Friday, April 09, 2010

Outfit of the Day

As If You Couldn't Get Enough Of Me!

Note: Do ignore the white patches on the mirror..I've yet to scrub them down with soap! Dettol is still with beloved Izza

Outfit of the Day
casual long army green buttoned-down shirt from Forever 21
with absolut fav black legging from errr dunno where because mine was holey and Sarah gave me hers instead:p
and red belt from Sunway Pyramid
Oh heels is just for the purpose of making my pins look longer..
bah i have short legs so heels are my best friends..though not to class..
OMG!!! Envy girls that can wear 5" heels for 24/7..
*mummy says heels are bad for back!Oh yeah..Dr.Ortho says that too*

Mood: just-too-free-Carol-ignoring-the-calls-of-Mims&Roitt-procrastinating-with-the-reason-it's-Friday!!-equivalent-to-No-Work-Day-Wooh!!
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