Saturday, September 23, 2006

HAH!!Finally!! after running here n there n skipping classes for this whole week, our event finally pulled through successfully...i'm so happy its finally over n we did a great job..our committee that is..n i would like to sincerely thank everyone that helped me in decor & all that did a great job on making this event a success!!Many many many many thanks to April,Tracey,Shin Yeen,Sophie,Leyyeem,Jessica Loi,Jessica Loke,RyuiBynn,Melissa,Keh Len,Wei Lin,Chia Wen,Yee Lian, Chor Oon,Adeline,Rachel,Zoe,Hui CHing,Kok Wai,Farhan,Julianna,Siew Kei,Ragu (he helped me finalised the mask cuz i not that tall :) Vikram,CHee Hee,..those that helped me jaga the glasses..Yoke Pui,Pik Ngan,Khim Seng,Shiao loong,Wai loong,mun lok....those that gave me moral support..the 38 gang..u know who u need type la ur my gorgeous & great dancers..audrey,xin min,florence,karine...even though i screw up the thanks to my cap...n not forgetting the teachers that gave us support by giving ideas n guidance n all teachers that gave us committees permission to skip class n even postpone our MUET speaking test...hehehhe..oh ya n shang shi for temaning me down to car park at 1.00 am gang all went Asia cafe yam char..sob sob..i MIA again... btw sorry if i miss out anyone's names...oh n i need to thank jia wei for lending me her notes during the whole period when i need to skip classes..

AH now i wanna talk about my event...1st ly..even though i had many obstacles in preparing for the decor n performance...i still manage to pull through with all my frens support..luckily everything went well except that the crowd was quite dead that day..we did all sorts of things...line conga la...pull people to dance la..aiyo u name it we did it..even MCs was so tired to keep asking the crowd to cheer for the performers...Muaz beatbox was nice...breakdance was nice too...except maybe painful for wern sern la..he hit the head a little...steven landed quite hard on the dance floor doing back flip..ouch rite!! And i miss out on the teachers discipline teacher Pn Ung ( pronounce Ang) did the Amber Chia catwalk n then posed by pouting her amber chia's pouty lips..that was nice fun but i missed it cuz changing to my dance attire...damn...but then again i guess many people would have video-ed that once-in-a-lifetime performance..hhahahahha...i shall personally hunt for the video n post it here..oh ya..i screwed out my dance..i was suppose to fling off my cap but then my stupid cap got stuck to my hair...n me end up missing one dance so embarassing..not so yeng anymore...haihz...luckily the crowd didnt laugh..hhahhaha....i guess they were as stunned as me too when i couldnt get that stupid cap off....we all took photos but not really that much...i didn take with a lot of sad...n i drove home alone at 1 sumthing AM .. achievement for me who has a 12 am curfew( for functions) 11pm ( for bdays n yam chars) ...hhahahahah....cinderella la...talking bout was ley yeem's birthday yesterday..we surprised her with a secret recipe's choco indulgence around 2 sumthing pm..we purposely acted as if we forgotten her one wished her except sophie..hahaha...she looked so emo in the morning...n i think that next year i will be going again because i think i didnt have much fun...n the slide show is not 6E's wan...its upper sixers wan .. i dun wan that memories of my fun class to be captured n yet i didn see it ..anyway i didn get to enjoy much during the event...was running here n there to look for look for best-dressed gal n guy...prom king 'man of the hour' n prom queen 'belle of the ball' ..sweetest gal award a.k.a 'cuppie cake'...Mr.Macho..Ms Vain..both award we decided to give away combs n mirrors..but i dunno whether got give or not..wasnt there to see...oh n we had an award called "Miss Tak Cukup Kain" hahhahaha...won by a gal whose dress looked so normal but yet once she turn n u see her back..fuiyo...lubang here n we gave her a velvety cape, to help her keep warm incase she feels cold in the ballroom...we committees are so nice rite?? i think that's all la folks..just scan thru all the photos la that i load here..i'll be loading in friendster too..go check it out la..cya..btw my msn is stil not ok yet..sms me la if got anything..signing off...carol

Monday, September 18, 2006

hi hi..after so long never blog..i have lotsa to tell but i'm kinda lazy so its gonna be one short post..1st I've been to the Louis Vuitton gallery in Starhill Kl.Its very nice n hav same concept as the one in France.Even the entrance they let the customer in two by two..but hehehe..i went in thru front entrance(facing the sidewalk) so my aunts n cousins we just stroll in group...then this whole week i'm busy practising for my performance during MPT5 & 6 and the decors too...went mydin with the whole gang n nearly got fined for illegal parking..lucky leyyeem saw that the whole row of car got fined so i went n parked quite a distance away..near the shoplots..then after finish shopping we had a pillow talk but during lunch wan..lotsa juicy stuff..hehhehe...but actually we are not done with cass & april & jessica & audrey & xin min..hahahaha..2b continued time after mpt5 much to do yet so little time..summore exam on oct 16...wanna zzz ..con't next time..ciaoz ppl..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

oh yeah i miss out the global village pictures last posting it now..enjoyzz..

