Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh btw go here to check out the photos and the details on lunch date with maeyue, em, wei kit & i...which happen like i dunno when..Last week? Anyway just check Em's blog up

Shopping With Em & D.O.T
( Department of Transport LOL)

Spotted this really cute dress from Dorothy Perkins. Lo Behold! Way above my budget.

So temptations run across my mind.

Fighting the urge to run to the counter with my purse

First step....

Second step....

Third step...

Ahhh... what a relief...

Managed to walk out of the store not getting it


but then again....

I've shown the picture to my mum and guess what? She said it was nice.

So planning to pull her to Dot Perkins and pursuade her to get it.

Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh...Shhhh

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

Gordon " No. He's not a hero. He's Batman"



Dot threw her shoes at the screen

Lol. How i wish that happens so I can you-tubed that


Real story

Gordon " No. He's not a hero. He's the Dark Knight"

Oh...sudden realization Ohh..that's why dark knight....

Plot spoiler coming up. Close your eyes whoever that haven't watch

Wayne looks much hotter in the new suit. He can finally turn his head. And the motorbike.Oh my god!!! Such a turn on man!!! So YENG
Rachel is old....Katie Holmes hotter...way hotter...
2.5 hours of sitting in cinema... worthy yeah...plot's nice
joker's make up is scary
Unexpected plot especially with the ferry at the climax
Too bad Batman lives with the bad name..

So anyway went for Dark Knight with Em Dot and Adam ( Dot's bro) Suppose to meet Car but she's sleeping when we called her at 1pm!! Not surprising.. it's Car.. the owl

So we decided to eat at Laksa Shack at 1st but then when we pass by Secret Recipe there's a set lunch promo for only Rm 10. One ice lemon tea + either Black Pepper Chicken or Bbq Chicken or Mushroom sauce Chicken which comes with salad and fried rice. So it's good& reasonably priced :)

And I like to acknowledge the fact that nooby dot managed to find out how to lock my hp since it's touchscreen and everytime i put in my pocket will accidentally touch the screen and open my applications. So 1st time nooby dot did something for noobier carol LOL

That's all


Gtg work on transferring songs into my hp :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The tech nooby carol finally posted her 1st post using her laptop!!!!


Guess where am I now?

Outside in my garden!


That's the only place I can receive the line

I shall not comment anymore in case Benbi and Joke calls me a noob again

Anyway I wanna say Happ 20th Birthday Stace!!! Many happy returns of the day!! :)

Today I went to High Commission of India to make my visa

No actually the girls ( Em Yen Car and I ) went MSPJ to jog this morning. Lol Surprisingly Yen could wake up. Well she just slept ( no NAP ) for 2 hours and zombie-jogged together with us all. Lol And we even sprinted for 100m twice. I was astonished to find Em's sprinting was better than Car's. Well, at least she reach to blue tong sampah ( the finishing line) LOL

Boycotting (.) which is why she's not mentioned

So back to my visa story. And since I reached home at about 10am, my mum stared nagging at me "Where have you been? You're suppose to make your visa today" Like I dunno " Have you filled in everything needed?" " Yes Ma!" which I actually have not because I dunno when is my probable arrival date. Yes. Stop glaring at this. Don't ask me when is my flight because my uni parcel have not reach yet.

So what I did was to call up the admission office but again that workload hoarder ( I like to think of her that way since she's the only one that knows how to solve all my problems. No Sheila nothing gets done ) is not around. Darn it. So i went to the HCI without knowing what is happening. To make matters worse it was raining heavily in KL. Everywhere jammed like hell. So I kept quiet in the car as to not provoke my parents again. So I waited for half and hour before they asked me to make my payment at Jalan Ampang. They outsourced the visa centre it seems. Darn it. Another troublesome thing. Luckily at the Jalan Ampang visa centre not many people. Almost empty. Waited for about 5 minutes and I got my receipt. Was told to get the visa tomorrow at 4.30pm. Oh no! My Dark Knight! Luckily they say whoever also can collect with the receipt. So end of long story on visa

Ok my dad's back. Awaiting my Nokia phone. And see see it's some chapalang China hp! cost me no my dad RM500 leh... The camera sux like hell

Ok wait

Let me show you the pros & cons

1. Sleek metal design. Front ok. Bad sux like hell.
2. Can watch TV on it. Anywhere in the world. Like portable tv. Just change the country setting.
3.MP3 and movie also can watch.3" screen. Not bad
4. Touch screen too
5. FM Radio function
6.Charger in form of USB port. So i can just charge it as long as my laptop's with me
7. There's even a backup battery for me so I can travel without charging it

1. Design err... as I said the backpart..but actually can blingified it
2. Camera sux. Only applicable for documents. Take words damn clear. Take human. Ekkk
I'm freaked out a little. There's a little shuffling sound from my left.

