of him n the wife..booked a mini bus and took us to see the other side of HK..rural areas...Then took us to his golf course..crazy wan..the membership of the golf course $ 2.7 mil.Can u believe it??? The Clearwater Bay Golf & country Club. So highclass..all the cars there sport cars..cun benz n bmw..saw one BMW Z4 ..fuiyo..the car plate new type..can place own name...JUDY FOO..entah berapa ratus ribu for the carplate itself.Then we went to Yuen Long to buy the famous lou po peng (wife's biscuit) u know the TVB drama the Ah Wong tat show? he learn to make lou po peng from the shop's si fu.

Disneyland was a bit rush because in the morning we went to the famous big buddha statue in Lantau Island. But because Disneyland was there too in Lantau Island so we went to big buddha first. Nothing much to see was very misty...mistier than Genting.

the connecting train to Disneyland was very cute..the train was full of mickey stuff...even the hand rail ( the one for u to hold on to in LRt) is shaped like mickey.Played a lot of games in Disneyland. They have threee parks in it.Adventureland ( Tarzan & Lion King ) Fantasy Land ( pooh,cinderella n all fairy tales ) n lastly Tomorrowland ( toy story ) the games in tomorrow land was fun...there was one where its a rollercoaster in the if u r in galaxy..but the turns n twist are unpredictable because u do not know when it will turn or sudden dip...and then at night at 6.30 pm its already dark in HK like 10 pm in msia... disneyland's main street where all the shopping places are will start to snow ...not really snow just foam but the whole street really have the xmas feel..n then fireworks start at 7 sharp lastting for 15 was a spectacular show...after that i went shopping for souvenir..costs me an arm n u all better appreciate what i bought for u all...( not all ..i'm very sorry but i can't afford to buy cash tak cukup) then we decided to go makan ( whole day tak makan from 1pm till 9pm) we wanted to go causewaybay but in the bus my bro wanted to go avenue of stars to see night scenery in HK so we change our mind n went to Central bus stop n change to MTR to go Tsim Tsa Tsui n makan...a kind ( may i add cute) steward of Cathay Pacific taught us the way was an experience i'll never forget because it was the 1st time i'm fighting to move my legs every step of the way..can u imagine running up hill(morning in big buddha statue) then around disneyland then now across the undersea tunnel to go makan n tengok nite unluckily was on the way back we sesat n took a long route to reach my hotel as the connecting shopping mall entrance was locked so we had to go out of the shopping mall n enter the hotel thru the outside entrance...we was separated from my cousin n then we had to walk mind u all ladies walked thru the back of the hotel ( back lane n a deserted park ...well duh deserted cause its already pass midnite) it was the most tiring day for me ....i counted at least 12 hours of walking..minus makan two hours n bus..but i guess its normal for Hongkies because they walked practically every cousin's bf even though got car but he travelled by bus n then interchange to train n train also must interchange from KCR ( our KTM but faster) to MTR to travel to Shatin to goodness..i reallly salute them for their stamina,we msians according to them are very lucky to have houses ( not high rise apartments) with big garden ( by their standard of balcony pot plants ) n cars ( but actually i wouldnt mind travelling by train..must need jam but msia's system not that good yet so i'll continue to day dream)

Last day ntg special so i must excuse myself..i can't tahan d..too much typing..n story to tell...wanna know more?? i dun think so ..i think very detailed that's it..ya.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

HI HI HI!!! so long no see!! Well i do not want to explain my MIA for these past two months so don't bother to ask but now i'm back with my new fairytale in Hong Kong. I MET ANDY LAU !!!! :) i'm so happy!! Leng chai or not??? hahahhaha

Okay so back to my adventure in HK.this is the second time i'm out of home for vacation without my parents so practically it was freedom for me in HK like backpacking.Anyway my first impression on HK was actually it looks a lot like KL but just that u can only hear cantonese there.People there do not understand other dialects but a little of mandarin n english.Even their cantonese sounds different from what we hear and they speak very fast.And the buildings there is high and very packed.From what i hear from my cousin, anyone that owns any property in HK or car is counted rich because each plot of one sq feet of land in city can cost them at least $10,000.The cars there are very cheap,their BMW new series cost only $250,000 (RM125,000) but their maintainance are very very high.One hour of parking can cost them $50 ( RM25) !!! so crazy right? So then, my hotel Royal Park Hotel is in Shatin.HK is divided into 3 main district,Kowloon,Hongkong Island and New Territories.Shatin is the border of Kowloon & NT.

1st day- Departure from KLIA at 7.30am.China Airlines.No lengchai steward yet.Hahaha. Touchdown in HKIA at 11.45pm.Took bus to Shatin..pass by Mongkok,Central and all the main Kowloon area. Pass by the Tsing Ma Bridge.Longest suspended rail-road bridge in the world. Double decked-on top for vehicle, under that is the MTR train. Cun right??

