Friday, July 10, 2009

Plain Porridge never tasted better

ham yu pak chuk ya hou hou mei ( translates to salted fish and white plain porridge also tasted good )

Really I never liked plain porridge and canned chinese side dishes that go along with it back home…i always think how could my parents grow up eating plain porridge and sardine fish only..

Now i know.Gosh, i miss mummy’s cooking so much…i want to go back…..if only i can fly back for dinner itself! Argh frust frust



Clockwise: Sardine,my favourite braised peanut,pickled lettuce and porridge with olive vegetable :)

Ahhh dinner never tasted so good..satisfaction* patting  tummy*


Gtg.Tomorrow I’m sitting for biochem practical and I cant afford to screw it up kthxbai


  1. this one also call ham yu pak choi ah
    so many side dishes~~

  2. ya la...where got not ham yu pak yummy! i miss the vinegar-pickled onion and har mai( small prawn) lol...