Thursday, March 19, 2009



Scold me all you want! Curse me all you want! My bad I know for abandoning my blog.







Fine. Satisfied? Wanna hear me out?

Ok. Back to where I left you guys at Xmas 08 right?

I remembered.

  1. January 2009
  • New Year Celebration together with Kathy’s birthday
  • Busy listening to CNY songs on lappie and decorating me room with red stuff :P
  • Busy with studies .

2. February 2009

  • Chinese New Year… boo hoo…where’s my angpau peeps :P
  • 6th – Busy packing up and stuffing my belongings into the store room for safekeeping till I’m back in March ( At this point…where to?? )
  • 7th – memorable trip back to KL !!!!!! Landed in Bangalore and had lots of fun :) For pictures..refer MukaBuku :P
  • 8th – Landed in KLIA at 8.30am
    • Ate dim sum the first thing i’m back….unpacked and shows me parents my 7kg books… ( &@$%@$#$@ ..DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH IT THROUGH OUT THE MONTH..WASTE OF LUGGAGE SPACE ARGH )
  • 12th – Went disguised as Cheryl Lee ( my sis ) to my buddies’ houses… Ian,Carrere, Jowliie and DOt ( in that order…gave everyone a surprise :) except for DOt..argh waste of plans ) then YC at errr…McD lolx..Fries!!!
  • 14th- Went back to Penang and ate lots and lots of food!!!!!
  • 16th – Drove to UPM to surprise  Ben.Plan failed.He recognises my voice.Went for “Inkheart”  and “Tony Roma’s” Had a great day :) Thanks Ben :)
  • some trip to UPM again..cant rmb when…thursday though… seludup into hubungan etnik lecture, had much fun watching others study when i don’t need to..lolx…then got caught red-handed by lecturer but she was so kind…she just OH…Pelajar Asing…and smiled :) hahahha
  • A day in life of Ben Sim continues as we went for dinner at a nearby shop…and met up with his friends…and while he was busy writing in test pad ( english test :P) i had much fun hanging out with new found friends in UPM…for Malam Gongxi in Kolej Tun Perak
  • Then the next day…had fun going out to do survey in Sek Wawasan in USJ 15..took a few photographs and did an interview..tat’s all :)
  • Oh before that…on 18th  went SS2 with Shiny,San,Tracey,Ben & FLip…Wong Kok CHar Chan Teng..Not bad…food there…the drink Koo Tin Lok 2 was good :) hahahhaha Don’t ask what it is..just order :)

3.      March 2009

  • 1st : Shoot..7 more days… much to do…yet so little time
  • 2nd: Die die…havent touch my Ganong at all
  • 3rd : wah so expensive my Netter in Kinokuniya… RM360+.. guess what? less than half the price I got it for in India :P
  • 4th : Oh no 2 more days till Singapore
  • 5th: Busy packing again..haihz…overweight overweight!!! Both me and Luggage!!!
  • 6th : LCCT Last meal of Mcd before i leave again..haihz…
  •          SIngapore : Err…where are we huh Eunice?? HOw to go to departure hall wei??
  •         Eh boring la…sit down chit chat la wei
  •          Met almost all my gang that came back on the same day
  • 6TH; zzzzzzzz at 11.00pm in India ( 1.30am Msian timing) Argh…7 hrs to next flight…what to do in Bengaluru International Airport? zzzzzzzzzzz
  • Oh time to board..lets go..Jet Airways…nice service..will definitely fly them again..after Tiger AIrway… Jet Airway felt like heaven…even though it was domestic flight…nice breakfast..nice seat…Tiger was a killer on board…seat was too uncomfortable…they should rehaul the seats…make it like Tiger..sure better business…i would rather fly MAS next time..dinner served…don’t need to walk god knows how many kilometers from landing strip to custom…practically walked the whole length of the strip..can’t Tiger provide shuttle bus for us from plane to arrival hall like Jet Airway? That Budget ah? haihz…
  • 7th- Busy shifting room from Sonia Hostel to Indira Hostel.SIde by side but now it’s double room for me :P with Eunice…for pictures see MukaBuku again :P
  • 9th – Settled down and classes starts again
  • 10th – Practise dance for Junior Orientation .For Video see Muka Buku..this is the orientation official welcome video..intro to life in Manipal.You might catch a glimpse of me here and there…lolx :)
  • 11th – Successful performances…2 dances one catwalk..settled!! My job is least I did help out..don’t say I never did try giving my best :)
  • 12th – schedule resumes to normal

4.    Today

  • Anat dissection. Saw my table lecturer actually laughed for the 1st time.Lolx Mixes up oblique popliteal ligament ( knee ligament ) and oblique umbilical ligament ( abdominal ligament ) and he laughed at his own mistake!!! Had a fun dissection today.Though i still don’t know his name..I’m in Table 5.. ( highest table 6…not table 1..i’m nt that teruk in my studies – though still getting only ONE PATHETIC DISTINCTION FOR PHYSIOLOGY!! ARgh…thank goodnesss i got it though.@$#%@#^ who calculated my marks?? ^#@^%#^@ had me a hard attack! I thought my essay was that bad 43/60…where my 8 marks went missing before this?? Luckily i recounted…Was pleased i actually got 51/60…That’s like so near to Evelyn’s standard (Everlyn is my senior…smartest girl in her batch…always scoring 90 plus if she evr scores 80 plus she says it’s bad…haihz perfectionist )….My ANATOMY is still a little below distinction and BIOCHEM haihz…yeah a little more below distinction…gotta work hard though to get my distinction in FINALS :)

Notice lots of sigh??

Yeah but I’m not sighing my life away..just wanted to release some tension here. ..

Gotta go wash my laundry…urgh…my least favourite chores of all..


Wish me luck for my BIG PLAN!! I have got BIG OVERHAUL PLAN A!!!

Just a name…no Plan B or PLan C…Plan A sounds cooler than Big Plan :P wth

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