Then, the whole day was spent in Shatin New Town Plaza shopping complex.The wantan mee in HK,anywhere also nicer than ours here because the texture of the mee is very nice.they called 'song hao'.Oh and then we venture off ourselves without my aunt n uncle together with my cousin n my sis.We only reached our hotel at 11.30 pm.Then got nagged by my uncle.he said we didnt tell them wat time we will be back and said its too late.So next morning we woke up very early at 6.45 am to prepare to go to Ocean Park!!

2nd day-Ocean Park was nice.The games were quite exciting but i was quite disappointed at the rollercoaster.It was not exciting but kind of dull and it was so bumpy that i bang my ears against the seat so many times.But then the aquarium was worth it.Its actually a big aquarium with the depth of three floors.So each floor u will get to see different species of fishes.Those on the surface mostly stingrays and the last floor down hosts a lot of huge fishes.(my definition of huge is kid-sized fishes) Then the shark aquarium n lastly we visited the photo booth to take pic with the dolphin mascott.Oh i forgot we watched the famous dolphin n sea lion show and the two panda an an n jia jia bestowed by China for HK.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

HAH!!Finally!! after running here n there n skipping classes for this whole week, our event finally pulled through successfully...i'm so happy its finally over n we did a great job..our committee that is..n i would like to sincerely thank everyone that helped me in decor & all that did a great job on making this event a success!!Many many many many thanks to April,Tracey,Shin Yeen,Sophie,Leyyeem,Jessica Loi,Jessica Loke,RyuiBynn,Melissa,Keh Len,Wei Lin,Chia Wen,Yee Lian, Chor Oon,Adeline,Rachel,Zoe,Hui CHing,Kok Wai,Farhan,Julianna,Siew Kei,Ragu (he helped me finalised the mask cuz i not that tall :) Vikram,CHee Hee,..those that helped me jaga the glasses..Yoke Pui,Pik Ngan,Khim Seng,Shiao loong,Wai loong,mun lok....those that gave me moral support..the 38 gang..u know who u need type la ur my gorgeous & great dancers..audrey,xin min,florence,karine...even though i screw up the thanks to my cap...n not forgetting the teachers that gave us support by giving ideas n guidance n all teachers that gave us committees permission to skip class n even postpone our MUET speaking test...hehehhe..oh ya n shang shi for temaning me down to car park at 1.00 am gang all went Asia cafe yam char..sob sob..i MIA again... btw sorry if i miss out anyone's names...oh n i need to thank jia wei for lending me her notes during the whole period when i need to skip classes..

AH now i wanna talk about my event...1st ly..even though i had many obstacles in preparing for the decor n performance...i still manage to pull through with all my frens support..luckily everything went well except that the crowd was quite dead that day..we did all sorts of things...line conga la...pull people to dance la..aiyo u name it we did it..even MCs was so tired to keep asking the crowd to cheer for the performers...Muaz beatbox was nice...breakdance was nice too...except maybe painful for wern sern la..he hit the head a little...steven landed quite hard on the dance floor doing back flip..ouch rite!! And i miss out on the teachers discipline teacher Pn Ung ( pronounce Ang) did the Amber Chia catwalk n then posed by pouting her amber chia's pouty lips..that was nice fun but i missed it cuz changing to my dance attire...damn...but then again i guess many people would have video-ed that once-in-a-lifetime performance..hhahahahha...i shall personally hunt for the video n post it here..oh ya..i screwed out my dance..i was suppose to fling off my cap but then my stupid cap got stuck to my hair...n me end up missing one dance so embarassing..not so yeng anymore...haihz...luckily the crowd didnt laugh..hhahhaha....i guess they were as stunned as me too when i couldnt get that stupid cap off....we all took photos but not really that much...i didn take with a lot of sad...n i drove home alone at 1 sumthing AM .. achievement for me who has a 12 am curfew( for functions) 11pm ( for bdays n yam chars) ...hhahahahah....cinderella la...talking bout was ley yeem's birthday yesterday..we surprised her with a secret recipe's choco indulgence around 2 sumthing pm..we purposely acted as if we forgotten her one wished her except sophie..hahaha...she looked so emo in the morning...n i think that next year i will be going again because i think i didnt have much fun...n the slide show is not 6E's wan...its upper sixers wan .. i dun wan that memories of my fun class to be captured n yet i didn see it ..anyway i didn get to enjoy much during the event...was running here n there to look for look for best-dressed gal n guy...prom king 'man of the hour' n prom queen 'belle of the ball' ..sweetest gal award a.k.a 'cuppie cake'...Mr.Macho..Ms Vain..both award we decided to give away combs n mirrors..but i dunno whether got give or not..wasnt there to see...oh n we had an award called "Miss Tak Cukup Kain" hahhahaha...won by a gal whose dress looked so normal but yet once she turn n u see her back..fuiyo...lubang here n we gave her a velvety cape, to help her keep warm incase she feels cold in the ballroom...we committees are so nice rite?? i think that's all la folks..just scan thru all the photos la that i load here..i'll be loading in friendster too..go check it out la..cya..btw my msn is stil not ok yet..sms me la if got anything..signing off...carol