3. NO 3G!!
Ok. That's about it. Seems like the pros outweigh the cons right but but but..........

Gtg That sound really freak me out!

I'm back!! In my living room still with the line. MUAHAHHAHA

Anyway I forgot to mention that I could have two sims card in a phone. So i can switch between my Indian no. and Maxis no. easily :)

Ok fine. I'll take it. Damn heavy summore. I'll just use it and see in a month whether i still want it or not. I want my Sony Ericsson :(

Who wants to trade???? :)

Now really gtg

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hey I found this interesting article. Go on! Read it!

Lessons in Love, by Way of Economics

Published: July 13, 2008
AS my fine professor of economics at Columbia, C. Lowell Harriss (who just celebrated his 96th birthday) used to tell us, economics is the study of the allocation of scarce goods and services. What could be scarcer or more precious than love? It is rare, hard to come by and often fragile.

Philip Anderson
My primary life study has been about love. Second comes economics, so here, in the form of a few rules, is a little amalgam of the two fields: the economics of love. (I last wrote about this subject 20 years or so ago, and it’s time to update it.)

In general, and with rare exceptions, the returns in love situations are roughly proportional to the amount of time and devotion invested. The amount of love you get from an investment in love is correlated, if only roughly, to the amount of yourself you invest in the relationship.

If you invest caring, patience and unselfishness, you get those things back. (This assumes, of course, that you are having a relationship with someone who loves you, and not a one-sided love affair with someone who isn’t interested.)

High-quality bonds consistently yield more return than junk, and so it is with high-quality love. As for the returns on bonds, I know that my comment will come as a surprise to people who have been brainwashed into thinking that junk bonds are free money. They aren’t. The data from the maven of bond research, W. Braddock Hickman, shows that junk debt outperforms high quality only in rare situations, because of the default risk.

In love, the data is even clearer. Stay with high-quality human beings. And once you find that you are in a junk relationship, sell immediately. Junk situations can look appealing and seductive, but junk is junk. Be wary of it unless you control the market.

(Or, as I like to tell college students, the absolutely surest way to ruin your life is to have a relationship with someone with many serious problems, and to think that you can change this person.)

Research pays off. The most appealing and seductive (that word again) exterior can hide the most danger and chance of loss. For most of us, diversification in love, at least beyond a very small number, is impossible, so it’s necessary to do a lot of research on the choice you make. It is a rare man or woman who can resist the outward and the surface. But exteriors can hide far too much.

In every long-term romantic situation, returns are greater when there is a monopoly. If you have to share your love with others, if you have to compete even after a brief while with others, forget the whole thing. You want to have monopoly bonds with your long-term lover. At least most situations work out better this way. ( I am too old to consider short-term romantic events. Those were my life when Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were in the White House.)

The returns on your investment should at least equal the cost of the investment. If you are getting less back than you put in over a considerable period of time, back off.

Long-term investment pays off. The impatient day player will fare poorly without inside information or market-controlling power. He or she will have a few good days but years of agony in the world of love.

To coin a phrase: Fall in love in haste, repent at leisure.

Realistic expectations are everything. If you have unrealistic expectations, they will rarely be met. If you think that you can go from nowhere to having someone wonderful in love with you, you are probably wrong.

You need expectations that match reality before you can make some progress. There may be exceptions, but they are rare.

When you have a winner, stick with your winner. Whether in love or in the stock market, winners are to be prized.

Have a dog or many dogs or cats in your life. These are your anchors to windward and your unfailing source of love.

Ben Franklin summed it up well. In times of stress, the three best things to have are an old dog, an old wife and ready money. How right he was.

THERE is more that could be said about the economics of love, but these thoughts may divert you while you are thinking about your future.

And let me close with another thought. I am far from glib about the economy. It has a lot of pitfalls facing it. As workers and investors, we know that many dangers lurk in our paths.

But so far, these things have always worked themselves out and this one will, too. In the meantime, they say that falling in love is wonderful, and that the best is falling in love with what you have.

Ben Stein is a lawyer, writer, actor and economist. E-mail:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Meaning of Friends

What are friends to you? People who hangs around to joke? People who helps in your studies? People that you think knew you well enough to be the worm in your stomach?

I’ve never felt the urge to sit back and think about the deeper meaning of it. In my context, friends means people that I love enough to care and people I don’t mind talking to everyday or even every single second.

I guess I’m a very bad friend. I’m always not around when people needed me. I’ll always MIA and not bother about their feelings. I do things the way I want without much empathy towards my friends. I pretty much suck at being a great friend.

And now, I realize that I really do understand the meaning of friendship after two decades of life. When I finally have time to ponder over the meaning of friendship, only did I realize the impact my friends have on my life.

