Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town!

     Oh great! It's Christmas season again, and the malls will be decked with holly and berries and sparkling stars and bubbles and green trees and small gifts and mistletoe and everything else that's Christmasy!!! Alright, its not that soon but, in less than one month, Christmas will be here again!

      I'm trying to remember what I did last Christmas, I think I went to my lovely mentor's house back in India and it's awesome to go caroling from house to house and fill our tummies with Indian delicacies, mind you I was in India and yes, no turkey or lamb chop whatsoever but it was nice Indian homecooked food that I missed so much. Its actually so hard to find good Indian food in KL, everywhere I went, it all taste totally different from what I'm used to back there. I do miss good Indian food in Manipal.

I'm actually starting to plan my Christmas holiday *wink* My tummy growls at the delicious thought of dessert awaiting. Keep telling my tummy *Y U NO FLAT* but I will definitely go to swim more so that I can indulge in awesome chocolate cakes and cheese cakes. Yummy!

Oh well, I shouldn't blog too long. Should get back to my work. Good night! 


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