Monday, September 18, 2006

hi hi..after so long never blog..i have lotsa to tell but i'm kinda lazy so its gonna be one short post..1st I've been to the Louis Vuitton gallery in Starhill Kl.Its very nice n hav same concept as the one in France.Even the entrance they let the customer in two by two..but hehehe..i went in thru front entrance(facing the sidewalk) so my aunts n cousins we just stroll in group...then this whole week i'm busy practising for my performance during MPT5 & 6 and the decors too...went mydin with the whole gang n nearly got fined for illegal parking..lucky leyyeem saw that the whole row of car got fined so i went n parked quite a distance away..near the shoplots..then after finish shopping we had a pillow talk but during lunch wan..lotsa juicy stuff..hehhehe...but actually we are not done with cass & april & jessica & audrey & xin min..hahahaha..2b continued time after mpt5 much to do yet so little time..summore exam on oct 16...wanna zzz ..con't next time..ciaoz ppl..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

oh yeah i miss out the global village pictures last posting it now..enjoyzz..

seafield gang with rached(pronounced rasyid)
nice or not this pic??:)
meet seanzy ppl!!
on the way to GV
(clockwise) april,karine,xin min,jess,leyyeem,me!!
karine, carol & carol :)
nice flowers rite??
whole complete gang!!!

moi gurl friends..jess min missing..cass too( but cass understood why..hehhe)

decors for my mpt5 & 6 event

my precious watches..gonna add more to collection..hehhee

hi ppl..long time no see..its been long long time since i posted anything on9..partly due to my stupid LAN connection and partly because i'm busy doin my school stuff :) and i just checked some of the blogs out..this blog is quite addictive for those yearning to learn more about education in malaysia( a reality-check for those still studying in malaysia especially the scholarships posts..really it's so true..try checking it out!!)
and now i shall go back to my story..ohhh..before i forget let me tell u a string of unfortunate case that had happened to my 38 fren a.k.a. Jessica Loke
1st accident :
Crime Scene: Inside Carrefour Subang's carpark
How it Happen? : This i-dunno-what's-gotten-into-her-brain gal went and reversed her car until she bang the car beside her yet she still didn't realise it and was wondering why she couldn't reverse her car..she pressed on her accelerator so so long then only realise she bang the car beside when her day-dreaming fren a.k.a. Melissa told her she had reverse right into ppl's car!! Then she had to forward her car and when she did that, ( i pity that fella) ,she proudly left a long deep scratch on ppl's car and funny part was she heard the plastic light cover dropped on the floor and yet she thought she hit the car until that fella's car light fell off...BUT when she got down to check on her's actually her own car's light cover..hhahahah

2nd accident:
Crime Scene : Highway from Kota Kemuning to Subang Jaya
How it Happen? : She was speeding at 130 km/hr and she saw a flash of light.She braked and slowed down to 120 km/hr when she saw upfront a police at the roadside with a camera.A week later, summon came and she had to pay RM180.00 for her recklessness.

3rd accident:
Crime Scene : Highway
How it Happen? : This smart-alec tried to squeeze pass a lorry on the right and a car on the left when suddenly the car on the left turned into her lane.Voila! SHe hit the car and her left rear mirror fell off.Embarrassing part was she had to get down and picked her own rear mirror off and she tried to fix it but in vain.Now it's left rotting at the backseat of her pitiful car.

4rd accident :
Crime Scene : Carrefour Subang's carpark
How it Happen? : SHe tried to park her car into an ample parking space and she hit the big square tiang. Her car door is now dent and her door-not-closed light kept on blinking when she drove on highway and she had to come down a few times to keep closing the door.

Moral of the story? : Never park at Carrefour Subang's carpark ( for beginners )
Keep glue or masking tape at all times in the car incase u need to stick back any part of the car that got hit off :)

Oh might i add on that after she told us the chain of her costly accidents which my friends and I had laughed at in the KTM, my not-so-innocent friend a.k.a. Tracey reversed out from her parking lot right into the wall behind her.Can u believe it?? I so totally believe in karma now..never laugh at other ppl's misfortune because u never know when it might me yours!!

