Sunday, October 25, 2009

Being one feet away from death

The title says it all. My first autopsy.My first encounter inches away from a fresh dead body. The foul smell of death. The fresh stench of blood.

While I was happily watching X-Men: Wolverine The Origin, a call came from Elora. "Hey girl,come faster to the KMC Forensic Department.There's an autopsy.Wear your labcoat.Come quick." I stood stunned for a moment. What?? Now?? I am going to an autopsy?? Oh shit!! My heart started beating like I've ran 40km marathon. Oh gosh! Oh gosh! I hasten to wear my contacts and changed to my tees and black pants, thinking "Oh God! Will I puke later?Oh no, I haven't eaten my lunch!" I quickly raid my fridge for a piece of chocolate, but I'm vegetarian! Pausing, thinking, ok I'm eating it.The Nine Gods will forgive me for this since I'm just gonna eat for once and no way I'm puking in the mortuary!"

Slipping into my sport shoes,I ran out of my hostel and towards the dreaded place. I took a moment to straighten my labcoat and buttoned it up and pulled my phone out from the pocket to put it in silent mode. I check for the current message from Elora. "Just come in" What?? just walk into the hall?? I'm gonna see a dead body now? LIKE NOW??? Oh shit. I walked in cautiously taking deep breaths. Ah! sighs of relieve. My batchmates and some KMC students are still gathered in the hallway.

Chatted a little and made some small jokes on puking and fainting. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of a pair of small feet in a metal tray across the hall in the inquest room.Oh no! It's a kid!! And two men carried the body of the poor girl, looking about the age of 5-7 years old ( you can never tell from the height and weight since a lot of malnourished kids are seen in India) into another hall.

We continued our discussion on the kid and Desmond was saying how you could smell the foul smell if you stand right in front of the hall. So trying to prepare my senses to the smell, I boldly walked to the hall and sniffed. " No...there's no smell yet," I told Desmond. "Got..smell properly" I took another deep breath.."Nooo..where got???" A man walked out and beckoned me to go in. Freaking out, I said " Eh can go in already!! Faster Faster! Sun Quan and Desmond walked in followed by me and Fred and the rest of them.

Ta Da! The girl was lying on the metal trolley.I saw the eyes was closed but not fully. The wrist was broken few inches above the radioulnar joint. The body was still limp and flaccid.No rigor mortis yet. Her head had a bloody wound and a few small cuts on her leg. Other than that, she looked perfectly at peace.Nothing that suggested a violent death.Autopsy starts with measurement all the body parts and wounds. Then without warning doctor just took the scalpel and cut right in the middle from the chin down to the abdomen and pelvic region. The skin and muscle are separated from the rib bones, sliced apart easily like cutting off the skin from the chicken.

Took all the organs out by cutting through the oesophagus and larynx and tongue and the whole body content comes out hanging like a bunch of bananas from its stem.( I can't find a better metaphor)

Then the ribs are examined.Fractured ribs. From the force of accident. Spleen ruptured and fragments of it went into the thoracic cavity,puncturing the diaphragm.And skull was cracked open and brain is removed and weighed.approximately 1. something kg ( Every organ is weighed) Can't remember.
Then organs are sliced and examined. Saw that kidney looks fine. And brain had a hemorrhagic state. Parietal and occipital lobe injury. But nothing compared to the internal haemorrhage of the organs.

Cause of death: Spleen rupture leading to internal haemorrhage from the force of collision. RTA :Road Traffic Accident

Postmortem of This Experience

Emotional Status : I can't believe such a young life, such precious life can so easily be taken away. As I see her dead body being cut open in that way, I can't believe how fragile our human body is.

Physical Status : Still fine.Didnt gag or faint because the smell reminds me of the pig stomach and chicken being slaughtered. So just a strong stench of blood. The sickening salty irony smell of blood
Though my taste bud is completely altered I felt. I drank lime juice in food court with Sarah and Desmond and it didn taste at all like lime juice.Sarah said she could still smell the blood and Desmond told that he had a flu for days and couldnt smell a thing till today when he just got his sense of smell back, he had to smell the bloody stench

Conclusion : Very good experience and considering it's the first case, Im lucky to not get a putrified or drowned body. They say it smell a 100 times worst. Gosh,I can't imagine that.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exactly one month after...

Thanks to Yeem,I'm gonna update a little about my life since finals. Ok i passed year 1 with much toil n sweat, I've gone back to Malaysia and enjoyed my life in Subang n Penang, I broke my molar band and had it replaced with a high-tech band ( braces stuff,dun worry if u don't understand,it doesnt matter) celebrated Dot's n Yeem's bday, dined at Jogoya with my family,pictures yet to come, left my pencil box and name tag in my bro's room, and flew to Bangalore last night,overnight in the airport,left for hotel in morning,check-in,visited some temples and camwhored, bought bus ticket back to Mangalore then Manipal then now finally, blogging about it. That's in short the summary.Oh ya forgotten to mention that i saw some Indian film shooting some scenes in front of our hotel. And now Im blardy hungry but one of my fren is sleeping and another didnt want to eat.Gosh...apa jadi now? shud i go alone then? Anyway im leaving Bangalore alone..Im so happy to be back to Manipal (at least i gain some normalcy in life rather than living on the go like backpackers with 32kg of luggage + 10kg of hand carry + 5kg of backpack!! damn! why did i bring so much stuff back to Malaysia? now i have to bring them time il bring ntg back!! for sure!! For so so lazy to post my pictures up in facebook! wait til i reach Manipal la..using hotel wifi..damn slow to upload..
Till next
I miss home!!! *sobs*

Friday, August 28, 2009


A long time ago, I once said

A breakdown would be inevitable

I hope, at that time, someone will slow down to walk with me,

To regain my motivation, to shift my paradigm towards life and death,

To at least make sure I don’t beat myself up too much over the mistakes I’d do

And I could regain my strength and willpower to continue running to cross the finishing line.

