Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh how much i miss my sushi!! Thanks to Vi Vian that brought back wasabi in tube for me, I could enjoy my favourite food of all!
Don't they look so delicious?!! Oh I made some extra so I gave it to Kuhan and Cheng Lin as their birthday present :) And we threw a not-so surprising birthday party for my roomie Vanessa ( for convenience sake, I'll called her V in my blog ^^ ) She already expected it..blergh!! Failed planner haihz.. still remember how i spoiled the surprise party for Dot just because I laughed too loudly in front of her house and she overheard my voice from her room ( that sounded as if I laughed like thunder roars but seriously it wasn't THAT loud right?? It's just so happened that she has sharp ears! !! * alah alasan banyak-banyak carol ni*

Anyway I better go back to my drugs and their adverse effects ..Fuiyo!! Banyak giler ni!! Nak giler dah!!!

Ciaoz/.. Oh and i forgot to mention I donated my blood too!! Wanna see?? haiya never take photo of it. Too excited since it's been so long since i donated blood.. on the plus side, I'm so happy i lost 3 kg over the holidays!! muahahha keep up the good work carol lee!!
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