Now..what i did today? i woke up and ate curry mee..Then read my laporan ekonomi 2007 and Bajet 2007..haihz..i have to read them although i hate it because its gonna come out for my Pengajian Am paper next year..and then i followed my mum down to Damansara to pick up some stuff for my dad then my mum & I took a short ( u believe?) detour to KL Sungei Wang Plaza to check out some shades and shoes..unfortunately i just realise that the shades they have there are so outdated...then went to Bandar Sunway to collect some goods..and hid the 'shopping spree' detour from my dad n bro..hehehehe...not my mum's idea...anyway..finally after a few trips to Taipan, 1 Utama(old n new wings..and twice to old wing)Pyramid,MidValley,Tesco Puchong, IOI Mall Puchong,SUmmit USJ, Sungei Wang Plaza and Subang PArade.not to mention a few dozens of calls to the salesgirls ... finally my mum bought her shades today..haihz..lesson to learn this time around..say whatever items that she tried on and is reasonably-priced looks nice on her..make her buy it once its available..

then i read my already-look-like-going-to-tear-any-moment harry potter & the half-blood prince for the umpteenth time and cried again for my countless time when i read the chapter on dumbledore's death...i still cannot accept the fact that the 7th book will not have Dumbledore again as the headmaster n the protecter of harry...i was thinking maybe harry can carry along the portrait of dumbledore during his quest to find n des
troy the other horcruxes since the other headmasters n headmistress portrait can speak n talk n give advice just like a normal human except that they do not have physical being ... oh how i wish that would happen but seeing that j.k.rowling is so determined to kill him off in the 6th book..its a wonder if he appear to be guiding harry in 7th book just like before he's dead.

Oh my ..its so late already..zzzzzzz......signing off.....not-so-cheerful-gal-no-thanks-to-stupid MSN-that-denied-my-entry

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Got some cute stuff for ya all..... found it when clearing my files & folders...check it out ya...enjoyzzz :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

see this pic above? its my fav ornament on my table...its actually a watch box but inside i place two blinking smileys..from the concert rite??

we are officially KTM noisiest crowd..just that haven get the acknowledgement of authorities of gues what we did in KTM...gossipping about two of the ppl in my school whom are not really popular amongst studentsn prefects n teachers too some...haihz..i tell u..this is getting out of hand..every week they will complain n gossip about one particular person..u know who worst...two person...i bet they are sneezing at home...hehhee...and for sure i'm not gonna piss jess loke n shin yeen off..they can be bad..real bad...evil genius, mastermind watever u call it...tut tut tut....very very dangerous..( sorry jess i noe its not ur fault) ..oh i'm suppose to talk bout IPS isnt it? aiya..lazy long story...i post pic for u all to see la okay?
( P/S: Jess Loke , I dun wan to receive ur rough paper-handmade - melissa-drawn-signed by pn ang bday card ever ever okay?)...............signing off............tsunami
see this pic above? its my fav ornament on my table...its actually a watch box but inside i place two blinking smileys..from the concert rite??

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i'm not suppose to be blogging i'm so not..i'm suppose to be plotting n coloring my beautiful graph....n what i'm i doin here? hahaha..just felt like blogging...came back from heaven of food last week ( p/s: Penang) n missed Florence bday celebration in that famous bdr sunway steamboat restaurant...dunno what name..n missed sending Ivie off to Iowa US...haihz....i seem to miss everything this year..first Karine's bday in mid val now florence...i coincidentally wan ...sad up..Xin Min's bday..booked appointment d...this time cannot miss...n today my 'fav' bio teacher cracked another lame joke..she said since fructose is twice as sweet as glucose so boys shud compliment their gfs that they are as sweet as fructose...swt swt...haihz...n i'm so not asking vikram to ask daisy any question at all..since she dun like him...n purposely not answer his question a.k.a. mine...i have to go ask around for da answer because i sat beside him in lab..damn nonsense...just because she dun like him doesnt mean that we hv to get the same treatment rite?? aiya..dun wan talk bout her d..pissed me off only..better chao go do hw...till next post..tata...signing off carol ( oh i forgot to mention my IPS trip) next post la ha :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

today i just found out that one of my friend's mum was admitted to hospital for cancer therapy i think..what cancer i dunno but for sure i feel sad n sympathy for him..i really cannot imagine if i'm in his shoes...i wouldn't be able to focus on school..not even picking up the courage to tell myself that she will be proves how fragile life is..never ever say anything hurtful or bad to poeple n even ur arch-enemies because who knows they might be gone the really cherish people around point crying over spilt u know..sob*sob* i sound so emo....nothing much to say..oh yeah i passed my audition and i'm goin back hometown tomorrow evening so i won't be able to celebrate florence's birthday and also see Ivie off from airport..she's leaving for USA.....sob*sob*...wern sern also goin to SEGi...he already stop coming to school already..kinda miss him joking and bullying that sissy bastard..hahaha...i guess i better stop here..its kinda late..tomorrow i have PA in KL ..bonsoir people...signing off kazir...
p/s: tell u what it is next post