This is to my family and friends,

Who stayed with me and held me tight when I needed them the most


You know who you are;

Mum&Dad for your endless support and believe in me when i didn’t believe in myself

sis Cheryl,who stayed up with me all night to study

bro Alvin,who bought a gecko and happily telling me just to make me happy *wtf*

bestie Wood,who woke me up with ur endless miss calls..and well wishes of course especially the one before anatomy paper:)

buddy Ian, who tolerated my calls at insanely weird hours and still called  to make sure I’ve not gone mad

the rest of my family in India who never fails to comfort me with their moral support! Gambate!! no need ad lah now gambate what..

AND the subang family with all their lucks n wishes!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Carol’s gonna be missing in action for sometime till 26th August ya….having finals..don’t bother to check til then :) Have fun! Wish me luck! Don’t miss me so ya!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My personality Test-which i think i damn accurate lo….

copy paste from fb lol

You have a need for other people to like and admire you, and yet you tend to be critical of yourself. *very true*

While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them. *isit?*

You have considerable unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. *what is it i wonder*

Disciplined and self-controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. * ya ya im fickle…no im not just not sure whether right or wrong my decisions*

You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You also pride yourself as an independent thinker; and do not accept others' statements without satisfactory proof. But you have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. * hmmm thinking shifting to then i will be able to lock my post from unwanted eyes*

At times you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be rather unrealistic.* hahaha i like day once favourite day dream was to receive an award from Dr Mathathir for being top student in SPM ..of coz it didn come true…since i took only 10 subjects…but i was thinking how proud my parents would be…hhmmm *

Physiology Practical Nightmare

I just came back from a nightmarish practical examination

It consist of two performance test which I have to perform on a subject(patient) aka.some unknown tempe that I think they just pay to do it..Sit there act patient..*smart way to earn money*

and there are eight more stations where there’ll be some graph or pictures or questions to answer

So smart carol started with station 2 which is spirometry ( graph that depicts ur lung capacity*jeng jeng jeng* confidently answer and smirked at opposite neighbour to show off..oh so easy

Then come station 3, renal(kidney) function.Mmmm panicked a shit…formula formula tubular load,excretory rate,urine flow rate, urine concentration of substance X…*mind raced through the formula I read just a moment ago outside the multipurpose lab* Then started calculation…and secretion by renal tubular! err…doubt for a moment then shud be ok..carol lee dun think so much

Then station 4, Cushing syndrome.Shit i think i just wrote decrease secretion of ACTH ARGH!! shit 1 mark gone

Then station 5,performance station.Heart races a bit.Shit i’m having palpation. Scanned the sheet of white paper which lies my fate of 3 marks.Oh thank god. Measure BP by palpation method.GREAT!!

*walked in confidently into the cubicle hidden by those green partition you find in hospitals… Good morning.I’m going to do the palpation method to check your BP. Picked up the sphygmomanometer * cheh showing of some medical tongue twister*  Hold tempe’s arm and check for brachial pulse.Then wrapped the deflated arm tube over it. Then start palpate for radial pulse ( like to TVB old chinese manchurian drama inside got those “chung yi”-- err chinese medicine doctor. Tested it 3 times to double check…ok 110mmHg sir :) Grins broadly as i walked out.cheh so easy summore i remember to tell patient thank you :)

Then next station is rest station.Lip SHeng did his BP and sat across me. He was mumbling something.Couldnt catch wat he said but I know he was hinting about next station. Couldnt be bothered.Scared I kena tangkap for cheating:P

anyway, next station 6, ovulation by temperature method. So to educate the women and families out there, if you plan to have  a baby pls ask ur wife or if you are a woman, consistently keep a diary of your temperature. Measure it when you wake up in the morning, dont do anything yet. Wake up and measure. Better result, measure it without getting out of bed which means you have to keep the thermometer at bedside. Track your body temperature it should remain constant at about 36.5 to 37 degree Celsius (not Fahrenheit) Then the day you noticed increased temperature by about 0.5 to 1 degree you may have erm … sexual intercourse ( coitus) lol there’s an increase chance of getting pregnant because you just ovulated mah…form 5 also got learn lo…

anyway next station 7 cant rmb

station 8 stupid can I change my answer! stupid carol..think think think so much…bodoh punye budak…3 marks gone…blardy @$%@$##%$@^%#$^#@%$#%@

station 9 sensory ataxia.Oh shit..performance test..errr think think carol think what sensory ataxia…incoordination of movement..errr upper limb test rapid alternating movement?? shit shit..walk into the cubicle.The best part? the examiner himself took this topic for us. He must be eager to see how many students fail to master this portion that he taught. Gosh Gosh.

Carol to patient: So I’m going to do this test on you……………….

*paused for about 30 seconds which is pretty long when you have a patient and an examiner staring down at you..staring up in this case..they are both sitting..ermmm… ok carol’s pathetic brain keep flashing through the pages of her practical manual..stops at the page.ahh found it sensory ataxia..what is down there…the titile in bold…AHHH ROMBERG’S TEST!!!!

