Friday, February 22, 2008


I wake up every morning feeling blessed.Do you? I'm...

Blessed by the presence of my fav pillow every night
Blessed by the shrilling alarm of Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me
Blessed by the presence of mum working around kitchen
Blessed by the presence of my dad working on the computer
Blessed by the presence of my bro croaking along to his mp3
Blessed by the voice of my sis laughing on the phone
Blessed by the voice of my grandma asking me to take good care of myself
Blessed by the presence of my ever present buddies
Blessed by the presence of the cat lying on my kitchen tiles
Blessed by the food laid in front of me everyday
Blessed by the thoughts of love for kids of the world
Lastly, blessed by the ever felt presence of that special someone

Do feel blessed by the rays of sunshine on your skin every morning!


Thursday, February 21, 2008


1. Busy working
2. Busy tutoring
3. Busy exercising
4. Busy reading novel & watching dramas
5. SOMEONE already helps you blog about your private life without your consent kua.u know who u are.

Yes. Official. Just loved all your reactions

Xin Min : Oh...WHAAATTT??? * pelikan pens rolling off the shaking counters*

JLoi : Just give me one minute to digest....
*head in between knees, macrophylla processing info*

Carol2Karine&Flo : Guess who?

Karine : Ben *we were so shocked she got it right the first time. The workshop must have done sumthing to her antenna.Lengthen it.LoL*

Flo : Uh-Huh *looked stunned* Pn T??

Cass : Huh? Huh? Why i dunno anything?

Carol2cass : Aiya aunty is like that wan la

Cass2carol : One more word of aunty I'm going to Giant now.

LoL. Relax.Aunty..Giant sudah tutup kedai lah.

Lyame : *looked sien.She knew like ages ago.No big matter to her*


After guessing like everyone in physic class,i opened guess to them

Shiny : WHATT!!!

Tracey: HUH??

Mel : Hah. Jen de ma? ( translation : really ah )

Sian : *Not around so no reaction*

MinZhi : WAHHH!! Ji shi kai shi de? ( translation : when started? )


JowLiie: Wah dai ko lui lor.( Big gal adi):)

Carrere: What? What? Why i dunno anything wan?
*Duh.she's busy flirting with gay clan.One of them.Dunno called what name.*

Not long after,during gambling,

Carrere2hermum: Ma, u sit here la.My fengshui no good.* Scoots over to my side with a big grin*

Carrere2carol: so..anything juicy to tell? *kepoh betul*

Dedicated especially to kua.pig

Many thanks to her!!
I'll love to give u a present really soon for helping me spread the words.

Lots of loves to all ESPECIALLY kua.