Monday, May 17, 2010

1st Love

I think everyone remembers their first love. And the first time they hold their beloved’s hands. May it be the corny grab over the same soft toy while shopping or the sudden awkward groping in the dark cinema or even the worried grabbing to protect your loved ones from crossing a busy road.It’ll still be etched in your mind. It’s funny how time flies.For me it’s been 8 years since my first love. Yeah. How bout you? Sometimes life really flies by so quickly that in a blink of an eye a year had passed. I once read,” Do stop to appreciate the beauty of the  flowers and smell of the fresh dews along the journey to make the end of your journey worthwhile.”

Just to say,if you have it then hold it tight.

Random doodling.



  1. nobody forgets their first love. Especially in long relationships.. the love will always stay. Just in a different form. =D

  2. stays not so..but the fond memories yes :)