Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bfore blogging, i look like this..y? cause i finally got my webcam!!!! but then ah i dunno what to blog...that's y. SO WHAT EXACTLY TO BLOG? my day wasnt that good today..first i woke up late..then i forgot to bring my practical..then i call my sis but couldnt get her..then i draw wrong diagram..then teacher insist on signing on every piece of paper used to draw diagram so the diagram i drew the day bfore all cant be used..anyway it wasnt with me..then i went n drop my bottle on the floor..Tupperware useless...drop once the cover will come off n spill out unfruitful day for me..
wanna see the diagram?? so complicated..n each diagram i draw THREE TIMES...can u imagine...FREEHAND .. walauwei..if i got chance i'll make pn D draw it FIVE TIMES then she know how difficult it is to memorise the diagram n draw referring to the rat..smelly REAL RAT!!SUmmore so SMALL the rat punye organ...1 cm only the heart size..

Never mention RAt again although Rattatoulier coming out ( did i spelt it correctly? ) aiya who cares...signing off..gtg zzz..tomorrow got big trip to go to...

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