Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exactly one month after...

Thanks to Yeem,I'm gonna update a little about my life since finals. Ok i passed year 1 with much toil n sweat, I've gone back to Malaysia and enjoyed my life in Subang n Penang, I broke my molar band and had it replaced with a high-tech band ( braces stuff,dun worry if u don't understand,it doesnt matter) celebrated Dot's n Yeem's bday, dined at Jogoya with my family,pictures yet to come, left my pencil box and name tag in my bro's room, and flew to Bangalore last night,overnight in the airport,left for hotel in morning,check-in,visited some temples and camwhored, bought bus ticket back to Mangalore then Manipal then now finally, blogging about it. That's in short the summary.Oh ya forgotten to mention that i saw some Indian film shooting some scenes in front of our hotel. And now Im blardy hungry but one of my fren is sleeping and another didnt want to eat.Gosh...apa jadi now? shud i go alone then? Anyway im leaving Bangalore alone..Im so happy to be back to Manipal (at least i gain some normalcy in life rather than living on the go like backpackers with 32kg of luggage + 10kg of hand carry + 5kg of backpack!! damn! why did i bring so much stuff back to Malaysia? now i have to bring them time il bring ntg back!! for sure!! For so so lazy to post my pictures up in facebook! wait til i reach Manipal la..using hotel wifi..damn slow to upload..
Till next
I miss home!!! *sobs*

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