Sunday, June 11, 2006

3rd day---> sorry the case study was the management thingi ..i really gotten it mixed up the days we had the activites but nvm ....its still the same.....we had bafa-bafa where the group were placed in separate rooms and they told us that we are this community...a country where the ppl are hyper-active and other groups got lazy, we gotta act them out the way they greet each other,eat,reproduce,their other lifestyle n occupation to other group's representative that will come in for a specific period to see our culture...we got like hyper active we greet them very very cheerful way,we eat by lying on our tummies and lick the floor...(so wacky) we reproduce by putting our feet together (sit opposite each other)and lifting it up and down...hahahha...some got like rubbing their backs so funny...then come night...the global freaking fun....we party all clubbing...the faci's all had presentation to introduce each of their countries....then we dance the night away....took photos too...lots of them...then me and karine slept at 3.30 am because we had to finish our modelling sleepy the next morning but got waken up by the sembahyang 5.30 but fell back to slumberland cuz too sleepy....hahhaha

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