Friday, April 16, 2010

15th April 2010

Today was my problem-based learning(PBL) presentation day.

Topic: Food poisoning


Clostridium botulinum

Staphylococcus aureus

Bacillus cereus

Clostridium perfringens

I got the subtopic of lab diagnosis,prevention and treatment of Clostridium botulinum. Did well I guess, I practically studied 5 hours before presentation. I was getting so lethargic after first draft that I went to sleep and woke up at 6.30am.Then I took my own sweet time to dress up and I was so fickle at my choice that I changed 3 outfits before deciding on this..IMG_0006

Some say I look like Korean, lol with my eyeliner and black tie and straight bangs.rofl. I miss wearing a tie!

I *heart* my belt-turned-tie :p

So anyway,today was the shortest day of my lecture days in year 2. Wooh! 30 mins of carcinoma of pancreas and ta-da free till 10.30am for presentation.And it’s the shortest of all.1 hour of presentation.That’s it.

Came back and watched My Sister’s Keeper.OMG Recommended movie wei.*I know I’m outdated but I only have access to this now ok*So touching!I love the fact that this movie potrays the book well.Unlike many other book-turned-movie, I feel the directors left out much essence of the book that the authors want each reader to feel. It’s so disappointing when you read the book which is so good and when it’s turned into a movie, you looked forward to it and at the end of the movie, you thought, “That’s it???” It’s definitely worth your time watching it.I cried so much during the show.Oh and the medical terms were ear-catching. I don’t know.Maybe it’s because I’m exposed to the medical world and I learnt about them that I got what they were talking about. Oncology is fun!

There’s one part where the guy goes: Hi, I’m AML

The girl goes : Hi I’m APL

Guy:  ooh a rarity huh

Girl: Yup

OMG I understand that!! I’m so happy!!

AML:  Acute Myelocyte Lymphoma

APL:  Acute Promyelocyte Lymphoma

Then… I woke up after nap…

Cooked condensed milk chicken! and my roomie V cooked sambal sardine! Damn nice wei!! post recipe now

canned sardine in tomato

onion cut in small pieces

potato cut in small pieces

throw everything inside, smash the sardine into small pieces, and add curry powder and chilli powder.Wonderful recipe.Try it damn sedap ok!

Ok laa..i used 2 hours to type this post because I was distracted by calls by Shijia and Yipin zzz. anyway I gotta go sleep now.Though it’s been a short working day, I wanna rest well for tomorrow’s class :) Look forward to next post!!


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  1. explain more about AML and APL please. hehe.