Friday, February 12, 2010

Exam Week = Stress = Destressing Activity like….

When I’m just too stressed, I…

go for retail therapy  go for camwhoring therapy

Now you might ask, it’s Chinese New Year!! What is there to stress about? I’ll tell you.If you are me you’ll be..

1. Mugging books for the coming block exam on 18th which is like 5 days from now! * and yet I’m still sitting here blogging lol :p pardon me.. It’s been too long since I’ve abandoned my readers

2. Thinking of reunion dinner tomorrow.I’ll be cooking something special.Will post it up soon ( and don’t trust my definition of soon..really..because I can’t trust mine too hahaha )

3. Laundry – sooo lazy just gonna bring it to the laundry akka ( sister in tamil,hindi) akka is just about anyone elder than you that you wish to call. I used it for grocery shopping purpose and talking to the hostel cleaners and admin lady sitting in hostel lobby..versatile.. it’s like calling ‘kak’ to the lady selling pisang goreng

4.Clean room – for CNY purpose lol..gosh i gotta clear out my closet to rearrange everything nicely but I’m just too lethargic to do it.Maybe tonight after I’ve settled my revision for tomorrow’s Microbiology class test IV

Now as I said, library is a good place to study and also to camwhore ( no one bothers about what you are doing except maybe your next-cubicle neighbour…but anyway that’s what partitions are for right? privacy^^ )

My essentials for camping trip in Library 3rd floor


      view from my usual seat


My best friend Mr Gandhi


My colourful quills


My tanni ( water in tamil )


My dentist say i must chew gums.. sugar free of course so that i don’t die of diabetes


For kissable lips..Muawwhhh  Nothing to kiss here except textbooks


My listen to my current obssession You’re Beautiful OST

Look!! you can see him here!! Jang Geun Suk!!!

WOOHH CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Saranghaeyo oppa!!

shinchan009 my course bookshinchan010

Jang Geun Suk!! I meant his character “Tae Kyung” in You’re Beautiful Korean drama


close up of my drawing :p


my Shin Chan :p  Now i have to like pharmacology because got shin chan on it


what i was doing in library


Block 2 ending.. exam soon..half a year half a year then I’ll be in 3rd fast *sob sob* Peter Pan Syndrome..still wanna play..


See.. I got 9/10 and a “Good” for my lab reports in Block I.. aiming for 9.5 in block II..let’s wait and see



My purse and tisu lembut India also must promote tissue. Btw toilet rolls are not sold in a dozen or so like in Malaysia…it’s expensive..they sell it per roll for like rm2 or 3 so one dozen would cost you..say about rm 25 siao!!!


Gandhi’s jk.. it’s is always considered a sacred aren’t suppose to write or draw on it..but in India.. since paper is scarce what they do is..


jadikan nya kertas


Tanpa ini, kehidupanmu sekadar menunggu saja…

tunggu apa?

menunggu orang lain untuk ‘scan’ bagi you keluar masuk

lecture hall,



Kalaulah nasibmu semalang-malangnya…tunggulah kau lama-lama

Oh yang ni juga kad ATM..tapi I tak guna..tak suka..hilang nanti habih oku.. habih..