Yay!!! Sir…can you please stand for me.Put your legs together and close your eyes please. Yay!! Turned to sir, Sir!! No swaying sir! sensory ataxia absent. ROmberg’s sign negative. Hmmm nods.. What are the romberg’s test significance? Confidently blurt out cerebellar lesion. Examiner stares back…cerebellar lesion ??  Stupid.. summore say again…Yeah cerebellar *thought to myself,maybe he heard cerebral lesion* Then pause oh wait…. equilibrium…DORSAL COLUMN LESION!!! Then examiner nodded OK… passed…maybe will minus mark for this…but at least i didn do anything else that is wrong..I remember hearing some people whacking the tuning fork which is for auditory test( hearing test) wah….then the fella ma wrong kau kau?


smiling again went to last station. Oh great microscope. Scanned it, adjusted the focus and voila…my pretty eosinophil came in focus. Happy wrote. Eosinophil, 1-4% in circulation Paused shit what is cause of eosinophilia( high eosinophil count) just read this morning..confused with so many disorders then just trusted instinct of my memory that remembered it to be bronchial asthma..or was it typhoid fever..gosh…then rmb typhoid fever supposed to be for eosinopenia ( low eosinophil count) aiya pun only la…trusting my heart

Then looked up , smiled and frown a little *doubtful face* LIpSHeng mouthed 50-70% huh? aint that for neutrophil? Isnt it multilobed?? Check the miscrope again No ah distinct bilobed…scans the brain again..YEs…CONFIRM EOSINOPHIL…frown at LipSHeng again.He mouthed 50-70% again..SUddenly lecturer shouted NO TALKING!! shhhh… paiseh…caught red-handed but not like he helped me also…im so sure he’s wrong..

then SOmething clicked in his brain! OH OH! then after they collected papers…Lipsheng said “ oh you save my life” thank you keep reapeating that i saved his life… But i burnt mine!!! Stupid acromegaly…why did i change my bloody answer! STupid CAROL ! ARGHHH

10.30am – Dissection Hall Anatomy revision Fine…go study now…zzzzzz

til next..carol

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Black Pepper Chicken Rice Fever

To celebrate the end of Biochem practical I decided to cook a storm up..Nah…it was alright though there’s a few silly mistakes here and there…anyway..i curi tulang wan...Cuz i use the prepacked sauce:P

my masterpiece :) ciaoz…gtg savour my chicken rice :P

Nah…let u all salivate a little


Black Pepper Chicken with mixed veg


My Hainanese chicken rice..of course not ori lah…i Teochew mah lolx

Friday, July 10, 2009

Plain Porridge never tasted better

ham yu pak chuk ya hou hou mei ( translates to salted fish and white plain porridge also tasted good )

Really I never liked plain porridge and canned chinese side dishes that go along with it back home…i always think how could my parents grow up eating plain porridge and sardine fish only..

Now i know.Gosh, i miss mummy’s cooking so much…i want to go back…..if only i can fly back for dinner itself! Argh frust frust



Clockwise: Sardine,my favourite braised peanut,pickled lettuce and porridge with olive vegetable :)

Ahhh dinner never tasted so good..satisfaction* patting  tummy*


Gtg.Tomorrow I’m sitting for biochem practical and I cant afford to screw it up kthxbai

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Supremo Ball 2009

I dont know why some pictures are rotated that rotate ur heads k.soli lor…i rotated it in the album k.stil no changes when i posted it.:P anyone that knows how to fix this can leave me a comment…btw im using windows live writer

Pictures speaks a thousand words so I’m lazy to blog

Friday, June 26, 2009

Honey Lemon Chicken

My favourite dish of all time. Easy like ABC

Well I admit this i curi tulang wan. Because the sauce is ready made

All i need to do is….

Beat up one egg…Marinate my chicken with salt and pepper to taste and dip each piece of chicken into the beaten egg and then sprinkle cornflour on both surface.

Then pan fry the chicken till golden brown.Drain the oil and put aside

Add one tablespoon of oil then add the LeeKumKee Lemon Chicken Sauce (one pack) then pour the chicken back into the pot and mix well.

Serves 2-3 person.For me 2-3 meals :)


My recipes are all hostel-friendly.

All you need is a rice cooker:) And the ingredients of course

Today’s Special

Mixed vegetable chinese-style

1.Cut up your favourite veg. Mine : Cauliflower,carrot and green pepper

2.A tablespoon of oil,heat and throw some chopped garlic in.Stir fry til fragrant

3.Throw in all the veg and add a cup of water(250ml..about there lar..depending how much your veg is.more veg more water) Cover and let it cook for 15-20mins till soft.

4.Add 2 table spoon oyster sauce and stir in cornflour mixture to thicken the sauce.( 2 teaspoon of cornflour and add water…dun add hot water…just cold or room temperature water)

5.Add salt to taste. No MSG needed :)  *Don’t eat MSG!*

( p/s: tell you a secret tip my grandmama use to teach me..add sugar instead of MSG..taste wayy nicer:)

Then stir and serve with fried rice or plain rice :)


Gosh I’m becoming such great cook!

Till next,carol da great chef-to-be

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carol’s Meal of the Day

Decided to cook something to eat. Lazy to go out bah.More recipes to come:p

Ghee Rice

1. Throw in ghee, fry the cashew nut til golden brown then throw in rice, stir fry then throw in an egg, then stir summore then add raisins then serve :)

Curry Potato

1.Throw potato cubes in slow cooker, add water just enough to cover half of the potato, throw in curry paste. ( Note: I used slow cooker because i made in batches. You can use rice cooker and just add curry paste without diluting it)


