Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm so PROUD of myself..i took a KTM all by myself to mid valley yesterday..hahhaa..chill la...really i 1st time doin it..i so scared i sesat but luckily didn...hehehe...went to watch pirates of carribean with billy....very nice(quarter the time drooling over orlando bloom) & cold in the cinema..learnt my lesson..must bring sweater...n reached home at 10 pm...cun leh...hahaha...
today ate cun food..korean noodle..miso soup n tempura..hhahaha...home-cooked...very full now....back to what i did today...woke up drove my family to eat curry mee in taipan & then went MPH...saw so many books that i hunger tempted to grab one n flee(since my dad didn wanna pay for it) but came to my senses...and neway i SO SO wanna go aboard Doulus..its a big ship with half a million books and it has travelled over 500 ports in the world n two yrs older than titanic..ppl its just great..but my fren went n lined up for 4 hrs just to enter the ship itself..haihz..if i go i think i would not be able to line up under hot sun for 4 hrs..hopefully weekday can go...but i think no time on weekday la...sob*sob* dorothy's blog just now...she mentioned her grandmama n how she used to stuff bolster at her mouth to keep her snoring my...reminds me of my own grand mama...i so so miss her...must call her tomorrow after school...cannot stand knowing that she's alone at home with my aunt out working everyday..sob*sob*..kinda sentimental now...must braced myself..cannot be so emo..think i'll stop here..nothing must to blog d...signing off..carol

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