Thursday, February 21, 2008


1. Busy working
2. Busy tutoring
3. Busy exercising
4. Busy reading novel & watching dramas
5. SOMEONE already helps you blog about your private life without your consent kua.u know who u are.

Yes. Official. Just loved all your reactions

Xin Min : Oh...WHAAATTT??? * pelikan pens rolling off the shaking counters*

JLoi : Just give me one minute to digest....
*head in between knees, macrophylla processing info*

Carol2Karine&Flo : Guess who?

Karine : Ben *we were so shocked she got it right the first time. The workshop must have done sumthing to her antenna.Lengthen it.LoL*

Flo : Uh-Huh *looked stunned* Pn T??

Cass : Huh? Huh? Why i dunno anything?

Carol2cass : Aiya aunty is like that wan la

Cass2carol : One more word of aunty I'm going to Giant now.

LoL. Relax.Aunty..Giant sudah tutup kedai lah.

Lyame : *looked sien.She knew like ages ago.No big matter to her*


After guessing like everyone in physic class,i opened guess to them

Shiny : WHATT!!!

Tracey: HUH??

Mel : Hah. Jen de ma? ( translation : really ah )

Sian : *Not around so no reaction*

MinZhi : WAHHH!! Ji shi kai shi de? ( translation : when started? )


JowLiie: Wah dai ko lui lor.( Big gal adi):)

Carrere: What? What? Why i dunno anything wan?
*Duh.she's busy flirting with gay clan.One of them.Dunno called what name.*

Not long after,during gambling,

Carrere2hermum: Ma, u sit here la.My fengshui no good.* Scoots over to my side with a big grin*

Carrere2carol: so..anything juicy to tell? *kepoh betul*

Dedicated especially to kua.pig

Many thanks to her!!
I'll love to give u a present really soon for helping me spread the words.

Lots of loves to all ESPECIALLY kua.

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