Friday, May 04, 2007

Finally ! Finally ! It's over! The dreaded mid year exam! But it felt weird today after last paper. Suddenly, there's nothing else to do but just plain chilling out. The emptiness felt didn't seem right. All of sudden I'd plunged into a bottomless pit.( sorry bit dramatic after Desp.Hsewif)
I knew I didn't do well this test. And jLoi's forehead power had a serious glitch.She didn't dream of anything about MUET. Maybe got power failure.

Anyway, now that a big burden had just been dropped off my shoulder, I can finally concentrate on several things abandoned in hand.
Firstly, my mother's day card & pressie for mama & grandmama. I hope that she would be here on Mother's Day.
Secondly, catching up on Desperate Housewives' and House. My my, I just finished 5 back-to-back episodes on DH Season II. ( a bit outdated )
Thirdly, now that I'm free, I don't seem to remember what I'm supposed to do.
Lastly, next week again MUET speaking test. Hope I don't get hard question.
Maybe something I can babbled on.
Mmm...maybe effect of dramas on STPM students.
Brain adled with them. Something bad.
That I would be able to elaborate.
1. Postponed work
2. Waste of time- ass glued to sofa-eyes glued to TV
3. Family drama - how mum nags and nags after results are out
4. Fantasies about cute actors - ask Xin Min about her lovely Prison Break guy.
5. Health affected- Trust me.When you fall of your feet everytime this Prison guy's scenes are on, you are prone to getting bruises and stratches. If lucky, might knock your memories of your brain. Ah ha! Brain Damage ! ( *wink*wink* - jLo**)

There you go. Five good points in two minutes. Not bad huh.

Gotta go catch more DH. Tataz......signing off....carol

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