Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hey guys..been out of touch for a few days.Been busy with UTSAV 2009.It’s a cultural event of Manipal University.The event runs for 5 days and it’s a competition between 22 colleges in my uni. Well to cut short the story,it’s quite a big event since Manipal University is the pride of our state Karnataka and the most intimidating part about being on stage is that it’s broadcast live on tv channel..but i don’t think it’s national tv since they use different official language. I participate in one of the evnt.The Cultural Parade and i’m suppose to be the one showcasing the modern culture by dancing waltz with Wei Yi my classmate.I don’t have the video though, will try to get it and linked it here. For now just a picture.And tonight i have another dance as ke leh fe( backup dancer) for my college too.Western dance group.So wish me luck!! Gotta go practise. I just learnt it yesterday from 3pm to 1am.Poor ankle. Gonna strain it again tonight.BUT FOR THE LAST TIME!!! I’m gonna break from all social activites for a week till i caught up with my work. Anatomy!!

oh btw,i must mention this:) my dress is as short as this.. and i couldn’t find a full length gown.


So the creative brain of mine created this!!!


and while i’m at this camwhoring phase i can’t help but notice that the salsa shoes are pretty cute isn’t it? :) it belongs to Winnie was lovely of her to lend it to me though her shoe size is US 6 and i’m a 5.5


Tata my final creation.Hair by Charles.Makeup by YuhHui. Dress helped by Sarah :)



  1. fuiyoooohhh....

    Carol!!! Salsa??! DAMN COOL WEI..LOL

  2. eh nice dress! how did u manage to extend it?

  3. damn nice!! what did u do to it???

  4. stacey: nooo waltz.... but use salsa shoes..hahhahah tipu judge...lolx...

    dot: hahahah add few more layers to it la..lolx.. remember what i did to ur batik and transformed it into yukata? lolx

    xm: all i did was make an inner full length skirt then add few more layers here n there to make it look like one piece..muahahaha .. genius me :P

  5. u look great with that dress..