Sunday, August 06, 2006

P/S : Oh yeah..i forgot to mention that Shin Yeen is in hospital for suspected dengue fever.When i sms-ed her, her blood test not out yet.I might be going to SJMC to visit her later on.If i can get someone to drive me there that is. :)
boring boring boring!! I'm kinda fed up with form 6 life already.First of all, schoolwork piled up high like mountain, then is mostly routine work everyday.Wake up, go school ( n try not to be late which I already have few records in the buku lewat) , study , eat , nap or tuition or home work or library duty ( which is actually quite fun despite all the heavy reference books that I willingly arranged them weekly according to subjects and publishers but sad to say seafieldians never did appreciate them..casually just placing the books everywhere they like on whichever shelf nearest to them after reading. Actually i would much prefer if they would kindly leave it in a stack on the table which means less job for us librarians because then we can easily put the books back on shelves according to the Dewey system)
Even though form 6 schooling life looks easy compared to college life as we can go home at 1.30 pm while the college class normally ends around 3 pm but some might forget that minority of the form sixers do travel as far as kl to take tuitions..( some said why bother to go all the way so far?) but i'm telling u STPM is officially declared as the second (or was it 3rd?) hardest university entrance examination in the WORLD after Japan's university entrance test which ranked 1st in the list of world hardest examinations..after STPM then only comes the Britain's A-Level. So now everybody in Lower n Upper SIx are stressed out everytime the teacher mentions T.E.S.T.& that really sucks because frankly speaking i'm not a student that is paranoid over small test n monthly test unless its accounted for the mid year &final year examination annually.Now everytime a teacher mentions assignment it's like a heartburn for me as i'm not exactly the world best time time management sucks and i rarely ..i repeat rarely( which translates to once-in-a-blue-moon) hand in my homework on time..or should i say i despise doing homework..which is why i suck in Pure Math..and Physical Chem..which actually involves a lot of calculation on atoms n equations on chemical reactions and without any practice you might find yourself abandoning most of paper 1 questions..which is what i find myself doing it for monthly test ( i tembak any answer that is closest to my own garbage calculations..not the smartest thing to do in STPM )
And on Sat i had my audition for a dance performance during MPT5&6 (majlis perpisahan ting.5 & 6 ).I think we did quite okay but Audrey kept on saying we are not synchronised enough..which is actually quite true for the 1st part of the fast & furious song. Nevertheless its over and i'm excited to know the results of the audition tomorrow.Hopefully we get can get through this and then go on to choreograph our next part of the whole remix songs..(crossing fingers & toes & everything on me that i can cross it for good luck) Wow!! didn't realise that i already wrote so long (".) compensation for a whole blog-free week :)....signing

Friday, July 28, 2006

I had so much fun in KTM today...with as usual Tracey,Shin Yeen,Ley Yeem and JLoi..hahaha and on the way back got extra noisy..i think the whole KTM passenger were sleeping except five of us laughing n joking bout animal parts..hhahahah....chicken leg la...chicken wing...drumstick la...roasted pork la...char siu la...siu yuk la...aiyo..damn mangkukness wei we all...( yes i admit i'm mangkuk but so are my frens =p) sadly today during class photo shoot in school something bad happened...vikram and james fell from the chair and james's spinal cord was hurt i think...he couldnt feel his lower body part...all his legs numb..according to my st john now he's in SJMC...luckily vikram didnt injure much except for few scratches and sincerely hope he get well soon..signing of...monkey on the tree...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

monday's post---> today went play futsal with my 38 gang n other frens..shall list down how many n show u all ya...
1.carol(that's me)
3.jessica loi
5.karine min
7.siu ni
9.carrere chew(she came to play too)
11.wern sern
14.sissy bastard ( u noe who u are)
15. ryui bynn
(umm..who else ya..sorry if i miss anyone out) practically that's all that came that day..and i sprained my cham...
so pain everytime i walked upstairs...and my class is on the top floor

Tuesday----> when doin library duty(which is practically doin nothing) i played CONGKAK ..with michael...can u believe that he beat me in congkak??? oh my ..i very malu d..but then again i suspected that he cheated...hahhaha...shhh....hahahha....well then...that's all lo...

