Monday, July 03, 2006

HAH!!...finally...after so long banned from computer just because my mum caught me online and watching football in the middle of the night.Ain't that terrible?Can you imagine what's life without computer? Nowadays i don't even watch tv because i'm just too busy catching up on my beauty sleep and homeworks..and busy preparing for carnival day for my that it's over i had just landed myself a new task..decorating the hall & backdrop for Farewell Dinner for Form 5 & 6...i guess i shall be busy racking my brains for new ideas(feel free to email me if u have any idea..anything at all .. thx :) Talking bout brains i just gotten myself a bump on the forehead thanks to my stupid friend..he whacked me from behind with a water balloon and it burst,drenching me (duh!) and the unfortunate part was he pushed me when i bent over and voila! my head hit the edge of a smart of me to not avoid that edge but i couldn't as it came in surprise....sob*sob*..and now i have a scarred face..(not exactly, just exaggerating)..jow liie told me that she freaked out when she saw blood trickling down my head but afterwards the cut healed..miraculously i didn't faint or had a dizzling spell or worst a proved that my skull is too thick..hahahah...did i mention that my sister just left for UNIMAS? yeah she left on 2nd July..same day as my carnival my life felt so empty without her..hmm..perhaps is my bedroom because i slept with her for the past 17 yrs n 6 months...3 months to be exact if not including the 3 months National Service stint she i have to cover everything that she usually cleaning up after her areas in the room..paying for her handphone bills..washing up after meals...boohoo...more work for me that means..n not forgetting sending my brother to-and-fro for tuitions and goodness wonder people say absence makes the heart grow i really appreciates her presence in the house..always being the silly and sam pat one...and the noisy talkative one..and the one that i can share my laughter and jokes and nice songs and deep dark secrets with...hhhhmmmmmm...NOW HOW TO SHARE??? Now i'm at war verbally with my parents to send her back here to pursue her dream course of food science and technology incase her appeals for this course in other public universities fail. (p/s:UNIMAS do not offer this course so there's no way she can appeal internally within her faculty for this course) My dad asked her to take up biotechnology as UNIMAS has this course and it will be much easier for her to appeal internally rather than appeal to other universities but she didn't want to do so..i don't know what but maybe she isn't interested in this course..hopefully she can be lucky in her appeal and meanwhile i will fight for her rights!!Gambade!!

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