Ghee rice + curry potato



Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Week’s Worth of Tale

  • Monday- Read Gray’s Anatomy ( the Henry Gray..not the drama Grey’s Anatomy) Found out that my Head of Department of Anatomy,Dr Somayaji (secretly our Soma tata ~ roughly translates to grandfather,yeh yeh,gong gong,ah kong,whatever language) where was i? ah…apparently he’s gonna be mentioned in the newest edition of Gray’s Anatomy ( up to now already 150 years, 40th edition is the latest if i’m not mistaken ) because he found a new muscle!!! mmm…i wonder would he name it or would it be in some latin name again..somasus, soma muscle, somayajisus
  • Tuesday - Watched Bride’s War.Didn’t study.Slept at 9pm
  • Wednesday-Crammed 4 weeks worth of Biochem and slept at 6.30am.Procrastination finally caught up with me.
  • Thursday- Biochem class test.Only managed with a 88.75% though could have gotten 100%*pissed* *my personal drill sergeant kept drumming in my head “stupid Carol so easy also cannot get 100 dungu punye budak!” 
  • Friday –Another cramming session from 4.30am to 7.30am.. this round for Physiology. Bad luck:( only got 80% *goodness me..carol lee!! How could you be so dumb?? How can you not learn from your mistake? Cramming don’t work!! Not when you have dozens of materials to work with! *
  • Today – cooking curry potato! Woo..sedap :p Orthodontic appointment at 2pm. Prognosis of the day. Read Chaurasia and Ganong

Current Addiction

  1. Bananas. Ate 8 today
  2. Gray’s Anatomy. I know I know.. waste of time..too much info…
  4. See how long I could last without spending unnecessary money at all.Up to now, record remains at 7 days
  5. Remain at RS0.02 credit so that I have no excuse to text buddies in Malaysia.For as long as I could:p

Gosh! 1.48pm. I need to run

More updates on Carol’s mundane life err…soon :p


Monday, June 08, 2009

Kiam Siap a.k.a Stingy a.k.a. the new Indianised Carol

Ok so right…my plan now right…is to be kiam siap(Hokkien for stingy)

Ok now hor…i dongwang to call myself stingy …i just checked the meaning..


One entry found.
1 : not generous or liberal : sparing or scant in using, giving, or spending <stingy with the salt> <stingy employee benefits> 2 : meanly scanty or small <stingy portions of meat


Yay me!! I found a new Carol-to-be- description and a new goal!

10 Easy Steps to be kiam siap   Thrifty

1. Don’t buy junk food

like Lay’s even though it’s damn cheap. Cheaper than Mister Potato ( Only RM1.00)  Scratch that

2.Don’t buy calling card

crazy expensive Rm160 for erm… at the rate of Rm0.20 per min

3. Snack at home before going out to dinner at somewhere posh

like Blue Water.  Less temptation to order second serving

4. Go Veg!

Porridge, bread,jam,biscuit and Milo… WEEE!!!  * frown* That’s not food   Scratch that too

5. Dun reply sms from Msia.

SO BUDDIES, If got anything email or Facebook or MSN me k? or drop a comment here. Pls use ur brain. Private matters of course may direct it to my email. KThxBai

6. Shop with care.

Only buy what is absolutely needed.  Quote Carol’s fren, Wood,” Spend on what is necessary” Duh who dunno that… Wood let me teach u another phrase I came up with.  “ If you think you need it, stop turn around and go home, come back tomorrow if you didn’t die from the lack of it”

7. Go home for lunch.

Go home for breaks.Prevent temptations like Subway, Thailin and BlueWater, Manipal Canteen… Anything that involves food think of home 1st:) Home sweet home! ( err hostel sweet hostel? )

8. Cook in bulk

For both lunch and dinner at once.Better still one whole week!  So that there an excuse to not go out to eat :p And kiam siap ppl cant stand to see food go to waste. *Think of the kids in Africa* Fine. I’m in India. Think of the kids in India

9. Walk.

Everywhere I wanna go. Walk. Which means, leaving early for dental appointment, waking early for class ( late means paying rm1 for auto ride – freaking expensive – blardy hell!! I can go to KL and come back for RM1!!!! in school uniform of course – another way to save *peace* )

10. Everything second-hand.

No new books, No new kitchenware( I’m kinda obsessed with kitchenware..really…i want a rice cooker, i want a table to put all my slow cooker and sandwich maker,i want a hot plate, a frying pan and knife and chopping board), no new school bag :( always wanted a Nike school bag like elora’s or lipsheng’s  BUT will i die tomorrow if i don’t have it today? ABSOLUTELY NOT. So no new Nike school bag for me

P/S: I love you.


P/S: You didn’t read wrongly. School bag. Yes. A backpack. Not a sling bag, not a hand bag. A  back-to-school bag. I’m nerd. That’s what nerds carry ( no offence elora & lipsheng :p )

And pardon my england for this post.cuz hor i very de busy lar…

Sunday, May 31, 2009

31st May 2009

At some point of your life,you ponder upon all the mistakes that you have done.

All the chain of events that eventually made you you.

And as for me, I do dig up all the paths that I have chosen,

Then I ponder upon the road not taken,

The very reasons for not taking the road not taken,

The very reasons that I’m me.

These events made me me

I didn’t regret a single event that brought me to where I am now.

And the road I took will be a long one

A long,windy road

A doctor once told me, he’s already at the ending checkpoint while I am just only taking the first step to a thousand miles marathon

And I chose to run the journey myself ;no regrets

No matter who caught up with me or who I caught up with during the marathon,

At the end,

It’s just me alone crossing the finishing line

And I know, along the journey, I’ll make new friends, I’ll meet strangers, I’ll meet new competitors and excellent motivators that may or may not  run the distance with me.

But deep down inside, I’m me

I’ll always be me

I may act indifferent toward my family and friends

I may be missing in action for most part of their life

But deep down inside, I’ll still be me

I’m saying this not because I want to give excuses to myself for my absence

I’m saying this because at some point of my life,

I know, and I hope I know,

That everyone that I love and loved would cut me some slacks for my absence once in a while

Once in a while, I’d like to be perceived as a good friend and not an always MIA friend

And I shudder at the thoughts of me running the marathon alone,

I shudder at the thoughts of how I would look at myself through thousands of miles,

Because someday my mistakes could take away precious life,

And I’m not a perfectionist I know.

