Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday in ink


My beloved parcel reached in 3 days.Yippee!!

I admit.First time I’m buying books online and had good experience. Books were freaking cheap!!! I bought 6 books for *ahem* Rs900! oh em gee! lucky i save up for this month. I was sooo happy..imagine the price is like 25-50% of MPH. *MPH go bungkus and lompat*  

I’m already thinking of saving for few new books next month :) I can finally indulge in buying new books without the guilt of paying so much for it. Gosh! Back in Malaysia, a trip to MPH would cost me rm70 for 2 fiction novels. Here? I could get at least 4!!

Now this September I’ll be coming back to Malaysia so I’m planning to buy more novels back. If you want any title just text me and I’ll quote you the price :) Though be clear that I’m staying in Subang and you have to come collect the books from say maybe Sunway Pyramid or SS15 :)




I know that it’s an old book. Who Moved My Cheese.I remember seeing my mother read the chinese version when I was probably still in primary school but I couldn’t read chinese so I wasn’t interested at all till I stumbled upon this title few days back.



  1. ah.. who moved my cheese. Good book babe. Read it. =D Ham and Haw sounds incredibly cute. =p
    ooh.. the lovely bones is not bad either.

  2. hahah thx.. waiting for time to read..gosh all i can think of now is blocks haihz...all da best for ur prep too! its same time as us hehehe