Sunday, September 21, 2008


I finally can online!! anyway its in my library's computer lab
I'm suppode to be researching for plasma proteins. Presentation due next week. Ermm stole an hour to post a short message here. I'm fine here. I can't uplad my pictures yet. So you gotta wait for the next post which i hope is pretty soon :)

It's cheap to online here. My cable connection unlimited cost me rm40 per month.Streamyx speed. So its alright i guess. not that ulu as i thought. And now i limit myself to one hour of online session only. cost me like rm0.80 okay!! hhahahha anyway i'll just check back later on

I miss you guys so so much!!

Hope to be online soon :)


Not me's my stomach

I cant cook my precious maggi mee because my kettle boomed. shucks...

Maybe later order delivery since all restaurant deliver food for free to the front of hostels.

And there's lots to tell!! But i better go check on my emails and go back to my physiology.LOL

Till next...

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