Tuesday, September 02, 2008

OMG OMG This is my 100th Post!!

Happy 100th Post-Day For Carol's Scribbles!!

Lol the other sakai-s a.k.a. Wood a.k.a Joke a.k.a. Dot must think that i'm one of them too

Anyway there's lots to update for the past few days. My cousin from Penang came down KL for so-called merdeka celebration which they adults did by drinking till 3am and left us poor kids to fend for ourselves from the annoying mosquitoes that according to my mum do not bite. All they do is buzzed around. Yeah right...first time visitors to the Desa Park City huh...swt

And i must tell you all about this park which i do not have pictures for. So you have to trust me when i say they have the world ( probably exaggerating urmmm Malaysia?? ) biggest swing you will ever see. The size of a 2 men-trampoline!! Which probably could fit like 10 kids at one go. About 5 adults depending on the weight. Good for couples too...where you could lay down side-by-side and do a bit of star-gazing...mmm romantic giler.

And all the playstuffs are designed for teens like us...They have a spiderweb thingi where you can climb up- about a storey high- sit up there on the steelbar and reliving your childhood superhero fantasy.

Or you could challenge yourself to experience the skateboard designed to simulate the real skateboard-you know where skater-boi fly up and down the U shaped wood thing ( what's that called huh ,anyone knows? )

And there's something else very extreme too. It's shaped like this and two person sitting on it will produce the momentum that spins the thing very very quickly- you will feel lke falling off because of the G-force. WOW noob carol knows something about physics here.Lol that's because my mech eng cousin told me. Hehhehe

So the park is fun.Anyone who wants to go can called me up for direction. It's behind the Desa Waterfront, Desa Park City Kepong. That's 2 tolls after the Curve. Pretty near for entertaiment :) Something different. Desa Waterfront is a small open-air square like Plaza TTDI where restaurants and cafes like Secret Recipe,The Steamboat Village,Kluang Station, New Zealand Naturals and Rakuzen( i think it's the same as Zen Pyramid) can be found.There's a Jusco-owned hypermarket called MaxValue too..its pretty syok at night..after dinner and a walk in the park...very peaceful and quite unlike Subang...everywhere you go also cars and people

Now This

Etched with Carol Aug '08

My first fine writing instrument given by my student :) Job satisfaction of seeing your students improve with time. Ahh what better present than this?

Then this

My new baby :) So gonna post lots of pictures of India for you all to see :)

Oh and the smart thing I did was I went to Eye On Malaysia on 31st Aug around 9.30pm ( guess what jowliie,carrere,julia,lai yen were there around 7.30 to 9 pm .So coincident!! ) with my cousins and family and I bought this camera the next day on Sept 1st so no pictures to show you all.It's pretty nice and for rm 15 a ride for 4rounds should be worth the money for cam-whoring session up there

LaStly this

View of my arm after injection

Vaccine for Hepatitis A
Joke will never take this.Oh how i remember her flooding the St John's room in the queue for Hep B vaccine back in Form 6.Hahahahha.Sweet memories that is ^^
And being a responsible citizen i'm gonna inform you all about this vaccine and the importance of it. 2 doses in a year so twice injection that means :) Cost about rm95 per dose
What is Hepatitis A?
-A highly infectious disease of liver caused by the Hep A virus
-It can lead to various degrees of illness,hospitalization or even death
-Illness due to Hep A cost an enormous amount of money
How can it spread?
- From person to person through faecal contamination and then hand-to-mouth contact
-This can happen when someone simply forgets to wash his or her hands after changing diaper or using bathroom and then prepares food or touches his or her mouth
- Through contaminated food and water
- From child to child at childcare centres
-From international travel to places where Hep A is endemic
Why is it highly infectious and easily transmitted?
-Hep A virus is extremely resistant and will survive in the environment for a long time. It can survive in seawater for a number of weeks and is not destroyed by freezing
How long do you feel sick?
Several weeks up to 2 months
Symptoms include fever,fatigue,loss of appetite,nausea,abdominal discomfort,dark-coloured urine and jaundice
We need to be particularly careful with young children because children less than 6 years of age often do not have symptoms if infected but can still spread the infection to other family members
Can HEP A be treated?
While some of the symptoms ( such as nausea,vomiting and diarrhea ) can be relieved, there is currently no specific cure for Hep A
What can we do?
First, good sanitation and personal hygiene are always important especially for children and toddlers who may not have yet developed good hand washing practices
When travelling, wash your hands carefully and as often as you can especially after using the bathroom.
But just because you practice good hygiene doesnt mean others around you will.So your best protection is get vaccinated.

There you go.In support of healthy community:)

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