Friday, July 21, 2006 now after abandoning my blog for two weeks..coz of exam n so hectic..well i attended the Global Village on 9th July..we nearly sesat there .. went in the wrong entrance ..n UPM is so so huge that u can't possibly just cut through the roads to exit the other back on GV .. it was quite nice..very formal at 1st but i enjoyed the performances...very good performance the schools did..some cultural thingi..oh oh oh and one most important thing..SEAFIELD WON!! the waste collection category...hahahah..we collected around 15 tonnes of waste...ain't that cun?? n i won a pendrive but i sacrified by shaking my booty up stage...luckily got my 38 gang to cheer for me..or not i'll look so silly...hahaha..and they got some cultural booths ..every intern represented their own country and displayed a lot of traditional clothing ..some of the countries that i remember were Japan,Canada,Iran,Turkey,Russia,Germany,Netherland,etc..took picture wearing yukata(simplify version of kimono) ..i know...those that saw my now..

---fast forwarding--->

today.21th of July..a very memorable day..i got my math paper back..n the result sucks...but i'm happy at least i didn't fail..and i will promise myself to sober up...must be consistent in studies..not leaving my homework till deadline again...dreaming that i will achieve 4.0 ..and to make my dream come true i will be SOBER...yes ppl..i will...i will cut down on my naps and distraction but only full concentration!!!

<--reversing a little---
my sis is now in UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) she got offer for some horticulture she decided to join them and then try and change to environmental mar fan...that's one of my motivation too..learn from our experiences..and others too...

signing off....キヤロル..(",)

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