Friday, June 29, 2007

Yaya i know...update my blog...why i keep getting that from u all i also dun understand..don't u all have better things to do other than to keep bugging me to update? ish ish ish* what update u all wan..i went pulau ketam last last was alrite...if u plan to go with family trust me ntg much to do ..but with friends..walauwei..kau kau u can camwhore..loi heard that? another 100 pics u can go develop..hehehe..i'm desperately in need of newspaper...for what? after tuition today i went around asking for newspaper from friends ( that's what frens r for rite) so that we can sell n use it to fund for our trip.Now i'm starting to crap..what is the problem wif u all bloggers ah? how can u all find so much things to talk about? i think pics say a thounsand here they are!!

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