Friday, July 28, 2006

I had so much fun in KTM today...with as usual Tracey,Shin Yeen,Ley Yeem and JLoi..hahaha and on the way back got extra noisy..i think the whole KTM passenger were sleeping except five of us laughing n joking bout animal parts..hhahahah....chicken leg la...chicken wing...drumstick la...roasted pork la...char siu la...siu yuk la...aiyo..damn mangkukness wei we all...( yes i admit i'm mangkuk but so are my frens =p) sadly today during class photo shoot in school something bad happened...vikram and james fell from the chair and james's spinal cord was hurt i think...he couldnt feel his lower body part...all his legs numb..according to my st john now he's in SJMC...luckily vikram didnt injure much except for few scratches and sincerely hope he get well soon..signing of...monkey on the tree...


  1. hey!! carol loves me!! proof??? she's got me all over her blog!!! (y la u dont have chat box??)

  2. i haven add la..chill chill..adding..since when u;re all over my blog??