Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dear Dot Dot

It's been like 7 yrs since i've known you..mmm..if bundarkan then 10 yrs..heheh...sorry ya can't wait for our 10th anniversary..knowing each other...mathematically 36.8% of my life i've known practically i'm thankful for all those years that we've spend together..I still remember we used to quarrel so often back then..well that's us isn't it? :) I'm very thankful that you've been there through good & bad times...remember in form4 when i cried on your *hmmpm* hahahha...that was accident..mmm..come to think of it maybe purposely lol ..I wrote this in my blog to acknowledge your great sacrifices ( well haven't thought of one yet.ok will give me that look la got la ) & what a great friend you was back then & still are!

Time for more reminiscence...remember the fashion show? i dressed you up as the english lady? at the end we ended up using the hula hoops your dad made because my 'rangka besi' failed !!! then flash back on the drama..thanks to carrere i'm the princess nako.. was it nako? can't remember la..ask jow liie she's the director...and and you the evil queen of mine...cackling away so realistically on stage..scary it was...seriously speaking why you didn't join theatre in SEGi ? it would be quite amazing to see you on stage playing wicked roles...and oh your was so real isn't it ? made from pieces of batik hahahha...come to think of it i'm so genious :)

And then in Form 5 during the camp!! Haha 1st time went camping with that time you slipped and fell when climbing the hill? up for flying fox? hahaha...i think i quite stupid that time i asked you to not move in case you fall..then i dunno what to do also since we're strapped together and i'm so scared to move in case you lose your grip..hahhaha...dumb man..lesson learnt: never pair two beginners together in mountain climbing

Anyway i think this is long enough...oh oh i just suddenly remember the song that we duet for prefect dinner !!! I think i stash the lyrics somewhere..but it was great partnership right? even though the mike malfunction and i forgot my back up part..hahhahah

And the planet we invented together in EST? CaDot!!! ahhahaha..what they do for living huh? i forgotten :p
Cha-ing En Zainal & Ms Foo was once our favourite pastime
And you cha-ing Mr Ang...Emily also cannot tahan....and remember Tjin Limn? I wonder what happen to him? Actually he quite wonder i counted wrongly when he look at my answer..i wonder what happen to him now..find out from chia wei! i think she knows :) desperado

So i guess that's it for year newer post. Don't cry so much over emily & lai yen ya!! :) Save some for me! ( hehe ..paiseh daydreaming )

Thanks for being such fabulous friend & happy belated birthday!! Even though present belum sampai! :p

Wrapped with Lots of Love & Hugs & Kisses & Well Wishes
From Carol

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  1. WAH!!!
    i was all prepared to cry when yeem told me to check ur blog out..
    then i saw the "i so genius" la.. and the few more SS comments u gave urself... (but well... that's wat we do best rite? hehe!)

    i seriously miss those times! i can be all crazy in college... but sometimes i can feel so alone... (even when i'm with my frens) but then i got to hang out with u all again... it was UBER fun!!! i mean.. who'd let me cha them all day long except u girls?? (ok.. me gonna cry now! but must TAHAN! cause dont wanna wet my textbook.. me doin assignment :D)

    thanks for still counting me as ur good fren... despite us not really talkin like we used to... (U LA! use 019!:P)

    I LOVE U! *muax* but that doesnt mean u can still cry on my *oops* again! :P shoulder la! hehe! but i dont want u to crY! but if u really have to... u can count on my BONEY shoulders :D