Friday, August 11, 2006

today i just found out that one of my friend's mum was admitted to hospital for cancer therapy i think..what cancer i dunno but for sure i feel sad n sympathy for him..i really cannot imagine if i'm in his shoes...i wouldn't be able to focus on school..not even picking up the courage to tell myself that she will be proves how fragile life is..never ever say anything hurtful or bad to poeple n even ur arch-enemies because who knows they might be gone the really cherish people around point crying over spilt u know..sob*sob* i sound so emo....nothing much to say..oh yeah i passed my audition and i'm goin back hometown tomorrow evening so i won't be able to celebrate florence's birthday and also see Ivie off from airport..she's leaving for USA.....sob*sob*...wern sern also goin to SEGi...he already stop coming to school already..kinda miss him joking and bullying that sissy bastard..hahaha...i guess i better stop here..its kinda late..tomorrow i have PA in KL ..bonsoir people...signing off kazir...
p/s: tell u what it is next post


  1. i totally agree! since you are feeling emo... i shall emo together! :P Why else would i be so eager to get you to come and visit my cell or church?? why else would i tell you stories about Jesus loving you n dying on the cross for you n me?? Because i know life is fragile. You dont have to leave me... but i might leave you anytime!! and Because it's my responsible as your fren to share with you what i believe in. I believe that if you dont have Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, you'll die n go to hell. I pray that that will not happen. Maybe u'll be upset with what i said, but this is how i feel and i must let you know. :)Whateva it is, i'll always be praying for you and waiting for that door to be open.

  2. Hey carol...i cried you know when Ivie left. I got quite emo that night.

    But I was so emo, even ragu and vikram didn't tease me.

  3. hahhaa..emo ppl...i like emoing when ppl next time u all emo..ajak me ya..hahhaa..ciaoz