Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ok chill peeps. I'm updating now. My life in a flash since Mar 17th, 2008.

1. attended two interviews for admission into medical school
2. got accepted into both
3. now waiting for another 2 more before i decide where to go
4. went for architecture interview for UTM
5. my self-esteem went way down. didn't know my drawing was that a job in ob-gyn clinic in Puchong. fyi women's specialist clinic
7.quited it on 30th April
8.went Langkawi from 5th to 7th May. DAMN COOL!! I LOVE LANGKAWI!! Actually i love anywhere with beach :)

Please be informed that my post will not include any pictures as i have yet to received them.
Log on to JLOKE's blog for more information. >_<

5Th May

9.30am- Oh darn it! Ma! Faster! Gonna be late for flight!

10.20am - Walk faster wood...we need to check in now.

Wood : Eh need to put the luggage in? *points towards the x-ray machine*
Carol : Aiya, my sis also nvr do that. No need la
At counter...
Miss AirAsia : Sorry miss, you need to scan your bags if you want them checked-in
* wood looked at me*
*suddenly the LCCT ceiling captured my attention..what beautiful architecture...*

11.00am - walked through the gates and waiting in line for the flight
Pig : Hey wanna listen to me sing French songs?
* Two ang-mohs in front i think started eaves dropping*
* The mumble jumble starts *

Ben me and wood turned blind and deaf for the whole period.
Wood : Hey PIG can you behave yourself? Embarassing man!
* Two ang-mohs turned and grinned*
Started la the dumb pig

Pig : Where are you from?
AngMoh_1 : Oh we are from France.
Pig : France? Oh I was just singing French song just now.
AngMoh_2 : Great! Let's hear it
Pig : Oh no no no... * in state of denials* *
AngMoh_1 : Oh come on...go ahead..
* wood and me were laughing our stomachs out at this point*
Pig : *trying to show off her french* Oh i know a word of French. * #$@^^&*
AngMoh_1 : excuse me?
Pig : #@#@@*&%$&
AngMoh_1 : Sorry? Oh AU revoir
wood,me & ben : swt....swtt....
* pig wanna sek siu siu pan toi piu - translates to know a bit bit but wanna be representative pulak *

12.30pm- TOUCHDOWN!!
Philip : Eh Langkawi is an island ah?
* everyone fainted at this *



Driver : Wood
Navigator : Pig
Teammates : Carol & Ben


Driver : Philip
Navigator : Bryan
Teammates : Shiao Loong & Sherine & Jian

1st checkpoint : Petrol Station
Task : Fill petrol *swt*

2nd checkpoint : Malibest Beach Resort
Task : Check-in

Unfortunately it started raining. No walking on the beach. So do what? Plant Beans!!

I'm addicted to that game. Seriously. Damn cool. Feels like monopoly except no money involved. Use medieval methods - BARTER SYSTEM

On the phone with mike....
Pig : Hello.Michael ah..we are in the airport already. At the front road. can you see us?
Mike : mmm..mmm ya ya
Pig : Ya we are behind the car...the wira gold colour wan...1847C...can u see us?
Mike : mmm..mmm... oh shit..i forgot something!!!
Pig : WHat?!
Mike : Oh shit i forgot..
Mike : Oh i forgot this is my voicemail. Lol
Wood : My CREDIT!!!!!!
*another example of how dumb that pig is*

Dinner at seafood restaurant. Good food.Good company.Good mood.

Drove to Kuah town. Stock up. Bacardi,Chivas,Vodka, chocolate

11.00pm -
In the room..started drinking.. chivas tasted bitter..real bitter...yuck
Bacardi stil alright..acceptable with sprite..taste like apple juice :)

Philip in high n tipsy state.
Philip : Oh feel this temporary?
Pig :'s permanent LoL
* yeah philip...permanent...brain damage!!*

6th May

6.30 am - Pig walked to beach and prayed at beach
Wood woke up to pick seashells
Carrere too
The rest of us zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10am - Breakfast at RED TOMATO 24hrs mamak. according to michael the only 24 hrs mamak in whole of Langkawi.

Ate roti Boom Langkawi..there's another roti boom penang..i wonder what's the difference...mmm.. carrere ordered roti Milo.. quite nice..but damn sweet..

11am - Laze around the room..
Pig : Let's go Let's go! I wanna go to the bridge between the 2 mountains!!!

Listened to the pig. Went to Geopark Langkawi. Very cool weather.
And we took cable car up. Misty but still able to see the view.
At the 625m above sea levels we stopped to camwhore

Then we continue up and walked down by jungle trail to the famed bridge.
It was very windy up there. But the
Just lean on the railing, close your eyes, and feel the strong breeze on your skin..
almost blowing all my thoughts away...

