Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Week’s Worth of Tale

  • Monday- Read Gray’s Anatomy ( the Henry Gray..not the drama Grey’s Anatomy) Found out that my Head of Department of Anatomy,Dr Somayaji (secretly our Soma tata ~ roughly translates to grandfather,yeh yeh,gong gong,ah kong,whatever language) where was i? ah…apparently he’s gonna be mentioned in the newest edition of Gray’s Anatomy ( up to now already 150 years, 40th edition is the latest if i’m not mistaken ) because he found a new muscle!!! mmm…i wonder would he name it or would it be in some latin name again..somasus, soma muscle, somayajisus
  • Tuesday - Watched Bride’s War.Didn’t study.Slept at 9pm
  • Wednesday-Crammed 4 weeks worth of Biochem and slept at 6.30am.Procrastination finally caught up with me.
  • Thursday- Biochem class test.Only managed with a 88.75% though could have gotten 100%*pissed* *my personal drill sergeant kept drumming in my head “stupid Carol so easy also cannot get 100 dungu punye budak!” 
  • Friday –Another cramming session from 4.30am to 7.30am.. this round for Physiology. Bad luck:( only got 80% *goodness me..carol lee!! How could you be so dumb?? How can you not learn from your mistake? Cramming don’t work!! Not when you have dozens of materials to work with! *
  • Today – cooking curry potato! Woo..sedap :p Orthodontic appointment at 2pm. Prognosis of the day. Read Chaurasia and Ganong

Current Addiction

  1. Bananas. Ate 8 today
  2. Gray’s Anatomy. I know I know.. waste of time..too much info…
  4. See how long I could last without spending unnecessary money at all.Up to now, record remains at 7 days
  5. Remain at RS0.02 credit so that I have no excuse to text buddies in Malaysia.For as long as I could:p

Gosh! 1.48pm. I need to run

More updates on Carol’s mundane life err…soon :p


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