Monday, June 08, 2009

Kiam Siap a.k.a Stingy a.k.a. the new Indianised Carol

Ok so right…my plan now right…is to be kiam siap(Hokkien for stingy)

Ok now hor…i dongwang to call myself stingy …i just checked the meaning..


One entry found.
1 : not generous or liberal : sparing or scant in using, giving, or spending <stingy with the salt> <stingy employee benefits> 2 : meanly scanty or small <stingy portions of meat


Yay me!! I found a new Carol-to-be- description and a new goal!

10 Easy Steps to be kiam siap   Thrifty

1. Don’t buy junk food

like Lay’s even though it’s damn cheap. Cheaper than Mister Potato ( Only RM1.00)  Scratch that

2.Don’t buy calling card

crazy expensive Rm160 for erm… at the rate of Rm0.20 per min

3. Snack at home before going out to dinner at somewhere posh

like Blue Water.  Less temptation to order second serving

4. Go Veg!

Porridge, bread,jam,biscuit and Milo… WEEE!!!  * frown* That’s not food   Scratch that too

5. Dun reply sms from Msia.

SO BUDDIES, If got anything email or Facebook or MSN me k? or drop a comment here. Pls use ur brain. Private matters of course may direct it to my email. KThxBai

6. Shop with care.

Only buy what is absolutely needed.  Quote Carol’s fren, Wood,” Spend on what is necessary” Duh who dunno that… Wood let me teach u another phrase I came up with.  “ If you think you need it, stop turn around and go home, come back tomorrow if you didn’t die from the lack of it”

7. Go home for lunch.

Go home for breaks.Prevent temptations like Subway, Thailin and BlueWater, Manipal Canteen… Anything that involves food think of home 1st:) Home sweet home! ( err hostel sweet hostel? )

8. Cook in bulk

For both lunch and dinner at once.Better still one whole week!  So that there an excuse to not go out to eat :p And kiam siap ppl cant stand to see food go to waste. *Think of the kids in Africa* Fine. I’m in India. Think of the kids in India

9. Walk.

Everywhere I wanna go. Walk. Which means, leaving early for dental appointment, waking early for class ( late means paying rm1 for auto ride – freaking expensive – blardy hell!! I can go to KL and come back for RM1!!!! in school uniform of course – another way to save *peace* )

10. Everything second-hand.

No new books, No new kitchenware( I’m kinda obsessed with kitchenware..really…i want a rice cooker, i want a table to put all my slow cooker and sandwich maker,i want a hot plate, a frying pan and knife and chopping board), no new school bag :( always wanted a Nike school bag like elora’s or lipsheng’s  BUT will i die tomorrow if i don’t have it today? ABSOLUTELY NOT. So no new Nike school bag for me

P/S: I love you.


P/S: You didn’t read wrongly. School bag. Yes. A backpack. Not a sling bag, not a hand bag. A  back-to-school bag. I’m nerd. That’s what nerds carry ( no offence elora & lipsheng :p )

And pardon my england for this post.cuz hor i very de busy lar…