seafield gang with rached(pronounced rasyid)
nice or not this pic??:)
meet seanzy ppl!!
on the way to GV
(clockwise) april,karine,xin min,jess,leyyeem,me!!
karine, carol & carol :)
nice flowers rite??
whole complete gang!!!

moi gurl friends..jess min missing..cass too( but cass understood why..hehhe)

decors for my mpt5 & 6 event

my precious watches..gonna add more to collection..hehhee

hi ppl..long time no see..its been long long time since i posted anything on9..partly due to my stupid LAN connection and partly because i'm busy doin my school stuff :) and i just checked some of the blogs out..this blog is quite addictive for those yearning to learn more about education in malaysia( a reality-check for those still studying in malaysia especially the scholarships posts..really it's so true..try checking it out!!)
and now i shall go back to my story..ohhh..before i forget let me tell u a string of unfortunate case that had happened to my 38 fren a.k.a. Jessica Loke
1st accident :
Crime Scene: Inside Carrefour Subang's carpark
How it Happen? : This i-dunno-what's-gotten-into-her-brain gal went and reversed her car until she bang the car beside her yet she still didn't realise it and was wondering why she couldn't reverse her car..she pressed on her accelerator so so long then only realise she bang the car beside when her day-dreaming fren a.k.a. Melissa told her she had reverse right into ppl's car!! Then she had to forward her car and when she did that, ( i pity that fella) ,she proudly left a long deep scratch on ppl's car and funny part was she heard the plastic light cover dropped on the floor and yet she thought she hit the car until that fella's car light fell off...BUT when she got down to check on her's actually her own car's light cover..hhahahah

2nd accident:
Crime Scene : Highway from Kota Kemuning to Subang Jaya
How it Happen? : She was speeding at 130 km/hr and she saw a flash of light.She braked and slowed down to 120 km/hr when she saw upfront a police at the roadside with a camera.A week later, summon came and she had to pay RM180.00 for her recklessness.

3rd accident:
Crime Scene : Highway
How it Happen? : This smart-alec tried to squeeze pass a lorry on the right and a car on the left when suddenly the car on the left turned into her lane.Voila! SHe hit the car and her left rear mirror fell off.Embarrassing part was she had to get down and picked her own rear mirror off and she tried to fix it but in vain.Now it's left rotting at the backseat of her pitiful car.

4rd accident :
Crime Scene : Carrefour Subang's carpark
How it Happen? : SHe tried to park her car into an ample parking space and she hit the big square tiang. Her car door is now dent and her door-not-closed light kept on blinking when she drove on highway and she had to come down a few times to keep closing the door.

Moral of the story? : Never park at Carrefour Subang's carpark ( for beginners )
Keep glue or masking tape at all times in the car incase u need to stick back any part of the car that got hit off :)

Oh might i add on that after she told us the chain of her costly accidents which my friends and I had laughed at in the KTM, my not-so-innocent friend a.k.a. Tracey reversed out from her parking lot right into the wall behind her.Can u believe it?? I so totally believe in karma now..never laugh at other ppl's misfortune because u never know when it might me yours!!

Now..what i did today? i woke up and ate curry mee..Then read my laporan ekonomi 2007 and Bajet 2007..haihz..i have to read them although i hate it because its gonna come out for my Pengajian Am paper next year..and then i followed my mum down to Damansara to pick up some stuff for my dad then my mum & I took a short ( u believe?) detour to KL Sungei Wang Plaza to check out some shades and shoes..unfortunately i just realise that the shades they have there are so outdated...then went to Bandar Sunway to collect some goods..and hid the 'shopping spree' detour from my dad n bro..hehehehe...not my mum's idea...anyway..finally after a few trips to Taipan, 1 Utama(old n new wings..and twice to old wing)Pyramid,MidValley,Tesco Puchong, IOI Mall Puchong,SUmmit USJ, Sungei Wang Plaza and Subang PArade.not to mention a few dozens of calls to the salesgirls ... finally my mum bought her shades today..haihz..lesson to learn this time around..say whatever items that she tried on and is reasonably-priced looks nice on her..make her buy it once its available..

then i read my already-look-like-going-to-tear-any-moment harry potter & the half-blood prince for the umpteenth time and cried again for my countless time when i read the chapter on dumbledore's death...i still cannot accept the fact that the 7th book will not have Dumbledore again as the headmaster n the protecter of harry...i was thinking maybe harry can carry along the portrait of dumbledore during his quest to find n des
troy the other horcruxes since the other headmasters n headmistress portrait can speak n talk n give advice just like a normal human except that they do not have physical being ... oh how i wish that would happen but seeing that j.k.rowling is so determined to kill him off in the 6th book..its a wonder if he appear to be guiding harry in 7th book just like before he's dead.

Oh my ..its so late already..zzzzzzz......signing off.....not-so-cheerful-gal-no-thanks-to-stupid MSN-that-denied-my-entry