Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Day!

Happy Day!

You know there's just this one day when everything goes well for you.When you don't worry about your studies,or you don't worry about whether you look hot in your clothes *I wasn't saying that I looked hot today* it's just a metaphor..anyway you get what I meant don't you.

Sooo story of the day is I'm so happy for once today. And what made me happy? Let's see..

1. Clinical Skills :) Suturing!! I always loved practicals because that's when you get to walk around and talk with your friends and yet learn something new.It's so fun now that I know how to suture wounds even though it's just basic suturing. Nothing great like herring bone suture or continuous suture because according to Prof Anna the time is yet to come to trouble us with all these complicated sutures.We'll learn it when we go for Surgery next year..YO!!! DAMN FUN!!!

2. One hour of lecture for the day!!!

3. Get to hangout and talk with Shi Jia and Eunice today!!! It's been so long since we sat down and chat like before when we once all stayed in the same hostel

4. Got to know that my blog is source of entertainment for my batchmates.HAHAHA!! This is so hilarious!! I thought that my blog is only read by my friends back in Subang..Hmmm maybe i should start a live traffic feed.. yeah..I should..

5. Oh yeah and I'm done with my MSP project!! So fast!! We did it in 3 weeks:) Many thanks to my group members, T.E.L.L.M.E acronym for (you know how medical students love their acronyms :p) Tan Lip Sheng.Elora Ong.Lee Pei Shin(me lar).Lim Shi Jia.Menaga.All is left is editing and making posters for the presentation on April 24th!! Can't wait!! Woooohhh!!

Downside, I've been having this irritating flu since yesterday!! Gosh..i took Clarinase but I guess I have to up my dose because I've been eating them ever since then..Maybe I should take the Indian med instead but I've been afraid to take Indian med since my allergic attack! Who knows what I might be allergic to.. I have been having this doubt of whether telling everyone that I'm allergic to penicillin med or should I keep this to my doctor and myself since it would be easy for them to kill me with it..but I guess I think too much at timess...bahhh the effect of watching too much Mentalist..

Ouch, stomach gastric juice flowing out..gotta go grab a bite..Ciao..! Merci beau coup for stopping by and reading my rantings :)

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