Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Big Sista

Since my big sista posted my fugly photo on her blog…gosh jatuh saham lar aku… i have to seek revenge by putting her fugly photo too right? well..say ni easy…shit i dont have any of her fugly photo..well this proves sis don’t have fugly photo because she’s too pretty :p *i tolong naikkan saham you tau..since a lot of my friends are hot soonish-dr*


noooo this is me ok not my sis

ok lar…wait..i found this photo while browsing so i decided to put it up..i think this is me when i was seven^^ my neighbour actually thought i was a boy note: with pierced ears *wtf* and actually asked my mum why you dress your son in pinafore..WTF!! I know i have short cropped hair with thick bushy brows!! I’m a girl yo auntie!!

ok now back to my sister’s picture


She lights up my dull life whenever she’s around..

*why do birds suddenly appear..every time you are near…just like me,they longed to be..close to youuuuu *

it’s just funny how life has brought me so far up till now.

It’s such a coincidental/fate/pure myth that has made me think maybe this is destined.Let me try and explain the gist of it.

My sister and I both have a mole on the sole of our feet..mine on the right feet and hers left. So weird right??? Anyway according to Chinese fengshui/face reader/mole reader i don’t know what you called it.. it’s a sign that reads we will both travel far and to many places. How true is that we never knew till now that i think of it, it’s so ironic that she has been to many places which  according to this moleology is fate.

First,she was drafted to National Service (wow hard to believe this midget… she’s only 5 feet..wait is she even that much? i think slightly below 5ft :p)  in army service right? Then she got into UNIMAS, Sarawak which was when she decided to jump ship to UMS,Sabah and holla! Since then, there are numerous places that she’s been that have lead me to believe in it too!

And I’m drafted to India! kidding..i came to India to fulfil my life-long dream to becoming a doctor. Now, I’m almost 25% done( I’m only in my 4th semester out of the 10 semesters to go through with-GOSH!!!)

Conclusion, I think it’s a coincidence but I like to believe it’s fate. I never thought I’ll actually come to India..I have imagined  myself in Moscow, taking metro (subway) to lecture halls or even Indonesia(speaking indon) but India wasn’t in my planned  daydreams definitely. But I’m glad I came anyway because this past years  have made me realise how attached I am to my family and especially my sister whom I’ve shared a room with since I was born till even now (when both of us are back at home that is ) SISTERHOOD ROCKS!!

Anyway it’s great to reminiscent about good ol’ times.

I missed sitting on you (since i’m way bigger :p) and seeing you protest in vain Hahahahaa!! And hearing your stupid excuse of not being able to breathe to get me off your back but hey! guess what? I’m not that dumb to trust you! So I’d continued sitting no matter how red your face turned into(like tomato)..ignoring the screams of pain and fake acts of gasping for air (interlaced with smiles and laughter so I know you are faking it!)

I miss you too! Can’t wait to sit on you again! @.@

p/s: I can imagine your silly laughter now after reading this HAHAHAHA


your baby angelic sis :p

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  1. WTH! Change the photo la~~~damn fungly!
    tOlong choose from my FB..ME NO LIKE THIS :(

    Hehehe, anyway, i really laugh my lung out!
    I can imagine when u sit on me...really cannot breath la!