Sunday, June 25, 2006

I didn't know why i was so sleepy today but i guess its because i was up awake till almost 2 am everyday just to watch football...yeah football ppl...dun b surprised at a gal watching n craving over football like chocolate..nothing much happen today except maybe following my sis in n out to kau tim (deal) with her appeal thingi for her university is so so ****** to giv ppl sumthin that they dun wan...i just heard from her that some got into chem engineering when actually they took bio chem ...dun they feel its a little not fair to those that didn achieve better result but r very interested in it ? haihz...n i took a nap today..which is unusual because usually i dun nap on sat n feel so much ntg better to do while watchin arg-mex...score currently is 1-1..hopefully arg wins...just remembered that i have so much hw to finish...didn use my brain for like 5 months...already berkarat but cannot do anythin except to do more practice..haven't adjust into full throttle gear yet...sob*sob* much thing to do yet so little time..n i still have to think of what to apply for next strong hold on medicine is wavering because i know that the competition will be very much greater compare to pharmacy but i just didnt know which one to choose... i dread being a doctor as it would definitely takes out my uni life..then i would be quite a nerd...well as my frens always call me that til i'm so used to it..but i'm offended because i'm NOT A NERD!! i have life...i like clubbing n late night outings but i'm underage...*sheepish* hehehehe....i shall do that when i officially turn 18...i wanna bungee jump on my 18 burfday...seela...which part of msia has bungee jump station...billy told me to just tie myself to one of the buildings/bridges n jump...hahahhahaha....n today when my dad took us out for dinner..i wore especially nice ...its manners okay to dress-up..not i vain...n i was shocked when my dad took us sumwhere deep in the kg subang...i think its called no..i think not kg subang...its sumwhere further deep from terminal 3 ( subang airport) but i saw an aeroplane took-off directly above us...never had that angle before..too bad no camera...hehhehe...syoik sendiri....n i hate the waiter...i dunno y but i feel that he purposely touch my hand when he pass me the chopsticks...n when serving...ish...mayb i terasa but i seriously hate this kind of ppl...moral of the wise when dressing-up...ask the destination b4 hand so that u do not overdress or dressed too revealingly to avoid ke'geram'ness like that...wanna sleep d..too sleepy to watch finish the game...shall update next day...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

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