Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Night-Out Session with Antiques(missing Yeem)

Dinner at Nirwana USJ 9 banana leaf rice.
I'll miss it so much!! Yeah right..i'll be having it for every meal soon. blueekkk

Dot and Car posing with papadam

Puyuh with her new hairstyle

A sick Yen and a sick Carol before digging in the Indian cuisine

Dot the cam-whore and Car the poser who refused to look at my Ixus70

Then smart Yen decided to go restaurant-cum-cafe-hopping

So we hopped over to OTK for Car's fav drink : SI MUT ( translates to stocking- really ladies stocking. They use it to sift out the tea drink.Lolz a tale actually, the sifter is made out of materials like ladies stocking but really it isn't )

More cam-whoring session and gossips....

Sugar and spice. And everything nice

Ji-muis ( From left : Car, Moi, Yen, Liie and Dot ...puyuh flew back to her nest )

Err this wan not ji-mui
A guest from Scotland

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