I act like one but deep down I’m not,

And the day when my mistakes cost someone their life,

I can’t imagine what the amount of self loathing and guilt I would face

I wouldn’t allow myself in that situation now but sometimes life just brings the worst-case scenarios

A breakdown would be inevitable at that time

I hope, at that time, someone will slow down to walk with me,

To regain my motivation, to shift my paradigm towards life and death,

To at least make sure I don’t beat myself up too much over the mistakes I’d do

And I could regain my strength and willpower to continue running to cross the finishing line.

This is to my family and friends,

Who stayed with me and held me tight when I needed them the most

-emo- wuuhuu

Amigos para siempre

No one likes to lose control.

But as a medical student there is nothing worse,

It’s a sign of weakness;

Of being not up to the task.

And still there are times when it just gets away from you.

When the world stops spinning ,

And you realise that your stacks of medical books and the world of knowledge of medical sciences isn’t going to save you,

No matter how hard you fight it,

You fall.

And it’s scary as hell.


there’s an upside to free-falling

It’s the chance you give your friends to catch you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flashback on 2006

KKKRINNNNGGGGG…A  bell rang in the background so loudly that I was startled back to the scene in front of me. Oh it’s not over?? I asked myself. God knows how long she’s gonna take for her welcome speech.Might as well I daydream over my dreams of stepping into medical school..Mmm will I get  Ireland? Nah..I doubted my 10As is good enough..Mmm How about Russia? I wouldn’t mind though even though it’s like Arctic there. “Ketika anda berada di sini, matlamat kami adalah untuk membantu anda mencapai kejayaan and merealisasikan impian anda,” said the Headmistress of SMK Seafield. “Ah! Lantaklah” Not like I’ll be here anyway.My appeal will be approved I’m sure.

Fast forward one month later..

“This is your new president of the Malam Perpisahan Tingkatan 5&6”

“Yerrr….. who is that girl…So lan si… I don’t like the way she conquers everything during meeting…like she owns Seafield ( actually truthfully after knowing her, she really owns Seafield) and she don’t like the rest of us outsiders ( non-Seafieldians) especially me.”  But the outcome is, I found my newfound bau bau bacang relative, Jessica Loke a.k.a. da pig, and I found myself a bunch of great friends!MPT5&6 06 028

MPT5&6 06 059MPT5&6 06 053 MPT5&6 06 030

Fast forward two months later..

“Does anyone in this class wants to go to Miracle Youth Camp?”

Great.That is a great opportunity for me to mingle with the rest of the form 6 people…who ever that is going …. and great opportunity for me to test my independence skills. Meanwhile….all forgotten about the appeal and no news anyway so I decided to settle down in Seafield.

During camp, err..”Hi :) You’re from Seafield right? I’m Carol from 6E.”

“Hi:) I’m Karine”

That’s how I meet Karine a.k.a. sam pat girl who worked with me through the whole camp to make things right. And also not forgetting she worked with me till 4am to make the suit for the model and finally we slept at 4am and woke up again at 5am.It was totally killer camp but we loved it sooo much. We got so addicted to the square dance. Damn farney ok!

MIRACLE camp 019 MYC 053 MYC 095

And it was Shiny’s birthday during the camp. We celebrated but giving her bahul cake!! 18 bahul if i’m not mistaken:)

And we bonded like ji muis(sisters), like Petaling St deep fried ghost (yau char kuey) , like we’re glued on with elephant SUPERglue. Lolx

Then came something else that I have to continue next time:) gotta go draw histo. Maybe not. I shall go emo abit. Will tell you guys soon about it. Tata!

Friday, May 22, 2009

22nd *Sniffles*May 2009*Sniffles*

I woke up this morning at 5am. It was so cozy and so warm in my bed under the sheets that I didn’t want to get up and read my books.Suddenly, I jerked up and turn to the other bed. Oh shit! Did I wake up to open the door for Eunice? I squinted at the fuzzy blue human-shaped blanket opposite  and sigh. Yes. A blur memory of me pulling the door open slowly formed in my brain.What is wrong with me? Why is my memory getting from bad to worse? I can hardly fall asleep last night. Words keep appearing through my brain…lateral relation,medial relation,transverse sinus,….urgh… I find myself recalling the day’s lectures before falling asleep.And i find myself waking up to stupid dreams about me failing exams or being late to class. And I find myself waking up to alarm buzzing off,telling me to wake up to study,study and study.*Sniffles*

“Is this all to my life in university? Is this all to my life in 5 years time? Worrying about passing exams,worrying about not getting enough sleep? worrying about getting to class without being late ?” I thought to myself.

“Ah,screw it.” I pulled the sheets over me and rolled over in my bed.Pulling  my favourite pillow under my chin, I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.*Sniffles*

BRRUUUUUMMMMMM!!! Roar of thunder jolted me from my slumber.

Oh no! It’s raining! How am I going to walk to class? *Sniffles*

I showered and pulled on a skirt and a long sleeve black tee.I expected it to be chilly in class.As I poured hot water into my orange cup half-filled with Milo powder,my mood lighten up at the prospect of walking to class in the rain. And since the thunderstorm had reduced to mere shower of rain, I brighten up quickly. I pulled on my stockings while letting my Milo cool. I sat at my lone chair and poured cornflakes into my Milo. Wincing a little at the pain of my tongue brushing against the metal ring around my molars,I thought of how much I miss morning drive to Seafield every morning.And then I thought of how much I miss walking to USJ4 back in the schooldays. A glance at the digital numerical flashing in orange glow told me that I’m in good timing. I threw my files in my Fila Italia sling bag and grabbed my Zen. Pulling on the earphones, I slipped my feet into my blue Crocs and skipped out of my room.It’s the first day in Manipal that I get to walk to class in the rain.

