Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Mission To Complete

I woke up this morning at 9.30am only to find my roommie still happily sleeping so I dozed back with intention of waking up at 10am.Blergh!! *annoyed* It's already 11.34am when I opened my eyes next.

I think only medical students think that sleeping is a waste of time. Or maybe I should start practicing like the Japanese boss my dad used to tell me about.He only sleeps 4 hours a day(or so) so that he doesn't miss any deals happening in the world.*wtf* so money-minded.

No offence to Japanese.I don't think it's being money minded.I think it's being practical. An hour less of sleep means an extra hour of life-saving *in my case i think it's an extra episode of IRIS* LOL

I wake up with the intention of finishing my to-do list.Here goes

1. Pharm- Finish IL topics + SDL test topics
2. Micro - Update class notes
3. Patho - Update class notes

No procrastination Carol Lee!!! Obstacles is when you lose sight of your goal!

P/S: On the bright side, I can't wait till tomorrow comes because I'll be donating blood! Weee...ok fine..shut up..I know it's not a big deal but for me it is because I've not been constantly donating my blood even though every 3 months you can donate once because I've been wearing dentures and apparently Eunice said that it's not allowed for donors to have dental procedures done within a year. But I called the social worker impulsively and he/she said it's okay!! But there's a series of criteria too and I might not be able to donate blood after all so we'll see tomorrow how it goes :p It's the one time I'm happy about my weight *wtf* because I'm not so underweight that I can't pass as a donor! Weeeeee....


  1. lazy bump! i woke up at 11.33am, earlier abit than u..wahaha!
    Dr. can i donate blood? i know many people would love my blood bcoz i have an universal blood the way, i only 44 KG.haha!

  2. no lorrr..u underweight no meh!! but ppl will love ur blood..esp blood bank a.k.a. vampire :p

    pls go exercise and gain some muscle mass...zzz underweight no good..then again better than overweight hahaha..check ur lipid level ad or not