Monday, December 04, 2006

SO then at night i waited for my cousin who has been in HK for 4 yrs to pick me up and go jalan-jalan.Then bf drives benz wei...then went back Stanley area to his home to walk n feed his mum's dog n my cousin's dog before we go back to Fo Tan to eat famous roast pigeon & chicken porridge.For ur info,Fo Tan is actually in Kowloon n Stanley in HongKong Island.It took us around 45 mins to reach that place then got conned by the fella there.He told us that parking in the plaza is free for those that eat in the stall ( tai pai tong) mana tau when we exit the lady told us that no free parking wan.So we paid $30 for parking less than one hour.Then we went Sai Kung to makan their famous dessert shop.A lot of artiste go there for dessert n we saw an actor ( but supporting actor only..not really famous wan) with a lady fully wrapped up in skarf n hat.Can't see the face though...the whole shop seems to be booked by one inside there with them.The shop has four branches side-by-side. The mango sago pudding is very nice.And their durian pancake very famous wan.(i was rolling my eyes when my cousin ordered durian pudding..i was thinking msia so much durian so what for eat them in HK but it was totally diff.its a bit like marshmellow with durian flesh filling.) that 4 bowl of dessert cost us $80++ so gila the food in HK..their one popcorn can cost u $19.Their one bowl of mee $20++ and worst is drinks..same price as mee...also around$18 for one cup.

Next day tour by my uncle's friend.So nice of him n the wife..booked a mini bus and took us to see the other side of HK..rural areas...Then took us to his golf course..crazy wan..the membership of the golf course $ 2.7 mil.Can u believe it??? The Clearwater Bay Golf & country Club. So highclass..all the cars there sport cars..cun benz n bmw..saw one BMW Z4 ..fuiyo..the car plate new type..can place own name...JUDY FOO..entah berapa ratus ribu for the carplate itself.Then we went to Yuen Long to buy the famous lou po peng (wife's biscuit) u know the TVB drama the Ah Wong tat show? he learn to make lou po peng from the shop's si fu.

Disneyland was a bit rush because in the morning we went to the famous big buddha statue in Lantau Island. But because Disneyland was there too in Lantau Island so we went to big buddha first. Nothing much to see was very misty...mistier than Genting.

the connecting train to Disneyland was very cute..the train was full of mickey stuff...even the hand rail ( the one for u to hold on to in LRt) is shaped like mickey.Played a lot of games in Disneyland. They have threee parks in it.Adventureland ( Tarzan & Lion King ) Fantasy Land ( pooh,cinderella n all fairy tales ) n lastly Tomorrowland ( toy story ) the games in tomorrow land was fun...there was one where its a rollercoaster in the if u r in galaxy..but the turns n twist are unpredictable because u do not know when it will turn or sudden dip...and then at night at 6.30 pm its already dark in HK like 10 pm in msia... disneyland's main street where all the shopping places are will start to snow ...not really snow just foam but the whole street really have the xmas feel..n then fireworks start at 7 sharp lastting for 15 was a spectacular show...after that i went shopping for souvenir..costs me an arm n u all better appreciate what i bought for u all...( not all ..i'm very sorry but i can't afford to buy cash tak cukup) then we decided to go makan ( whole day tak makan from 1pm till 9pm) we wanted to go causewaybay but in the bus my bro wanted to go avenue of stars to see night scenery in HK so we change our mind n went to Central bus stop n change to MTR to go Tsim Tsa Tsui n makan...a kind ( may i add cute) steward of Cathay Pacific taught us the way was an experience i'll never forget because it was the 1st time i'm fighting to move my legs every step of the way..can u imagine running up hill(morning in big buddha statue) then around disneyland then now across the undersea tunnel to go makan n tengok nite unluckily was on the way back we sesat n took a long route to reach my hotel as the connecting shopping mall entrance was locked so we had to go out of the shopping mall n enter the hotel thru the outside entrance...we was separated from my cousin n then we had to walk mind u all ladies walked thru the back of the hotel ( back lane n a deserted park ...well duh deserted cause its already pass midnite) it was the most tiring day for me ....i counted at least 12 hours of walking..minus makan two hours n bus..but i guess its normal for Hongkies because they walked practically every cousin's bf even though got car but he travelled by bus n then interchange to train n train also must interchange from KCR ( our KTM but faster) to MTR to travel to Shatin to goodness..i reallly salute them for their stamina,we msians according to them are very lucky to have houses ( not high rise apartments) with big garden ( by their standard of balcony pot plants ) n cars ( but actually i wouldnt mind travelling by train..must need jam but msia's system not that good yet so i'll continue to day dream)

Last day ntg special so i must excuse myself..i can't tahan d..too much typing..n story to tell...wanna know more?? i dun think so ..i think very detailed that's it..ya.

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