I walked down the corridor and down the steps,passing an Indian girl busy studying at the stairs.It’s inspiring to see her studying so hard in the morning.Pulling out my combo card, I scanned the card and exited my hostel building. I looked up into the heavy clouds obscuring the blue of the skies and I can’t help but smiled a little.It is definitely my favourite weather in the India. No sweaty sticky back and no sweaty sticky strands of fringe that I have to pull back and pin. *Sniffles*

It wasn’t so bad after all.Seniors said we would arrive in class with muddy shoes and drenched wet feet.I avoided few puddles of water. Though the  rain did cleverly escape the shelter of my umbrella and manage to wet my bag, I silently thanked my mum for choosing this waterproof bag for me.I hopped up the steps leading into the lobby in time to catch the lift. I was surprised at my luck this morning.Usually I have to either squeeze in the packed lift or I either had to take the stairs as I miss the lift or I’ll risk being late to class.

The view that greeted me was a pleasant one. A few dozen of open umbrellas are placed randomly on the floor outside the lecture hall 3B. It was a very colourful backdrop against the pale colour of the wall. I wanted to snap a picture of it but I remembered that I left my camera in my drawer. Hence no pictures of ella. *Sniffles*

I think I shall bring my camera tomorrow if it rains again. And since I swear to study everyday,I shall return to my skull and brain now. Block 4 started last Monday. This block I’ll be learning all about brain and central nervous system. The toughest block of all.And in 3 months time it will be my final examination.


Wish me luck peeps! Enjoy the rest of the beautiful day!

Cold cold go away *Sniffles* come again another *Sniffles* argh wtheck.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two Million Minutes

So you must be wondering what is this girl gonna blog about next.

I got tired of Anatomy and started blog-hopping and stumbled across and old post of Jessie Chong (USJ4 junior –18 yrs old and currently in first year med in Liverpool! WooHoo!

So ok back to the point *kids nowadays are getting smarter and smarter*

The PTS system shouldn’t be abolished I felt.It gives a chance for kids that are more advance than their own peers to develop their mind in more stimulating environment . Nevermind the stress of missing a year worth of class (standard 4 science and math is like peanuts k)

Now the point here is, this old post of Jessie’s is regarding this documentary

Two Million Minutes

what is two million minutes? Two million minutes of what?

Say…4 years of high school from grade 8 to grade 12…means typically our form 4 & 5 and form 6 or A Level or Matriculations

60minutes X 24 hours = 1440 minutes

1440min X 365 days = 525,600 minutes

525,600 min X 4 yrs  = 2,102,400 minutes

This Two Million Minutes of  education determines your future

Determines where you stand in the world

This documentary talks about the education system in 3 big powerhouse of the 21st century

China,India and USA

The more i watched the more i realised how wonderful actually this system is. Though flaws are there. Less practical on hand.

How is that Jessie could take BP, give injection and had done per rectal examination (PRE) in 1st year itself?

Though no complains about the fact that sticking my finger up a patients anus and twisting it 360 degrees to feel the entire wall of anal canal PLUS palpating for the prostate and the dip in between AND THEN checking your finger for any discolouration other than the supposing BROWN colour isn’t really 1st thing in my agenda now…

Anyway, need i say more? Just sit and mug peeps. That’s India. That’s what you get when you are paying 3o% of what they are  paying. 1 million ringgit to learn from the British. Nice.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jumbled Brains of Medical Student part I ( since there will be more coming i thought I'll be smart a bit to label it first XD)

So one fine day, Kahun, Nadesh, LH (Luteinizing Hormone) and I decided to have lunch together at….

Carol : Eh Kahun! Where you gonna eat today?

Kahun: erm…your choice lar

*My choice will be USJ14 chicken rice, apollo pan mee, penang  char kuey teow,state hokkien mee… starts to drool over her biochemistry file*

*Snaps back to Interact Hall*

AH screw it

Nadesh: Aaaahhh (usually trademark) Your CHOICE LAR!!

LH: Come kawan! today i makan with you

Mega: So Carol where you eating today?

Carol: My choice is your choice…

I’m not trying to flirt here. Mega is a girl. Indeed, the shop’s name is Your Choice.

Then, while eating, we were  trying to memorise the list of inorganic substance found in urine in order to prevent facing the sarcastic and at the same time you-can’t-resist-liking-him HOD of Biochem Dr Ullas Kamath

Kahun : Eh listen , C.S.I.Carol. and (N)

Nadesh … Obviously to busy gobbling down his chicken manchurian to listen

Carol: What??  what new disease is that?? How come I don’t know?

*PentiumIII starts whirring recalling all the diseases taught*

*And yes PentiumIII due to my lagging brain power*

Kahun happily replied

“ Hahahhaha,look i found a mnemonics for this list.”

C for chloride

S for sulphate

I for inorganic phosphate

Carol for Calcium … wtheck

N ( and) for ammonia

Carol : why N for ammonia?

Kahun: Hahahhaha what’s after N? M lar!!! so AND-MO_NIA!!

Nadesh : Wah Kuhan! Smart ah!!

LH: Mmm…good good…very good

Carol was thinking on the evil thoughts today.She secretly let them be. So what happen next is….

Back in interact hall 3b

Fet : Eh so how? I haven’t finish memorising the urinalysis paper

Sara : Ya…me too.Die lar…

Nadesh proudly exclaimed, “Ah kawan-kawan, mari saya ajar”

C.S.I.Carol.N…so whats after N? M!!! so AMMONIA!!

Fet & Sara stared blankly while Carol exploded in laughter. Kahun walked over, “What lar you laughing like baboon, Carol?”

Well I’m sorry guys.You can’t expect me not to laugh and blog about this.