It’s no longer the how much we spend on each other’s birthdays, it’s no longer measured by how many hours we see each other in a week. It’s no longer how many movie dates we had; it’s no longer who sacrificed more in the relationship.

It’s no longer how many times I did you a favor or how many times you pull my ass out of the fire. It’s no longer how many sleepovers we had or how many greeting cards I’d made for you.

The only one thing that measures the bond between each and everyone of us is how much everything in my soon-to-be busy life and your already busy life that constantly reminds us of each other.

May it be the SLK ( Small Little Kelisa ) on the road , every number 7 that comes in my sight, every image of cute pigs, every single “shiny” I read, every single frizzy-haired girl I see and cheesecake I bake, every time I catch a whiff of Sunsilk fragrance, every single dot I happen to see, every single blackly dressed girl I happen to see, every image of Charmaine Sheh, or even every single time I happen to pass by each of my friend’s house. Oh and every tall mini-skirted girl with specs driving kembara too! hehehe..

This I think is the ultimate thing a good friend can give.

Constant thought of a friend!

Just to let you all know, I’m thinking of each and every one of you constantly. So do appreciate my thoughts for now and I hope I continue to constantly think of each and everyone of you when I’m living my soon-to-be hectic life.

Yours truly,

Soon to be MIA friend

P/s: Cool or not my own ambigram? Hehe.. Created it myself! Gonna try a few more since I'm not busy yet.Lol anyway I'm such a genius..Muahahahha..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok this is so freaky!!! I had like the same #4 as dot!! Even though I'm from SK which allows us to keep long hair but I always had short hair. So here goes my #1

#2 I have the habit of taking shower in the dark. No lights on. Don't ask why. Just love to embrace the darkness.

#3 I don't take hot showers unless it is raining.Not even in the morning. Conserve energy ppl. it's 35++ Celcius outside!!

#4 I use to make my own Jumanji set. You know it was such a hit back then. And I make my own doll house, sew my own Barbie's clothing and that's why I've such an infatuation towards fashion =p

#5 Once, when I used to live in my dad's business partner's apartment in Brickfields, about 7 years old, my sis and I literally broke the bed. We were hopping and jumping on it till it crash down. Hehehe sorry Uncle Robert for breaking your bed. * innocently twirling my fingers*

#6 I used to keep a diary when I was in primary school till my brother was old enough to understand what I wrote and had a great instinct on the whereabouts of it.

#7 I used to drape a blanket around me acting princess like in Cinderella :) childhood fantasies..hehehe

#8 My maternal grandfather was a goldsmith and he was a great opera singer. Not the Bocelli style. I meant the Chinese opera. He used to sing on the radio once a week. At that time, it was a big thing to perform on radio since that was the only form of entertainment. No such thing as television yet.So I think I inherited his passion for music :)

#9 I've always wanted to try out deep-fried honey-coated cockroach and scorpion from Thailand. According to wood, I eat weird food. What weird food?! It's challenging to put something exotic in your mouth ok! See, I've tried deep fried bat,roasted pigeon, rabbit meat which I spitted out immediately after my dad told me ( I was rather attached to my pet Rabbit you know ) , deer meat, terrapin soup ( sui yu in Canto ) , frog porridge ( tian ji in Mandarin ) mmm wild boar meat, mm that's about it. Oh and dried snake gallbladder from China.Very freakingly bitter. Seriously bitter even for me who can take bitter bitter herbal soup. Oh and talking about herbal soup, I hate the seahorse soup my mum cooks. Very fishy smell. EEkkkss

#10 Jigsaw puzzles. Lots of it. That's my current obsession which can't be fulfilled due to financial constraint. I never imagine a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle can reach up to rm300 for really nice ones.

#11 I play pretend with my cousins when we were young. I used to be act like a student since my cousin Cindy loves to hold the cane and red pen. Darn it. I have to act dumb and naughty ( though I think not much effort was needed to act naughty >.< ) all the time just to be a "real" student. I was older than her by the way.

#12 I have goldfish memory. Often when I got out of my chair and walk towards the hallway, I can't recall why I got up from my study table. Lol

#13 I have a thing for guys with pretty nails. Lol I meant well-manicured nails. I figured that if he cares enough to look after his nails, he'll be observant enough to notice small tiny details about me.

#14 I always tell my crush that I used to like him after the sparks dies. Just to see his reactions. That's pretty fun! Try it! Tell your primary school crush or long-time crush and get a good laugh out of it!

#15 I blushed a lot. Most of the time. But my rosy red complexion hides it. Thank goodness!

So that's it. That's my 15 weird things/habits/little known fact about me.

