Thursday, August 17, 2006

i'm not suppose to be blogging i'm so not..i'm suppose to be plotting n coloring my beautiful graph....n what i'm i doin here? hahaha..just felt like blogging...came back from heaven of food last week ( p/s: Penang) n missed Florence bday celebration in that famous bdr sunway steamboat restaurant...dunno what name..n missed sending Ivie off to Iowa US...haihz....i seem to miss everything this year..first Karine's bday in mid val now florence...i coincidentally wan ...sad up..Xin Min's bday..booked appointment d...this time cannot miss...n today my 'fav' bio teacher cracked another lame joke..she said since fructose is twice as sweet as glucose so boys shud compliment their gfs that they are as sweet as fructose...swt swt...haihz...n i'm so not asking vikram to ask daisy any question at all..since she dun like him...n purposely not answer his question a.k.a. mine...i have to go ask around for da answer because i sat beside him in lab..damn nonsense...just because she dun like him doesnt mean that we hv to get the same treatment rite?? aiya..dun wan talk bout her d..pissed me off only..better chao go do hw...till next post..tata...signing off carol ( oh i forgot to mention my IPS trip) next post la ha :)

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