Saturday, August 30, 2008

September 14th

Looming near... seemed so long period more once upon a time...aiya long time more...but i only have two more Saturdays here in Subang!!! Argh...reality kicks in for Carol the blur

No I haven't pack my luggage

No I haven't buy my Milo & Maggi Mee

No I haven't buy anything to wear to lecture ( no T-shirt& jeans..darn it)

No I haven't transfer my files from my desktop to laptop

No I haven't prepare my god-knows-where brain for anatomy of homo sapien

No I haven't revise any biology for the past 9 months ( Form 5 considered?? )

No I haven't take my STPM cert from Seafield and go visit teachers

No I haven't visit my primary school teacher and mentor

No I haven't had any mental,emotional and physical preparation to leave Subang...arghhh

HELPPPP!!! Who would like to help me to pack?

Who wants to go shopping with me ???

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