Now I'm gonna wash up, take my blanket and little pillow and my bottle of water and my chocolates and plop in front of my com to watch Fool's Gold


p/s : please don't comment anything. I know I'm unique >.<

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All right. Ooi's family celebration.These are the pictures from my aunt's 70th birthday banquet + cousin Suan Suan's birthday + Win Vien's 2nd birthday

Cindy, Win Shen and I. My fringe is annoying. I should cut my hair again.

Pei Yong and Pei Shin :) My only cousin who's same age as me

my cousin Irene, niece monster Ann (she's such a big bully) and the Ant's mum,my cousin Aik Hin

Suan Suan my cousin and her two beloved kids, Zi Yee and Ben

See the monster Ann, blowing Win Vien's Barney cake. Why all kids like Barney? Why I don't have a Barney cake?

Cousin Pui Si and moi

Miss Cindy Lim & I

Shi Min my niece

Shao Shen my sweet cousin

Ah Hwa.That's the SKII pose I asked for. My niece once called him kakak because he was so dark. SO nice of me to recommend SKII for him. Lol

Look what look? Never see cute babies before?

Baby Ann back from Dubai. See the cream on her mouth? She stuck her finger into the cake before her grandmother even blows the cake.

Left to right : my niece Zi Yee, my nephew Ben Teoh, my nephew Richard ( in Chinaman suit) , Win Shen, Win Nie, Alexandrea, Alvin and Win Vien

All my grandparent's children. 11 in total.No comments

Me and my dearest grandmama at the banquet

And these are the photos from the trip to Sunway Lagoon with my cousins and nieces and nephews

Don't ask me what my niece, Win Vien was doing. She was not asked to pose like that.

Me and my sis relieving our childhood memories in Sunway Lagoon
That's me and my cousin, Shao Shen before the 360 degree upside down view of Lagoon's brick floor

Left to right; my sis Cheryl, cousin Cindy, my bro Alvin and nephew WinShen. Yes, he's big and he's my nephew. My cousin's son. Nephew right? Anyway he used to call my bro Uncle Yee Chern until he decided to drop the title. Lol
Wannabe crime offender

Monday, July 14, 2008

Great. Writer's block now.

What to update on?

I really have no idea. Mmm my friends are away to university and here I am in Subang with nothing to do. My sister is back in Sabah too and my grandmother is back in Penang. I'll be having the bed to myself again. Strangely though, I thought I'll be happier to not be sleeping on the floor again but it seems that when they all left, the room feels empty. Mmm.. and my laptop is useless. I have not made the backup disc and I don't dare to download stuff in case virus attack. So now I only play games on it.

I've just came back from Penang.I really enjoyed playing and babysitting those toddlers. They are so cute and Iim so gonna miss them when I'm away. Gonna post some of their pictures soon. Maybe now. Maybe later when I've the time.

The other update is I finished my Grey's Anatomy Season 1-4. Darn it. I know I shouldn't finish it so fast but I was too excited to know the ending of Season 4. I hate Rose, the new love interest of Mcdreamy. Kills off the fun between Mcdreamy and Meredith. But anyway, since the US Writer's strike GA seems dead. Can't they see there are hard-core fans like me who loves GA and can't live without it?

And I bought three news books to read and kill time. Kiyosaki's Cashflow is a good lullaby it seems. I fell asleep reading the first chapter itself. Lol I guess economics is my melatonin.
But I will finish the book. It's not me to not finish what i started.

Oh ya, and I'm working part-time as an English tutor. Lol Can you believe it? Me as English tutor. I was a little freaked out at first. Doubting whether I can do it or not but it seems the students that attend my classes are really weak in English so I'm like so qualified. Hahaha. So I've gained confidence over the two weeks and enjoying the change of environment. I mean how often do I get to play with those kids. Yeah. Kids. I'm calling them kids.Makes me sound old. But then again, I'm a teacher. That qualifies you to be old.In their eyes you are old. Darn it. But I enjoy learning grammar again. Makes me kinda like the grammar expert now. For secondary level that is. When you teach, that is when you know how ignorant you are.

Oh and last Thursday, Dot, Em and I went pyramid to shop. I bought myself a new black spaghetti top and a knitted vest from Forever 21. This was my 1st item from Forever 21 and I loved it so much! Gonna show you the picture of me wearing it soon... as soon as I get Dot online. Lol I was fighting against the urge to get both the black and grey ones but i at last decided black is easier to mix and match. So black it is! Gothic man. Everything I get now is black and white. Goes with my mood I think. Mmm. Or subconsciously I'm turning into Carrere. Hehehe. She's the other black sheep of the family. The MIA sheep.

Great! I've written a post and for now I think it is more than enough. Too much of my crappiness is toxic.

Till next, carol