Monday, March 17, 2008

~Where there's a will,there's a way~




I don't think I'm perfectionist all this while.

If I am, I would have retain a year to resit for STPM

I have perfect records of major examination

This is my 1st failure

This would be a valuable lesson for me in life

I fell and I hit the ground hard

I could have just laid there crying or

Pick myself up and brush off the dirt

Latter I did

Vowed to myself to never fall off this painfully again

Painful though it was

This will be the turning point of my life

A turning over of new leaf for me

I will start all over again

I will never let di & mi down again

I will never let grandmama down again

I will never let my whole family down again

I will never let my teachers down again

I will never let my buddies down again

Thank you for being there for me when I needed support most
Best Friends
There's no need to list down all.You know who you are.Deepest heartfelt thanks.

Let prayers be said, hands be held, hearts be one

I will be strong and stride past all obstacles in life
-carol lee-

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