Wednesday, July 26, 2006

monday's post---> today went play futsal with my 38 gang n other frens..shall list down how many n show u all ya...
1.carol(that's me)
3.jessica loi
5.karine min
7.siu ni
9.carrere chew(she came to play too)
11.wern sern
14.sissy bastard ( u noe who u are)
15. ryui bynn
(umm..who else ya..sorry if i miss anyone out) practically that's all that came that day..and i sprained my cham...
so pain everytime i walked upstairs...and my class is on the top floor

Tuesday----> when doin library duty(which is practically doin nothing) i played CONGKAK ..with michael...can u believe that he beat me in congkak??? oh my ..i very malu d..but then again i suspected that he cheated...hahhaha...shhh....hahahha....well then...that's all lo...

Today----> what did i do today? oh today we had trial chemistry other words..lab experiment..titration..individually goodness...the lab is so class had 47 ppl + leyyeem+ shiao loong+ shang shi= 50
my goodness.. so so packed...even the H2SO4 also not enough...and the NaOH got problem cuz no reaction when dripped with phenolphtalein...then the teacher had to prepare all over again...didnt even finish in time all the experiment..btw non-science student who dont have any idea know what i talking about can just ignore me...hahhaha...

today got spotcheck too..sob frens hp kena rampas...and according to our discipline teacher can only take back when parents come to school to claim..and also only available on such thing wan meh...nvr heard LCLY...then if lets say ur hp kena rampas today...then next day is wednesday, u still have to wait till next week to claim back...what the.....its so fong mao...nonsense..where got such thing wan...u think all parents available on wednesday izzit...all free to come see u just to claim the phone back...not like we form sixers use it to watch xxx stuff or call each other in school alsoo or copy in exam...mangkukness wei the school authorities...we bring all also for important reasons ma...what if car break down...what if accident occurs...what if those that attend tuitionn straight from school need the phone incase sumthing happens on the way?? so many what fed up with school rules d...signing off...carol


  1. Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

  2. thx ya..sorry not much time to reply..wanna do more posting but blogspot seems to stop me from putting more syoik sendiri a.k.a. camwhore pics..hahaha..thx for dropping by :)