Today----> what did i do today? oh today we had trial chemistry other words..lab experiment..titration..individually goodness...the lab is so class had 47 ppl + leyyeem+ shiao loong+ shang shi= 50
my goodness.. so so packed...even the H2SO4 also not enough...and the NaOH got problem cuz no reaction when dripped with phenolphtalein...then the teacher had to prepare all over again...didnt even finish in time all the experiment..btw non-science student who dont have any idea know what i talking about can just ignore me...hahhaha...

today got spotcheck too..sob frens hp kena rampas...and according to our discipline teacher can only take back when parents come to school to claim..and also only available on such thing wan meh...nvr heard LCLY...then if lets say ur hp kena rampas today...then next day is wednesday, u still have to wait till next week to claim back...what the.....its so fong mao...nonsense..where got such thing wan...u think all parents available on wednesday izzit...all free to come see u just to claim the phone back...not like we form sixers use it to watch xxx stuff or call each other in school alsoo or copy in exam...mangkukness wei the school authorities...we bring all also for important reasons ma...what if car break down...what if accident occurs...what if those that attend tuitionn straight from school need the phone incase sumthing happens on the way?? so many what fed up with school rules d...signing off...carol

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm so PROUD of myself..i took a KTM all by myself to mid valley yesterday..hahhaa..chill la...really i 1st time doin it..i so scared i sesat but luckily didn...hehehe...went to watch pirates of carribean with billy....very nice(quarter the time drooling over orlando bloom) & cold in the cinema..learnt my lesson..must bring sweater...n reached home at 10 pm...cun leh...hahaha...
today ate cun food..korean noodle..miso soup n tempura..hhahaha...home-cooked...very full now....back to what i did today...woke up drove my family to eat curry mee in taipan & then went MPH...saw so many books that i hunger tempted to grab one n flee(since my dad didn wanna pay for it) but came to my senses...and neway i SO SO wanna go aboard Doulus..its a big ship with half a million books and it has travelled over 500 ports in the world n two yrs older than titanic..ppl its just great..but my fren went n lined up for 4 hrs just to enter the ship itself..haihz..if i go i think i would not be able to line up under hot sun for 4 hrs..hopefully weekday can go...but i think no time on weekday la...sob*sob* dorothy's blog just now...she mentioned her grandmama n how she used to stuff bolster at her mouth to keep her snoring my...reminds me of my own grand mama...i so so miss her...must call her tomorrow after school...cannot stand knowing that she's alone at home with my aunt out working everyday..sob*sob*..kinda sentimental now...must braced myself..cannot be so emo..think i'll stop here..nothing must to blog d...signing off..carol

Saturday, July 22, 2006


~ " FUN " biology with Teacher X ~biology is not my subject and its getting worst this year!! not just the content that u have to cover for examination, my biology teacher is not helping at all!!! trust me... she's not.She is the most "funny" teacher i've ever met!!! she's the "cutiest" teacher i've ever laid my eyes on!! She's just speacial!!!

What she do & say in class :
1. you guys are REALLY smart!!! and u all can use both sides of ur brains so well huh? talk and write at the same time~ i wonder how u all do it....
2. ohh, there's a ques, some camels have one hums some have 2, what do u call those who have none???? ................................ HORSE!
3. most of u ppl here, ur english is very poor, i'm good enough to write down all the notes for u all to copy, u all better appreciate it.
4. MY name is not JAMES bond, i am HYDROGEN bond! "swt"
5. HAHAHA... this is so exciting!!6. after teaching on the board with a long ruler, she just turn around with it and shouted, SUPERMAN!
7. told us there's once she went to a restaurant to eat cholesterol FREE prawns. [ students wondering where the hell u got cholesterol free prawns ] and... she just simply said... "its FREE because i dont have to pay for it".
8. JUST cant type anymore....i cant stand her anymore.... SAVE ME from her class.... need more information bout this TEACHER X, plz call me at my hp. thanks!

9. Oh name is ester bond..not esther ..swt swt swt...
10. Oh class ,in case anyone is testing the microphone,pls do not say testis testis...(now u understand leh the swt swt swt we students face in class)
11. Since u all have such flair of language(saying our class noisy) i hope that you al can express well in exam as i'm not goin to be lenient on you all..( when she angry at us lah for being noisy,she threatens us with test marks)

p/s: thx shin yeen..i doubt she reads this..hahahha...signing off...~ carol~

Friday, July 21, 2006 now after abandoning my blog for two weeks..coz of exam n so hectic..well i attended the Global Village on 9th July..we nearly sesat there .. went in the wrong entrance ..n UPM is so so huge that u can't possibly just cut through the roads to exit the other back on GV .. it was quite nice..very formal at 1st but i enjoyed the performances...very good performance the schools did..some cultural thingi..oh oh oh and one most important thing..SEAFIELD WON!! the waste collection category...hahahah..we collected around 15 tonnes of waste...ain't that cun?? n i won a pendrive but i sacrified by shaking my booty up stage...luckily got my 38 gang to cheer for me..or not i'll look so silly...hahaha..and they got some cultural booths ..every intern represented their own country and displayed a lot of traditional clothing ..some of the countries that i remember were Japan,Canada,Iran,Turkey,Russia,Germany,Netherland,etc..took picture wearing yukata(simplify version of kimono) ..i know...those that saw my now..

