Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carol’s Meal of the Day

Decided to cook something to eat. Lazy to go out bah.More recipes to come:p

Ghee Rice

1. Throw in ghee, fry the cashew nut til golden brown then throw in rice, stir fry then throw in an egg, then stir summore then add raisins then serve :)

Curry Potato

1.Throw potato cubes in slow cooker, add water just enough to cover half of the potato, throw in curry paste. ( Note: I used slow cooker because i made in batches. You can use rice cooker and just add curry paste without diluting it)


Ghee rice + curry potato




  1. oh course i cook it...then....use wat? lol MSG? here tak de lar

  2. oh bah....hehehhe here i got sabahan fren also bah..ok bah kalau kau..hahhah

  3. ishh~~~
    cacat kau~~
    ok bah kalau kau i use de la
    not u la :P