Moral of the story: Medical students are wacky

*oops whole MMMC will be after me*

Moral of the story: Nadesh and Kahun are wacky

The names in the story has been changed to protect certain party’s privacy. If the names are similar to anyone, it is purely unintentional.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Carol's Quote of The Day

Watch your thoughts , they become your WORDS

Watch your words, they become your ACTIONS

Watch your actions, they become your HABITS

Watch your habits, they become your CHARACTER

Watch your character, they become




Saturday, April 25, 2009









Graffian follicle

took me ages to finish this.Better give me another “good”

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is uncertain

How would you choose?

How should you choose?

How could you choose?

Life is really full of choices

At times it’s difficult to make the right choice

Choice One hurts a person you loved

Choice Two disappoints yourself

How do you choose between two of the things you love most?

How do you choose between two of the things you want most?

How much would you sacrifice for someone you love?

How much would you sacrifice over pleasing your loved ones?

How far would you be willing to go to make yourself happy and contented?

How far would you be willing to go to make your loved one happy and contented?

How deep do you love someone to be able to let her/him pursue his/her dreams even

though it means hurting yourself?

How do you choose?

How would you choose?

How should you choose?

How should I choose….

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1000 Years

by Kang Eun Soo

Moment, you came to my heart just by chance
To me you don't seem to be a stranger
It was so long for you to finally find me

For 1000 years I’ve been waiting for you
More than million tears fall in eternal love
Remember forevermore,
We will stand for 1000 years

Sometimes i know it will not be easy with you
Until then i will pray for our true love
Don't ever forget, my love
We will be together

For 1000 years I’ve been waiting for you
More than million tears fall in eternal love
Remember forevermore,

We will stand for 1000 years

Don't say i don't want to hear you say good bye
Please promise me you will always be my love, my love

For 1000 years I’ve been waiting for you
More than million tears fall in eternal love
Remember forevermore,
We will stand for 1000 years

2005 movie that never fails to touch my heart every single time I watch this.Again and again and again.Watch it if you haven’t watch before -  Innocent Steps

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My art vs Atlas diFiore’s

Histology of colon (large intestine)

IMG_0023 IMG_0024

I forgot my lymphatic nodules.. (the bluish circle in picture 2)

anyway i still have one more to go….haihz….gtg ciaoz

oh btw i didn’t get placing  for western dance..anyway i love the stage so much that i don’t think i ever was damn cool to be dancing live on tv!!! woohoo!!

IMG_0026this is how ur appendix looks like under microscope :) have fun peeps:)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hey guys..been out of touch for a few days.Been busy with UTSAV 2009.It’s a cultural event of Manipal University.The event runs for 5 days and it’s a competition between 22 colleges in my uni. Well to cut short the story,it’s quite a big event since Manipal University is the pride of our state Karnataka and the most intimidating part about being on stage is that it’s broadcast live on tv channel..but i don’t think it’s national tv since they use different official language. I participate in one of the evnt.The Cultural Parade and i’m suppose to be the one showcasing the modern culture by dancing waltz with Wei Yi my classmate.I don’t have the video though, will try to get it and linked it here. For now just a picture.And tonight i have another dance as ke leh fe( backup dancer) for my college too.Western dance group.So wish me luck!! Gotta go practise. I just learnt it yesterday from 3pm to 1am.Poor ankle. Gonna strain it again tonight.BUT FOR THE LAST TIME!!! I’m gonna break from all social activites for a week till i caught up with my work. Anatomy!!

oh btw,i must mention this:) my dress is as short as this.. and i couldn’t find a full length gown.


So the creative brain of mine created this!!!


and while i’m at this camwhoring phase i can’t help but notice that the salsa shoes are pretty cute isn’t it? :) it belongs to Winnie was lovely of her to lend it to me though her shoe size is US 6 and i’m a 5.5


Tata my final creation.Hair by Charles.Makeup by YuhHui. Dress helped by Sarah :)


Friday, March 20, 2009

If only…..

If only i didnt agree to go basketball…

If only i went jogging instead…..

If only I bought a basketball sneaker…

If only I didn’t feel sleepy….

If only I didn’t hear the phone ringing…

If only I didn’t jump for the rebound…

If only I didn’t hear a crack…

If only…

If only…

If only…

Then my big plan A (remember?) would not be disrupted…

I’m not angry

I’m just mad at myself for landing wrongly on my toes instead on my heels

Me bad

Now i can’t jog or swim for another one week..


Great plan A will have to do without this slot for a week


IMG_0109 IMG_0110

No thanks for the sympathetic look

I brought it on meself

Sometimes you just gotta live with your own mistake

Swallowing the guilt and living the life at the moment

There’s more to this

I’ve learnt my lesson well



Gotta go Snell-ing now

buh bye till next , RolRol

Thursday, March 19, 2009



Scold me all you want! Curse me all you want! My bad I know for abandoning my blog.







Fine. Satisfied? Wanna hear me out?

Ok. Back to where I left you guys at Xmas 08 right?

I remembered.

  1. January 2009
  • New Year Celebration together with Kathy’s birthday
  • Busy listening to CNY songs on lappie and decorating me room with red stuff :P
  • Busy with studies .