3pm - stuck up there. Wanted to move up the the observatory but it started raining.
So what did we do? CAMWHORE!! >_<

4pm - Decided to skip lunch and went to the beach and surf
Ya my waves got la..
Smart-alec michael ajak two smarter-alec to swim from the beach to another island.
And they did. Which two? philip & ben

Wood was so afraid they would drown.Touch wood.
Well who knows what might happen right.
And so they swum across and till late dusk only came back.
I was worried to death.

Wood even asked the canoe guy whether he saw 3 guys on the island or not.
Luckily he said " oh they are alright..they are coming back soon..actually they are
collecting some gifts for you all girls you know."
Compensation for making us worry so much. LoL.
Thanks ben. Anyway the seashells are very pretty :)

9pm - Running late for dinner with Xin Min, Heng Li, Audrey & JLoi
Ate at Arabic restaurant. Food is good but pricey. Kebab is nice but a little salty.
CAMWHORE somemore... with Drey around...definitely camwhore a lot.

11pm - went back to room. the 38 gang went to the beach.. we just sat and talked.. it was really soothing at the seaside..lovely sound of waves..just girl talk...yeah heng li is officially our girlfriend too >_<

12.30am - went back to room to find all asleep. Potong steam betul. pigs.

7th May

11am - Finally awake.LoL too tired to wake up early.
Played at the beach
Played banana boat..damn cool but kena con also but the fella..
Played beach volleyball..
Best morning ever

2pm - Check out from malibest

- Had lunch at one of the restaurants as we head out to Black Sand Beach
In the end tak jadi pergi...too rush for time..
so we decided to just go shop for souvenirs at Kuah town
Pig : Eh Beras Terbakar 500m ahead...Let's go!
Upon reaching...
Pig : Where?! where? where's the terbakar punye beras?
Carol : There..*pointed towards a bowl of black burnt rice in a transparent casing*
*swt* came all the way to see a bowl of rice....

Left the place for Kuah town. Shopped for liquor and chocolate.
Pig : Eh carol..i wanna buy souvenirs
Carol : -.-' yeah you are in a souvenir shop, pig
Pig : No i mean souvenirs...there...those bracelet..
* say la earlier...souvenirs...
Pig & carol ran across another street

Pig : Eh this cross damn nice la. * tried it on* Oh i'm so gonna get this.
Carol : Oh i love this bracelet!
Pig : Its rainbow colour.
Carol : Yeah that's why it is nice
Pig : It's universal sign for lesbians.
Carol : WHAT?! * yeah i forgot you should know better* >_<
Then i'll get this beaded bracelet instead. only Rm2
Pig : Oh what to get for my lou po?
This wan lar..dunno whether she will like it or not.
Carol : Eh ben called adi. They kau tim adi. you faster la..
Pig : ok ok let's pay
walked out of the shop
Carol : so How much i owe you?
Pig : Oh the uncle gave discount only rm1
Eh wait.. Rm 8.50 + Rm 4.00 + rm 2
Where got Rm 19.00 ? That uncle con me!!
Carol : Hah? sure bo?
Pig : Let's go back and scold the uncle...
*excuse me..u charge me 19.00 for this three items's suppose to be only 14.50
Uncle : *looked up from the computer monitor* he was playing online games.
Neh..that one? *pointed at pig's neck*
I looked at pig and laughed out loud.
She still wearing the cross!!!
And she didn't realise but the uncle damn smart..charged her for

Pig is still pig.undeniable

6.45pm - Fly car to airport
Pig : Eh we still got a lot of petrol.
Mike : Eh dun let the rental car company untung. Lets blast the air-con!
Pig : Ya ya!
Carrere : Cold la...
Mike : Never mind! We wind down the window! Use up more petrol!
* what wonderful ideas the sagittaurus's have *

7.00pm - Reach airport parking
Mike : Just park anywhere near. We got a lot of petrol. Look for nearer parkings. Keep turning only. When you park already, you just revved up the car..use up all the petrol..Vrroomm Vrrrommm ..

* creativity really runs in sagittaurus*

7.15pm - Check in
Shiao Loong & Sherine booked the wrong ticket home.
Flight wrongly booked for 9th May.
Darn it. More money spent to pay for flight difference and penalty to switch flight.

8.15 pm - Boarded Airbus
Kiasu ppl stood first in the line at 8 pm when airplane arrives at runway.

9.30 pm - Touchdown in LCCT.

11pm - Dinner at tanjung. Wait. More like supper.
Everyone ordered food kau kau.
Telur mata..fried chicken..cheese naan.
Carrere dropped her 1st cheese naan
Resorted to ordering another.
Poor girl.
Listen to jokes about daniel.
Darn it. He damn funny that guy. Blur.

12.30am - Finally reach home sweet home. Already missing Langkawi.

See...i posted the whole trip..took me 1 & 1/2 hrs to do this.. don't complain..
no pictures yet.. take from Pig or Wood :)

signing off.....carol.....


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