---fast forwarding--->

today.21th of July..a very memorable day..i got my math paper back..n the result sucks...but i'm happy at least i didn't fail..and i will promise myself to sober up...must be consistent in studies..not leaving my homework till deadline again...dreaming that i will achieve 4.0 ..and to make my dream come true i will be SOBER...yes ppl..i will...i will cut down on my naps and distraction but only full concentration!!!

<--reversing a little---
my sis is now in UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) she got offer for some horticulture she decided to join them and then try and change to environmental mar fan...that's one of my motivation too..learn from our experiences..and others too...

signing off....キヤロル..(",)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

watashi in kimono!!

Just back from SEGi College's la...not much stuff to see or play..but i did spent almost 4 hours there walking around visiting all their booths...some are good some just okay-okay...the food there is expensive...they purposely naikkan harga for today only...cis..summore dare to tell us us means Lai Yen & DOt...carrere chew FFK..she is gonna kena d...not goin to invite her for next outing...jk carrere...belanja me SUSHI KING next time!!sure i won't ffk u wan (",) took some photos there in kimono with DOt in Cleopatra suit without her "crown" cuz it can't fit her BIG head..hahahha...shhh...ppl plz dun tell her i say that :-) can't wait for tomorrow's GLOBAL VILLAGE!! now cracking my brain for a small parting gift for Carol J.Hanselman..i think today not writing so much..not yet...shall update again tomorrow after the global village thingi :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

HAH!!...finally...after so long banned from computer just because my mum caught me online and watching football in the middle of the night.Ain't that terrible?Can you imagine what's life without computer? Nowadays i don't even watch tv because i'm just too busy catching up on my beauty sleep and homeworks..and busy preparing for carnival day for my that it's over i had just landed myself a new task..decorating the hall & backdrop for Farewell Dinner for Form 5 & 6...i guess i shall be busy racking my brains for new ideas(feel free to email me if u have any idea..anything at all .. thx :) Talking bout brains i just gotten myself a bump on the forehead thanks to my stupid friend..he whacked me from behind with a water balloon and it burst,drenching me (duh!) and the unfortunate part was he pushed me when i bent over and voila! my head hit the edge of a smart of me to not avoid that edge but i couldn't as it came in surprise....sob*sob*..and now i have a scarred face..(not exactly, just exaggerating)..jow liie told me that she freaked out when she saw blood trickling down my head but afterwards the cut healed..miraculously i didn't faint or had a dizzling spell or worst a proved that my skull is too thick..hahahah...did i mention that my sister just left for UNIMAS? yeah she left on 2nd July..same day as my carnival my life felt so empty without her..hmm..perhaps is my bedroom because i slept with her for the past 17 yrs n 6 months...3 months to be exact if not including the 3 months National Service stint she i have to cover everything that she usually cleaning up after her areas in the room..paying for her handphone bills..washing up after meals...boohoo...more work for me that means..n not forgetting sending my brother to-and-fro for tuitions and goodness wonder people say absence makes the heart grow i really appreciates her presence in the house..always being the silly and sam pat one...and the noisy talkative one..and the one that i can share my laughter and jokes and nice songs and deep dark secrets with...hhhhmmmmmm...NOW HOW TO SHARE??? Now i'm at war verbally with my parents to send her back here to pursue her dream course of food science and technology incase her appeals for this course in other public universities fail. (p/s:UNIMAS do not offer this course so there's no way she can appeal internally within her faculty for this course) My dad asked her to take up biotechnology as UNIMAS has this course and it will be much easier for her to appeal internally rather than appeal to other universities but she didn't want to do so..i don't know what but maybe she isn't interested in this course..hopefully she can be lucky in her appeal and meanwhile i will fight for her rights!!Gambade!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I didn't know why i was so sleepy today but i guess its because i was up awake till almost 2 am everyday just to watch football...yeah football ppl...dun b surprised at a gal watching n craving over football like chocolate..nothing much happen today except maybe following my sis in n out to kau tim (deal) with her appeal thingi for her university is so so ****** to giv ppl sumthin that they dun wan...i just heard from her that some got into chem engineering when actually they took bio chem ...dun they feel its a little not fair to those that didn achieve better result but r very interested in it ? haihz...n i took a nap today..which is unusual because usually i dun nap on sat n feel so much ntg better to do while watchin arg-mex...score currently is 1-1..hopefully arg wins...just remembered that i have so much hw to finish...didn use my brain for like 5 months...already berkarat but cannot do anythin except to do more practice..haven't adjust into full throttle gear yet...sob*sob* much thing to do yet so little time..n i still have to think of what to apply for next strong hold on medicine is wavering because i know that the competition will be very much greater compare to pharmacy but i just didnt know which one to choose... i dread being a doctor as it would definitely takes out my uni life..then i would be quite a nerd...well as my frens always call me that til i'm so used to it..but i'm offended because i'm NOT A NERD!! i have life...i like clubbing n late night outings but i'm underage...*sheepish* hehehehe....i shall do that when i officially turn 18...i wanna bungee jump on my 18 burfday...seela...which part of msia has bungee jump station...billy told me to just tie myself to one of the buildings/bridges n jump...hahahhahaha....n today when my dad took us out for dinner..i wore especially nice ...its manners okay to dress-up..not i vain...n i was shocked when my dad took us sumwhere deep in the kg subang...i think its called no..i think not kg subang...its sumwhere further deep from terminal 3 ( subang airport) but i saw an aeroplane took-off directly above us...never had that angle before..too bad no camera...hehhehe...syoik sendiri....n i hate the waiter...i dunno y but i feel that he purposely touch my hand when he pass me the chopsticks...n when serving...ish...mayb i terasa but i seriously hate this kind of ppl...moral of the wise when dressing-up...ask the destination b4 hand so that u do not overdress or dressed too revealingly to avoid ke'geram'ness like that...wanna sleep d..too sleepy to watch finish the game...shall update next day...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