2. February 2009

  • Chinese New Year… boo hoo…where’s my angpau peeps :P
  • 6th – Busy packing up and stuffing my belongings into the store room for safekeeping till I’m back in March ( At this point…where to?? )
  • 7th – memorable trip back to KL !!!!!! Landed in Bangalore and had lots of fun :) For pictures..refer MukaBuku :P
  • 8th – Landed in KLIA at 8.30am
    • Ate dim sum the first thing i’m back….unpacked and shows me parents my 7kg books… ( &@$%@$#$@ ..DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH IT THROUGH OUT THE MONTH..WASTE OF LUGGAGE SPACE ARGH )
  • 12th – Went disguised as Cheryl Lee ( my sis ) to my buddies’ houses… Ian,Carrere, Jowliie and DOt ( in that order…gave everyone a surprise :) except for DOt..argh waste of plans ) then YC at errr…McD lolx..Fries!!!
  • 14th- Went back to Penang and ate lots and lots of food!!!!!
  • 16th – Drove to UPM to surprise  Ben.Plan failed.He recognises my voice.Went for “Inkheart”  and “Tony Roma’s” Had a great day :) Thanks Ben :)
  • some trip to UPM again..cant rmb when…thursday though… seludup into hubungan etnik lecture, had much fun watching others study when i don’t need to..lolx…then got caught red-handed by lecturer but she was so kind…she just OH…Pelajar Asing…and smiled :) hahahha
  • A day in life of Ben Sim continues as we went for dinner at a nearby shop…and met up with his friends…and while he was busy writing in test pad ( english test :P) i had much fun hanging out with new found friends in UPM…for Malam Gongxi in Kolej Tun Perak
  • Then the next day…had fun going out to do survey in Sek Wawasan in USJ 15..took a few photographs and did an interview..tat’s all :)
  • Oh before that…on 18th  went SS2 with Shiny,San,Tracey,Ben & FLip…Wong Kok CHar Chan Teng..Not bad…food there…the drink Koo Tin Lok 2 was good :) hahahhaha Don’t ask what it is..just order :)

3.      March 2009

  • 1st : Shoot..7 more days… much to do…yet so little time
  • 2nd: Die die…havent touch my Ganong at all
  • 3rd : wah so expensive my Netter in Kinokuniya… RM360+.. guess what? less than half the price I got it for in India :P
  • 4th : Oh no 2 more days till Singapore
  • 5th: Busy packing again..haihz…overweight overweight!!! Both me and Luggage!!!
  • 6th : LCCT Last meal of Mcd before i leave again..haihz…
  •          SIngapore : Err…where are we huh Eunice?? HOw to go to departure hall wei??
  •         Eh boring la…sit down chit chat la wei
  •          Met almost all my gang that came back on the same day
  • 6TH; zzzzzzzz at 11.00pm in India ( 1.30am Msian timing) Argh…7 hrs to next flight…what to do in Bengaluru International Airport? zzzzzzzzzzz
  • Oh time to board..lets go..Jet Airways…nice service..will definitely fly them again..after Tiger AIrway… Jet Airway felt like heaven…even though it was domestic flight…nice breakfast..nice seat…Tiger was a killer on board…seat was too uncomfortable…they should rehaul the seats…make it like Tiger..sure better business…i would rather fly MAS next time..dinner served…don’t need to walk god knows how many kilometers from landing strip to custom…practically walked the whole length of the strip..can’t Tiger provide shuttle bus for us from plane to arrival hall like Jet Airway? That Budget ah? haihz…
  • 7th- Busy shifting room from Sonia Hostel to Indira Hostel.SIde by side but now it’s double room for me :P with Eunice…for pictures see MukaBuku again :P
  • 9th – Settled down and classes starts again
  • 10th – Practise dance for Junior Orientation .For Video see Muka Buku..this is the orientation official welcome video..intro to life in Manipal.You might catch a glimpse of me here and there…lolx :)
  • 11th – Successful performances…2 dances one catwalk..settled!! My job is least I did help out..don’t say I never did try giving my best :)
  • 12th – schedule resumes to normal

4.    Today

  • Anat dissection. Saw my table lecturer actually laughed for the 1st time.Lolx Mixes up oblique popliteal ligament ( knee ligament ) and oblique umbilical ligament ( abdominal ligament ) and he laughed at his own mistake!!! Had a fun dissection today.Though i still don’t know his name..I’m in Table 5.. ( highest table 6…not table 1..i’m nt that teruk in my studies – though still getting only ONE PATHETIC DISTINCTION FOR PHYSIOLOGY!! ARgh…thank goodnesss i got it though.@$#%@#^ who calculated my marks?? ^#@^%#^@ had me a hard attack! I thought my essay was that bad 43/60…where my 8 marks went missing before this?? Luckily i recounted…Was pleased i actually got 51/60…That’s like so near to Evelyn’s standard (Everlyn is my senior…smartest girl in her batch…always scoring 90 plus if she evr scores 80 plus she says it’s bad…haihz perfectionist )….My ANATOMY is still a little below distinction and BIOCHEM haihz…yeah a little more below distinction…gotta work hard though to get my distinction in FINALS :)

Notice lots of sigh??

Yeah but I’m not sighing my life away..just wanted to release some tension here. ..

Gotta go wash my laundry…urgh…my least favourite chores of all..


Wish me luck for my BIG PLAN!! I have got BIG OVERHAUL PLAN A!!!

Just a name…no Plan B or PLan C…Plan A sounds cooler than Big Plan :P wth

Sunday, March 01, 2009

She was beautiful,

Her smile was magnetic,

Happiness puts a smile on her face that is nothing short of wonderful,

Sadness does not tarnish her beauty rather it makes her all the more enigmatic.

Her beauty reminded me of lilies,

Her smile shone as brightly as the pristine white of the petals,

Bringing instant relief to all my melancholies,

However the alluring white is something she could never be,

Because to me, she was all the colors in my garden of life.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


With regards to this special notice, I am pleased to announced that there will be an announcement regarding me soon but the content of the news shall be disclosed only on 5th of February 2009 as there are certain protocols and much obligations to be fulfilled. Hence, co-operations are much needed as speculations will not be tolerated here.

I wish all of you a very very prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai


Note: Please do keep all your angpau-s for me ya! I'll be back soon to claim it;)