Sunday, December 03, 2006

HI HI HI!!! so long no see!! Well i do not want to explain my MIA for these past two months so don't bother to ask but now i'm back with my new fairytale in Hong Kong. I MET ANDY LAU !!!! :) i'm so happy!! Leng chai or not??? hahahhaha

Okay so back to my adventure in HK.this is the second time i'm out of home for vacation without my parents so practically it was freedom for me in HK like backpacking.Anyway my first impression on HK was actually it looks a lot like KL but just that u can only hear cantonese there.People there do not understand other dialects but a little of mandarin n english.Even their cantonese sounds different from what we hear and they speak very fast.And the buildings there is high and very packed.From what i hear from my cousin, anyone that owns any property in HK or car is counted rich because each plot of one sq feet of land in city can cost them at least $10,000.The cars there are very cheap,their BMW new series cost only $250,000 (RM125,000) but their maintainance are very very high.One hour of parking can cost them $50 ( RM25) !!! so crazy right? So then, my hotel Royal Park Hotel is in Shatin.HK is divided into 3 main district,Kowloon,Hongkong Island and New Territories.Shatin is the border of Kowloon & NT.

1st day- Departure from KLIA at 7.30am.China Airlines.No lengchai steward yet.Hahaha. Touchdown in HKIA at 11.45pm.Took bus to Shatin..pass by Mongkok,Central and all the main Kowloon area. Pass by the Tsing Ma Bridge.Longest suspended rail-road bridge in the world. Double decked-on top for vehicle, under that is the MTR train. Cun right??

Then, the whole day was spent in Shatin New Town Plaza shopping complex.The wantan mee in HK,anywhere also nicer than ours here because the texture of the mee is very nice.they called 'song hao'.Oh and then we venture off ourselves without my aunt n uncle together with my cousin n my sis.We only reached our hotel at 11.30 pm.Then got nagged by my uncle.he said we didnt tell them wat time we will be back and said its too late.So next morning we woke up very early at 6.45 am to prepare to go to Ocean Park!!

2nd day-Ocean Park was nice.The games were quite exciting but i was quite disappointed at the rollercoaster.It was not exciting but kind of dull and it was so bumpy that i bang my ears against the seat so many times.But then the aquarium was worth it.Its actually a big aquarium with the depth of three floors.So each floor u will get to see different species of fishes.Those on the surface mostly stingrays and the last floor down hosts a lot of huge fishes.(my definition of huge is kid-sized fishes) Then the shark aquarium n lastly we visited the photo booth to take pic with the dolphin mascott.Oh i forgot we watched the famous dolphin n sea lion show and the two panda an an n jia jia bestowed by China for HK.

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