Saturday, June 24, 2006

ho!! just came back from mae yue's hse(2nd fr right)she goin back to s'pore tomolo....yeem there..had fun there...with daphne( 2nd gal from left)n haravinth..oh qian yue too...joking round..complaining bout school...sharing all funny n exciting experiences...hahahha...watched tunisia n ukraine...0-1 so happy...hhahaha....what else ahh ..oh summore got spain n saudi arabia....expected spain to ta pao s.a. but unfortunately they sad..not exciting like arg beat flat s.a. hhahahah....i'm evill..n the 1st time i played u spell this card game's name ?....dun care...sounded like that la..i won with ease..hahahah..cuz i got 4 jokers...hehehe...n school today was okay except for the climbing stairs ... so so painful when i bent my thigh muscle all injured d...overworked...nvr warm up time must warm up longer...summore today got PA tuition n must run up stairs to chase for that KTM..if u miss one, u gotta wait so freaking long for the next one...same for LRT also..haihz...learnt my lesson bitterly...nvr dive for corner shots again...:)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

dodeche ar suga obso
namjadurui maum
wonhar ten on jego
da juni ije tonande
ironjog choum irago
nonin thugbyour hadanun
hu marur midosso
negen hengbogi osso
*marur haji guresso
nega shir ho jyo dago
nunchiga obnun nan
nur bochegiman hesso...
norur yogham yonsodo
manhi guri urgoya
sarangi jonbuin
nanun yo ja i nika
+modungor swibge da jumyon
gumbang shirhjung nenunge
namjara durosso
thollin mar gathjin anha
dashinun sogji anhuri
maum mogo bojiman
todashi sarange
munoji nun geyo jaya
repeat *

sarangur wihesoramyon
modun da har su inun
yojaui chaghan bonnungur
(ijong) haji nun marajwo
hanyojaro the ona
sarangbadgo sanunge
ironge himdurgo
oryo urjur mollasso
norur yogham yonsodo
manhi guri ur goya
sarangi jonbuin
nanun yoja inika

cute leh my nephew, zhi yang..n dad hehehe

my 38 cousin cindy,my big naughty cousin chaoshen n my lil' bro..where am i huh?
my cute baby niece...shyan ann...:) yo lee hom leh!!!
leng chai!!!
so yao yeng!! his dance move...fuh-yoh!!u should see him ... i feel the tension being in form 6 hectic life it is now...tuition here tuition there..summore must collect co-curriculum must be active in school and still be able to score in exam...talking bout exam ...i'm goin to take my 1st exam (in the past few months) on 17 july...kekeke...i think i can score kua...hopefully i do...and i once again played futsal for the 1st time since the past 5 months too..hahhah...we beat the 4 guys...8-4 hehehhe...9 gals vs 4 guys...all guys can play wan....but not all gals can play...hehehe...cun power!!then after futsal the astrodome guy so nice to let us linger around in the field for another extra free hour...hahhaha..cuz we weren't playing after that...the guys n few gals syoik sendiri do cheerleading stunts...hahhaha...the rest of us just hang around n do skills...oh ya..i kena whacked by the ball right on my cheek ....both side also kena...the two shots also kicked by ryui bynn...that terricible time he will kena...muaahahhah..i'm evil...of ya and also on sunday i went to Stadium Bukit Jalil to attend the Amway aunt got free ticketss....hahaha...guess who performed that night?? LEE HOM !!!! oh my so so leng bad i got no backstage pass...he perform from 11.30 pm to 12.30 am....late at night wei...i waited so long...almost fell asleep because some of the speeches were very boring....then when he came out...wasei....everyone high d...but then some went back early because scared no more LRT....hahha/...went to front of first tier to cheer for him...he sang damn a lot of camera battery nvr 'kong' but ah my memory card not time i 'seng' d...must bring extra SD card...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

me n momoko from japan----------

group photo with facis

billy n I